Workplace Misunderstandings

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A Discussion of Workplace Misunderstandings
It is a fact of life that if human beings communicate with each other, at times there are bound to be some misunderstandings. Even with our “higher level” reasoning capabilities and “intelligence,” we are not smart enough to always get our point across to another human without sometimes having “crossed wires” and hurt feelings. This paper will discuss two such episodes that I personally encountered in the workplace. I will discuss how the misunderstanding occurred as well as what I learned from the experiences.
Did you call me irresponsible?
In my current job, I work as a supervisor of tech support personnel for a wireless service provider in an inbound call center. Recently I had a customer that called in at around 3 a.m. and demanded to speak to a supervisor because his device had been lost and he wanted to order a new device. We were willing to make an exception to accommodate him even though he was not eligible for an upgrade, however the customer did not have a credit card with which to pay for the order and was not eligible to bill the order to his account due to his very poor payment history (he had two returned checks within 90 days and his service had been temporarily disconnected for non-payment four times within the past year). As I attempted to explain to the customer that our options were limited and I would not be able to override the inability to bill to account, he asked me to put myself “in his shoes” and understand that “I make my money the same way you do. I’m just a working guy, and if you were in this situation, you would want an exception made.” My response was, “Sir, as a working guy, I too have to ensure that I pay my bill on time in order to keep my account in good standing, and since that hasn’t happened on your account, the system has prevented you from being able to bill to the account.” The…...

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