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Gender Roles in Classical Greece, Rome, India and China
The Classical Era was home to several civilizations; Greece, Rome, China and India, each with its own unique religion, philosophy, social order and gender roles. These Classical societies laid the foundation for future civilizations and in some cases their influence is still felt today. Women in this era were not equal to their male counterparts; however each Classical civilization had its own ideas about gender roles and the ways in which families should be developed.
Women in Classical Greece played into society in their gender roles and the stability of society. Wives of the artisan class were to care for all things within their homes including managing the family budget, cooking and cleaning. Greece holds a sharp contrast to Roman, Chinese and Indian women in that the upper class elite women had the ability to become educated. Often families with wealth sent their daughters to get a proper formal education, while women in agricultural areas wove wool and took care of all matters of the home.
As stated in “Aristotle: On a Good Wife” (Aristotle, The Politics & Economics of Aristotle), Aristotle describes the ways in which men and women of the Greek Classical Era should behave. Men in the family unit were to rule over their wives like a “divine” law. They also had to take great care in the way in which they shaped their wives, always in a discreet and mannerly way. Child rearing was the responsibility of both parents, as Aristotle believed children needed positive role models as a foundation for children to live by. This creates social stability as parents are trying to live the good and virtuous live and be positive role models for their children. It is the parent’s right to chose the partner of their children as stated in “Ancient History Sourcebook: Xenon: on Men and Women from Oikonomikos” (Aristotle,…...

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