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In this short story, “Yellow”, Peter Carty confronts Man with the fear that persists in the emptiness of the unknown. Through the experiences of the main character, Jon a second-string writer of a magazine in London, Peter Carty reveals human nature under pressure, whether it is in the deep blue sea or in the face of suppressed reality factors. The story is set in Egypt as we hear in the first sentence: “Welcome to Egypt! Welcome to Egypt.” And Jon, the protagonist, is the only person the reader gets to know. Jon is on a business trip to Egypt where he is going to write an article. He does not volunteer, but felt obliged to do so by his editor. This is clearly reflected in his attitude towards the whole course. The first challenge is to put on the gear and go underwater. After almost drowning, Jon goes back to his room and drinks a bottle of gin. After he has completed the pool exercises, he and his fellow student, Brian, set out to the sea to practice switching their mouthpieces. Once again, he fails to complete the task and is encountered with the loathed emptiness of the deep. He makes an attempt to reach the surface and in the last minute, Berto, the coach, grabs him and thrusts a mouthpiece in his mouth. The next day, on the way to the bay, he reflects upon his life and considers the possibility of surrendering to his fears as he descends in the water. As a result of this thought, he removes his mouthpiece and attempts suicide.
Jon is harshly introduced in the first paragraph as a stressful tourist who drowns his anger in alcohol. Upon arriving at his hotel, he is literally attacked by a bunch of Egyptian porters, all trying to carry his bag to the room in order to receive a tip. Jon reacts by giving them all crumbled bills and shaking hands with them and “Then he locked the door of his room against them, and tucked into his duty-free”. The…...

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...Yellow Yellow is a short story written by Peter Carty. The main character is a man called Jon. Jon has troubles with alcohol and he also has some social problems. The story sets in Egypt, more precisely on the coast of The Red Sea. We do not get much information about the settings. They are mostly at the hotel or under the water. The main character Jon has just arrived at the hotel which he is going to stay at. In line 4 we hear about his alcohol problem – “and tucked into his duty-free”. Jon was forced to go to Egypt by his editor because no one else would do it. He hates his life; there is no doubt about it. He tries to push away his problems by drinking. Jon mentions that a voice is his head keeps telling him that he is “yellow”, which means to be fearful. He tries to ignore it. He also mentioned his girlfriend who is back in London. She didn’t come with him because they did not pay for her ticket, and somehow he is happy about it – “the way things were going that was probably a plus.” This indicates to that the relationship between him and his girlfriend was not going well. The narrator is omniscient and reliable. The narrator knows about the past, and what is going on is Jon’s head. He describes the situation without being subjective or expressing his personal opinion. Jon takes the easy way out of his problems – alcohol. Jon has chosen to become “yellow” as the title of the story. He seems quite depressed, he is not glad for his job, he is not in......

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...Maria Mortensen Yellow 1) The short story, Yellow, by Peter Carty is called Yellow because the main character, Jon, thinks that he is Yellow, a coward. He is forty years old, and is a second-string writer for a London listings magazine. Jon has completely lost faith in himself. But is he a coward? He is sent on the scuba-dive course because no one else from his work would go, he has problems with his girlfriend, and he is an alcoholic. Ones first thought is that he is lazy, a bit of a failure. He seems completely disheartened, and like he has given up on life. That is a bit odd given that he is about to face an amazing experience. When diving, Jon faces the extreme, beautiful, hash, and pure nature. Most people get overwhelmed when experiencing such rare nature, as you do when you dive. Imagine this beautiful deep blue ocean, and being right in the middle of it, it must be so scary and then life-affirming at the same time. In the text “What Is Reckless Op About?” you hear about how pushing yourself to you limits, as you do when you skydive, can make you live your life, and love your life. But Jon reacts in a completely different way. He describes the ocean as “horrifying”, and “deadly”, he is afraid of the water. As his diving instructor, Berto, says; he is very close to his panic level underwater. Even though he manages to overcome his fear, he still feels useless and empty. Suicide seems to be a release to him, it’s like he can’t find any joy at all in his life at......

