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You Decide - Project Paper

You Decide - Project Paper

Raymond Burke is an economic consultant who believes that the nation’s interest rate should be lowered in order to stimulate the economy. Unfortunately, I must disagree with Burke. With a presence of the overabundance of cheap houses and a lack of demand will not enable the nation to recover with better interest rates. The majority of people that are capable of working but are not working are at a serious incline. The average person does not attempt to borrow money that can’t be re-paid. With the unemployment rate projected to increase, I don’t see a line of people ready to borrow money when people are without income to pay it back. My recommendation is to leave the interest rate alone, don’t increase it or decrease it. Kathy Lee’s view on the budget deficit has an emphasis on the government implementing budget cuts instead of raising taxes. The budget deficit is a serious concern; this is why I must agree with Kathy’s view. My recommendation is to agree with Kathy’s view. The reason is that people have already cut back on their spending. The awful result of higher taxes makes an already slow economy turn into a halt. Patricia Lopez is a Federal Reserve consultant makes two excellent points: to leave interest rates alone and furthermore, increasing money supply through voluntary investments (by the sale of bonds), always goes over much better that feeling increased taxes. Banks that have higher reserve requirements would not need to bed the government for future bail outs. Allison Tanny suggestions seem to keep the recession alive and well. Not to be harsh on my position, but frankly Tanny’s suggestion allows for a larger government and lower taxes means adding to the deficit. American tax dollars were spent in the billions for stimulus without any major…...

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...Week 5: The Award Phase - You Decide Page 1 of 4 Week 5: The Award Phase - You Decide Print This Page Scenario Scenario Summary You are Chris and Pat Smith, entrepreneurs with five years of experience investing in small businesses. Eighteen months ago you decided to invest in a catering venture with two chefs, J. P. Martin and L. L. Miller, who have culinary science degrees and five years of work experience, which includes winning a prestigious prize in a gourmet food competition. Following some extended discussions, the four of you decided to set up a business catering to parties and weddings under the name of At Your Service. The arrangement between you was quite informal. Essentially you put up $25,000 and the chefs put up $10,000 in capital to get the operation started. You were to manage the advertising, and the bookkeeping. The chefs' contribution was to set up the kitchen and menus, cook, hire staff, and be on site to supervise all catering jobs. The agreement between you was that the profits would be split 50-50 after clearing fixed expenses. Although the first few months were difficult and At Your Service had to use some of the investment reserves to cover monthly expenses, a good newspaper review produced a spurt of business in the third month when the company not only covered fixed costs, but distributed a profit of $250 to each owner. Throughout the first year, you continued to make a little money, or lose a little every month, but the company has been...

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...monetary and fiscal policies. Investment in the economy has fallen by more than a quarter in the recession and an expansionary monetary policy that lowers interest rates will encourage firms to increase investment. It will also help increase consumption as people can borrow at lower interest rates. Given that the current target federal funds rate is close to zero, the options that are left in front of the Fed are more open market operations and a more direct involvement in the financial market by providing lines of credit and short-term debt. The economy also needs direct stimulus from the government since monetary policy can only provide incentives to firms and households to spend, not actually increase spending. If the government decides to increase spending that will directly contribute towards increasing aggregate demand. Higher aggregate demand in turn will help increase our real GDP. Another reason why fiscal stimulus is more important today is that it has been shown that monetary policy is not as effective a tool in stimulating growth as fiscal policy is. The government should not raise the taxes in the short run since it will hurt the spending power of people, but should put forward a credible plan to raise taxes in the medium-to-long run to counter the deficit they are now running into. While in the short run it is important to raise real GDP using any possible means we should not lose track of the long run picture since anything that we are borrowing......

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...Keller Graduate School of Management Business Economics GM545 Online Graduate Course Summer Session A, July 2010 You Decide 14 August 2010 The deep recession that we have found ourselves experiencing in this example doesn’t deviate far from our current economic situation as we stand as a nation today. With economic analysts predicting that recessionary conditions may persist for at least another year, the economy requires some government intervention to put it back on track. With prices falling and unemployment rising, a combination of both monetary and fiscal policy will be needed in order to bring the nation out of this severe recession. Prices are falling, with the inflationary rate at -2.4%, making it evident that both businesses and individuals are not spending and overall aggregate demand (AD) is falling. The Economic Consultant to the President, Mr. Raymond Burke, has recommended that the President lower interest rates to further help businesses and consumers “get back on their feet.” There are some inaccuracies in what Mr. Burke is recommending. The President has neither the ability nor the authority to make adjustments to interest rates. The Federal Reserve (the Fed) is responsible for the discount rate and for setting the reserve requirements. I do not agree with Ms. Patricia Lopez’s (Consultant to the Federal Reserve) recommendation to leave interest rates alone, sell bonds and raise the bank reserve. Raising the bank reserve will discourage banks from......

