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Daniels would suggest that an enthusiastic Jones had her motivation extinguished when she was punished (P+) by her boss who chastised her and called her a “whiner” when she brought up the issue of the junction box. Additionally the NIC (Negative, Immediate Uncertain) consequence of being ignored, or criticized as troublemakers further extinguished any future input from line workers, stifling the program as a whole. When participation in the Six Sigma effort (antecedent), requires the raising of ideas (behavior), which is quickly met by a metaphorical spanking (consequence) the program quickly looses it’s traction within the organization (extinction), proven by Jones’s response “I’ll never use your coaching again”. Daniels might also argue that Management might be having a similar effect on Smith, by punishing Jones, Smith is R- supporting his negative feelings about the companies receptiveness of the Six Sigma program (although I believe this is outside of the context of the question)

Questions #2 (8 points with 2/3 max page)
Artifacts: Large parent company pushing its own mandates, obvious and frequently reinforced separation between two competing business units with assumption of a zero-sum organization. Physical environment and building layout stifled collaboration between business units. Those rewarded we those who parroted the leadership values and didn’t go against the will of the business leaders.

Practice/Values: Free thinking is looked down upon. Competitive environment “if their pie gets bigger ours get’s smaller”. Limited to no appetite for change or collaboration.

Assumptions: Those who rock the boat do not get promoted or they are punished. Management knows best and everyone else is wasting their time to challenge management ideals. Lack of participation in company objectives is OK. Ideas for…...

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...partial hydrogenation of plant oils. What is this partial hydrogenation you say? Well hydrogenation is a process by which liquid vegetable oil gets turned into more solid fats. Kind of like in margarine and "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter." Hydrogenation is never done completely in the food industry, thus we have what is called "partially hydrogenated." This partially hydrogenated plant oil (aka artificially created semi-solid fat) is preferable for baking, because of the texture it gives when mixed with flour, and also has a longer shelf life. Sounds great eh? Your food looks and cooks better, not to mention looks better! Unfortunately incomplete hydrogenation results in unsaturated carbon bonds molecules turning into trans isomers. All 'yada yada, mumbo-jumbo' science talk aside... the key word is 'trans' (as in TRANS fat anyone?). This stuff is still in your food. Just check the back of the labels of your food. I even found partially hydrogenated vegetable oil in a bottle of Ranch salad dressing! So much for a healthy salad. Speaking of salads, so I avoided the ranch dressing and decided to try French dressing instead. I checked the label. No partially hydrogenated oils... then I stumbled across high fructose corn syrup! I'm sure I don't need to tell many people about how bad that is! I've been led to understand that the practice of making these things are for economic benefit. I'm all for lowering costs, and passing it down to consumers, but not if it means the cost......

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