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Sharon: Please read my feedback and revise your Topic Proposal Form accordingly. Title it as Topic Proposal Rev 1. Post as soon as possible in the Week One Dropbox and let me know when you post it. I hope this feedback is helpful.
Dr. Gurley

Topic Proposal Form
Your Name
Sharon Story
Plan (1 or 2)
Plan 1
Name of Your Organization and Contact Person if Plan 1 is chosen (if confidential you may email this info to me)
Riverside Casino and Golf Resort / Stacy Benson
Topic Title
Performance Reviews NO. This title won’t work.
What about performance reviews? If you were doing a simple research paper you could write about performance reviews based on research alone. In this Sr Paper you must determine the state of the art based on your Literature Review. Then you will give the background of the problem and discuss it. This must all lead to two Courses of Action (COAs; solutions) that are tied to your title and problem. You need a “product” such as a process, a plan, a strategy, a program – something that can be recommended and implemented.

Problem Statement (if not finalized post a draft – focus on the "pain.")
The problem is that after initial training employees are not being reviewed for current performance.
Suggest that after this initial statement you add something more about the problem. Brief Topic Overview
The casino is experiencing a high turnover rate of employees because after their initial training they are put on the floor without any further review. In the handbook employees are supposed to have a review after 90 days but they are not being implemented. This leaves the casino with under qualified employees that eventually terminate their employment due to not feeling able to meet the high demands. The solution to this problem, if it is the problem, is simple. Just IMPLEMENT PERFORMANCE REVIEWS. You can see…...

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