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All you need to do is do the math. $64 million is equal to paying 335 homeless people $20,000 per year for 10 years. Why do you even need a homeless shelter? Answer is simple. Bloombie is laundering city money to his account through his friend. Just google Bloombie wealth during his term as NYC mayor. How do you explain such growth of wealth operating the same business after he became mayor of NY? Millions for new street sign which were not needed. Millions for bike lanes which will be gone when his terms is over. Not to mention $20 billion contract to his friend for seawall when our military are doing it for free. Do people even realize how much $20 billion is. That is the total damages cause by Sandy!!! You can knock down all the houses in Staten Island and rebuild it for $20B!!!

Do what our mayor tell you, or he will sue you? Who do he think he is? He was elected to represent the people. We are not his slaves. What a joke
.Don't get it twisted, Liu only rejected them because Bloomberg pushed for them and Liu wants New Yorkers to think he's honest or fair. This is another round of the political grandstanding that New York City is so famous for and people around here are tired of. Don't think for a second that Liu wouldn't approve and push for same dubious projects for his handlers, masters and campaign contributors. There's no such thing as a honest or a good politician, they are all scumbags - it's a pre-requisite for that job.

A new report reveals the number of people living in homeless shelters has surpassed 50,000 people a night-- a record high for the city and a 19 percent jump from last year.
Back in September, Patrick Markee of the Coalition for the Homeless commented on the rising numbers and said, "Not since the grim days of the Great Depression has New York City had 20,000 children sleeping homeless each night."

The latest report is highly…...

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