Xyz, Inc. Store Openings Abroad and the Changes Within the Organization

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XYZ, Inc. Store Openings Abroad and the Changes within the Organization

Louis Gladney

MGT 435

Professor Monica Bess

May 21, 2012

XYZ, Inc. Store Openings Abroad and the Changes within the Organization XYZ, Incorporate is a high-end retail chain based out of Memphis, Tennessee who sells luxury watches, jewelry, and hand bags. They have been in business for well over twenty years, employee well over 150 people, and have 15 stores located throughout the Southern regions. With the economy being so unpredictable and the rise and fall of the dollar value, XYZ, Incorporate has somehow managed to show significant increases in their profits every quarter for the past ten years and is now expanding internationally. The CEO of the company who is a visionary saw the benefits of expanding internationally and assigned me the task of opening our first small scale store in Shanghai, China and then eventually in Brazil, Russia, India, and China which are also known as the B.R.I.C countries. The task is a challenging one; but I, along with my team of experts are ready to assume this demanding and daunting assignment. Although I know there will be some significant changes and challenges within the organizations and the marketing of our products abroad; we are confident we will succeed. This paper will provide the rationale for our decision making process, identify the short and long term changes that will affect the entire organization, and showed the type of change models used for both short and long term changes. After being assigned the task of opening new stores abroad, I quickly assembled my team of experts in the marketing, accounting, human resources, advertising, production, and informational technology (IT) fields to take into consideration the many factors in regards to the business etiquette and those…...

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