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World Religion Report
My New Experience with the Catholic Religion

I am not a religious person and never really classified myself to be any religion. Growing up however, I did attend a Christian Church with my father every so often. I also attended vacation bible school every summer at Christian Churches so if I had to pick a religion I guess it would be Christianity. I believe in Heaven and Hell and I believe in Jesus Christ and God but I never attend church anymore. It is not that I would not like to but my fiancée and her family is Catholic and that is who I live by and who I am mostly with. Also, and not making excuses it is hard for me to attend church with two young children. My intentions for this assignment were to interview my half-brother who is very religious in the Christian religion but they live too far away and both our schedules are way too hectic. So I had to hurry and change my plans for this assignment. I knew that my fiancées side of the family is all Catholic so I asked the most religious of the family, which is my fiancées Aunt Carole.
To research this paper, I interviewed my fiancés Aunt Carole. I do not often see her with both of our conflicting work schedules, but took advantage of a recent visit by asking her to attend a Catholic Sunday Mass with me. We stayed on after the Mass had concluded and I was able to interview regarding her views on the Catholic religion while we sat in at St. Andrews Catholic Church, which also happens to be where my fiancés daughter attends preschool. She said that she felt the primary “works” for any Catholic would be attendance at regular Holy Mass, receiving Holy Communion, regular confession with a priest acting as an intercessor, and the observance of other sacraments, such as the “Novena”. The Novena is a special prayer service where the Rosary is recited by the congregation. This…...

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...Running head: WORLD RELIGIONS REPORT World Religions Report University of Phoenix World Religions Hum 130 July 30, 20XX World Religions Report The Church. There is only one faith that is so recognizable that no other description is required. Movies have been made with The Church as the villain behind massive conspiracies. Stories have been told of Cardinals and Bishops that were the real power behind Kings. The Church owns what amounts to a sovereign country as its headquarters. The leader of The Church is treated, world wide, in the same manner as a Head of State, even enjoying Diplomatic Immunity in foreign countries. The Church owns one of the largest and most valuable private art collections in the world. The Church owns one of the largest and most valuable private libraries in the world. The Church owns one of the largest and most valuable collections of ancient writings and texts in the world. The Church has, through the centuries, been rocked by persecution, wars, and scandal, but has survived and thrived. To its members, The Church is a living, breathing line, unbroken, from today back through the decades and centuries to Jesus Christ. The Church is a symbol of traditional faith, an icon of traditional values, and a sanctuary from the evils of the world. To outsiders, looking in, The Church is a dichotomy of imagined and real legends and myths. But to the members, it is their faith and their anchor. The Catholic Church. I was fortunate to......

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