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Workplace Issues
The workplace - it is a place of professionalism in that employees and staff are there to perform roles and tasks demanded of them through their job description - positions they got because of qualifications, experience and education. As such, the workplace is a productive and creative site with people working together to achieve goals and produce products and services for profit, trade and purpose. But the workplace is not always a smooth-sailing setting. It is a site of social exchange and the people that make it up are subject to issues and challenges that necessities of tasks and particulars about their individualities create. This means that the workplace is fraught with issues, especially since workplaces can be pressure-filled environments as tasks and goals must be met in order for certain exchanges to happen - workers keeping their jobs, moving up in the organization and getting paid for the services they offer. It can be extremely competitive, and with individuals highly charged and highly emotional, it can be a place of conflict between colleagues. It can be a place of clashing cultures and belief systems where discrimination can happen. Worse, it can be a place where harassment happens due to clash of cultures, competition and personality conflicts where authority and position can be abused to further personal interests. This discussion is going to center on one of these issues, providing a sample case. It will also present motivational and leadership theories that can be utilized to handle said issue.
The Case: Workplace Bullying
The workplace I am familiar with is a retail store. I have had experience in such a setting as working as a clerk and cashier in certain retail stores in my community has helped me to get started in life, providing me opportunities to learn at work and then study to move myself further in the qualifications and…...

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