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County Hospital Simulation Project

The paper offers a simulation model describing the X-ray departments operations in the county hospital. It can be used for testing various process scenarios, for allocation of resources and also conduct activity based cost analysis. The simulation model is used for demonstrating a new operational method that makes the operations at the X-ray department more effective. The operational method is referred to as Triage team method. This method has been it is been studied from two view points. The results showed that the method enhances the X-ray department if properly implemented and it incorporates all the required tasks.

County hospital simulation project
The department of x-ray in the county hospital is facing a challenge in the x-ray department. With the increased amount of patients visiting the x-ray department, the challenge to the health care managers is becoming serious. The process undergone and the resources need to be reconsidered to make the operations more efficient. This will also maintain the quality of care. The objective of the department is to ensure that the patients take minimal time in the process. The resources also need to be allocated in the most effective way and by use of more advanced technology.

Since X-ray department and the processes therewith are somewhat complicated, and have dynamic variables and has random features, definitely there is a need for a method that is effective. The county hospital administration requires a tool that allows them to study the x-ray department operations keenly. This tool will also act as a support tool for decision making. Simulation has been confirmed to be a flexible and an excellent tool for modeling in such kind of environments. Literature has shown various studies in which simulation has been used for modeling of the x-ray department…...

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