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This chapter on capital markets focuses on long-term financing and the various stock markets. Each stock market has its own listing requirements, and for this exercise, I looked at the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq listing requirements for comparative purposes. First, I went to the New York Stock Exchange Web site and saw how many round-lot holders are required to be listed, what the required public shares outstanding are, what the earnings requirements to be listed are, and what the average global market capitalization requirement to be listed is. After that I went to the Nasdaq Web site and learned what pretax earnings are required, what minimum bid price is required, how many market makers are required, how many publicly held shares are required, and what “Market Value” of the publicly held shares is required.

Listing Requirements
The main function of the stock market is to enable trade in the shares of public companies, which in turn reflect the performance of the companies whose shares are traded in the stock market. Stock markets are also a vital part of an economy or the economic system of a country or nation. Research has shown that most economies around the world, today, are judged by the performance of their stock markets. To trade in the stock market, a company has to be transparent about its fundamentals such as revenue, income, assets, liabilities, etc. as it allows the investing public to make fair assessments of the company’s market worth. These stock markets each, have their own listing of requirements. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the stock listing requirements of the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ for comparative purposes.
First I will be looking at the New York Stock Exchange and its listing of requirements. To be listed on the New York Stock Exchange, a company is expected to meet certain qualifications and to…...

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