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People working in non-profits, government, schools and cubicles all around the world hate PowerPoint,

but it’s not PowerPoint that sucks. It’s the speaker (that’s you) who is responsible for using it effectively.

Your slides are there to support you and unfortunately if they suck, so do you.

There are endless books written on the topic by some very smart people. But there are lots of ways of designing a great looking presentation, and definitely more than one opinion. Ultimately one of my favourite ways to learn is from other people’s mistakes. So here are...

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too much info


If you’re going to put word for word what you’re are going to say, hand over the slides and take a seat buddy.


Putting all your points on one slide sucks.
You’re not giving a document, you’re giving a presentation. The more your audience has to read the less they are listening to you.

A good trick is to

keep only one point per slide.
This helps you with timing and keeps people from skipping ahead.




Effective communication is knowing what to cut out. Be a merciless editor and

keep it relevant.

While you’re at it... Get rid of your logo on every slide. Once or twice is ok. 30 times? That sucks.

Look at our BIG logo!

We’re So Big International

not enough visuals mISTAKE #2

Visuals are more interesting than words. There are…...

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