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José Francisco Perles-Ribes* (corresponding autor) (jose.perles@ua.es) Ana Belén Ramón-Rodríguez* (anar@ua.es) Antonio Rubia-Serrano** (antonio.rubia@ua.es) Luis Moreno-Izquierdo* (luis.moreno@ua.es)

*Department of Applied Economic Analysis, University of Alicante ** Department of Financial Economics and Accounting, University of Alicante

Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences University of Alicante Campus San Vicente del Raspeig 03080 Alicante Tel: 96 590 36 09 Fax: 96 590 93 22 Corresponding author details: José Francisco Perles-Ribes (jose.perles@ua.es or jfperles@gmail.com) Particular adress: Urb. Manzanera 13-R 03710 Calpe (Alicante) Tlf: +34 635 617 159


This paper considers the influence of economic crises on Spain’s tourism competitiveness. This competitiveness is measured by its share in world tourism. Analysing a period of forty years, the permanent effects of temporary or structural economic crises on competitiveness are observed. Furthermore, it identifies the economic transmission mechanisms operating and links them to the most relevant explanatory models of tourism destination competitiveness. The main conclusion obtained is that the effects of shocks on competitiveness are not neutral and that the negative effects are more persistent in highly intensive crises. This effect works through two basic transmission mechanisms: the reduction of internal and external tourism demand and falling investment.

Key words: Economic crisis, tourist destination competitiveness, permanent shocks, economics transmission mechanisms.


1.-INTRODUCTION. Spain is one of the world’s most popular tourism destinations. However the evolutionary process leading to its position has not been linear but has experienced peaks and…...

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