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...Yellow Sometimes life can be hard. Sometimes life can be inhuman. It depends on how you look at it. We are all humans, but all as different as night and day. Especially when it comes to how we live our lifes. Jon, Berto and Brian, three very different persons who is together about the same thing. It could be a big success, but Jon doesn’t like the idea one hundred per cent. That means he is the biggest challenge, booth for the team and for himself. Jon seems to be dynamic and brave, but when we are looking down in the story, he is not so perfect as we thought. His relationship to alcohol is problematic and his love life could be better. He works on a magazine, but it isn’t sure he is a journalist. Jon is sending away on a barrier- breaking trip, which is very demanding. But the trip can’t be a success because Jon neither has the courage nor the desire to carry through. He shows that many times in the story, and he shows too that he is pressed against his will. But we have to look at the title yellow, it tells us much about the story! Yellow means something like cowardly. Every time Jon hears yellow in his head, he feels like a scared person. So in fact he has a bit of self-knowledge, it is just hard to see. Breaking boundaries is something we all have to do, especially when we have bad luck in our lives. When we come out where we can’t swim and where other people can’t reach us, there we have to show strength and will! The things Jon does are big for him, but...

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...The Yellow Wallpaper The Yellow Wallpaper Determining Abnormality In The Yellow Wallpaper the woman in question is clearly suffering. She does not get to see her own child, she cries easily, and gets little to no sleep at night because of the wallpaper in the room. “…and I did not make a very good case for myself, for I was crying before I had finished.” (Gilman) This fulfills one of the seven criteria for determining abnormality. The second criteria is Maladaptiveness which is fulfilled throughout the story as she starts to withdraw from her husband and his sister, keeping secrets from them as well as, toward the end of the story, being suspicious of them. “…but it exhausts me a good deal – having to be sly about it,” (Gilman) In the end the woman in the story believes that she ‘escaped’ from the wallpaper this fulfills the third criteria Statistical Deviance. “’I’ve got out at last,’ said I, ‘in spite of you and Jane. And I’ve pulled off most of the paper, so you can’t put me back!’”(Gilman) The fourth criteria, Violations of the Standards of Society, is fulfilled when she tears down the wallpaper although this in and of itself isn’t all that abnormal her reasoning was. “’I’ve got out at last,’ said I, ‘in spite of you and Jane. And I’ve pulled off most of the paper, so you can’t put me back!’”(Gilman) Another way she fulfills this is when she crawls around on the floor at the end of the story which causes her husband to faint. “I kept on creeping just the same,”...

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...My main topic in this essay will be analyzing Jon’s behavior and personality. I will also give my opinion of the title of the novel”Yellow”. Jon, the main character in this novel is a forty year old man with an overweight problem and a depressive personality, and I quickly get a clear impression of Jon being a lazy, disheartened and negative person. It is like he sees himself as a bit of a failure and somehow seems to have given up on life. Through the novel he uses the word”Fuck” an awful lot of times and this gives him a very negative and irritated attitude. I think he got this attitude because he has been forced by the editor of the magazine that he is working for, to go on this learn-to-scuba-dive trip in Egypt. I think it is bizarre that he doesn’t protest to his superior. Jon is not the ideal person to go scuba-diving, though he is in god condition he is obese and hates being physical active. He fancy looking at the television at the hotel room and drinking cheap liquor. I think Jon has no confidence at all, it is like he is little puppet. But through the novel we see no personal development. He gets more and more depressed. “Then he locked the door of his room against them, and tucked into his duty-free” it is like Jon tries to get rid of his problems by buying his duty-free alcohol and lock the door. By locking the door, Jon is not a part of the world outside. He sits in his room by himself a drinking his problems and sorrows away. This is how he seeks comfort...

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...Yellow by Peter Carty English essay by Caroline Frederiksen In this essay, I will demonstrate how the British journalist Jon, finds his salvation during a scuba-diving trip forced upon him by his executives. I will also analyze why Jon associates himself with the colour ‘yellow’, and what the meaning of the colour yellow is, and how his relationship to it changes throughout the story. The main character in the short story “Yellow” is a British journalist named Jon, who is visiting Egypt on a learn-to-scuba-dive trip and report back to magazine he works for. The trip holds no personal appeal for Jon, as he neither enjoys scuba diving or any other type of sports. “Jon hated anything active or sporty, yet here he was” (page 3, line 53) Jon was selected for the trip, as none of the other writers in the firm volunteered for the job. Jon was partly chosen because of his low status in the firm, but he also feels like a pushover, that will do what ever you tell them to do. Some may even call him a coward. He hides away from his problems, drowning his sorrows in duty-free alcohol and locks himself away in his hotel room. With an inner voice that is rapidly becoming more prominent, chanting that Jon is yellow, “You’re yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow!” (Page 3, line 61), Jon starts losing what little self esteem he once had. He no longer is in a loving relationship, and is finding harder and harder to keep up a conversation with his girl friend, his writing has little to......

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