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...You Decide FI561 – Mergers & Acquisitions – Week 3 Scenario Summary This is based on Merck’s Acquisition of Medco: Case 5.1, pp. 124-125. Your Role/Assignment You are the Chairman and CEO of Merck. Make a recommendation to the Board of Directors of Merck & Co. regarding this acquisition based on the recommendations of the three associates and your own analysis. You are the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Merck & Company, and you will make the final “yes” or “no” recommendation to the Board of Directors of the company. You are listening to the advice of various department heads regarding this acquisition. Based on your evaluations and additional analysis of the recommendations of your three associates, make your recommendation to the Board of Directors. What will you recommend? Yes? No? Yes with some conditions? What are the reasons for your recommendation? Activity Write an 8-10 page paper (double-spaced) of written analysis, including tables of financial calculations. Key Players Key Players Image Title/Role/Character Chief Operating Officer Script – Text & Audio I’m concerned about synergy and integration issues between our highly research-oriented development of pharmaceuticals here at Merck, and a prescription medicine marketing company like Medco. I am concerned that the cultures and operations of the two companies aren’t going to mix well, and that this deal would result in an expensive failure. I’m all for this acquisition! It will open new marketing......

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...current home they would be able to exclude the gain from the sale up to $500,000. (Code §121(b)(1) and (2)) A word of caution if the sale of their new home the gain is more than $500,000 they would have to pay tax on the amount over at a rate of 25%. 2(b) Jane has inquired about the 1031 tax exchange if they could use that plus some of John’s money from the case to purchase a more expensive house. The words “like-kind” are very important here as it refers to the nature of property. (Reg. §1.1031 (a)-1(b). The exchange of real property for real property generally does qualify for the like-kind exchange but in this case you will be getting a more expensive type of property. (Proc. 87-56, 1987-2 CB 674) This will give you a gain on the property and this code section states no gain or loss shall be allowed. Adding money in the exchange or boot as it is referred to you would most likely have to recognize a gain and pay tax on that gain. (Code §1031(b) John and Jane would not be able to use 1031 tax exchange to purchase a more expensive home. The new home is not like-kind and will not qualify. (Proc. 87-56, 1987-2 CB 674) The addition of money from John’s case will be classified as boot and they will have to pay tax on the capital gain on the purchase of the new home. (Code §1031(b) 2(c) Jane needs clarification if she has a hobby or a business as viewed by the federal tax system. One of the main requirements is if the activity of Jane’s jewelry making is done with a profit......

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...Taxes and Estate Planning John Smith Tax Issues 1. (a) Amount of $300,000 will be treated as self-employment ordinary income. Self-employment tax is a tax consisting of Social Security and Medicare taxes primarily for individuals who work for themselves. It is similar to the Social Security and Medicare taxes withheld from the pay of most wage earners. If you use a tax year other than the calendar year, you must use the tax rate and maximum earnings limit in effect at the beginning of your tax year. Even if the tax rate or maximum earnings limit changes during your tax year, continue to use the same rate and limit throughout your tax year. http://www.irs.gov/businesses/small/article/0,,id=98846,00.html 1. (b) Amount of $25,000 was paid to your office as recovery of expenses. If that was previously expensed, it will be considered an income to and will affect your tax rate. If the amount was held in escrow and was not expensed, you may deduct against expenses incurred during the case as business expense. To give an understanding about “deferred expenses” we will define it as assets used to enable cash paid out to counterpart of goods or services to be received in a latter accounting period when fulfilling the promise to pay is acknowledged. Even if a location tax incentive were treated as an amount paid to the taxpayer, it is generally not conditioned on the taxpayer’s actual use of the amount to acquire capital assets, and thus does not become a......

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