Young and Middle Adulthood Case Studies

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Young and Middle Adulthood Case Studies
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Barbara Kennedy

In life we all go through many changes. One of the changes that all of us endure is relationships. From childhood to adulthood we go through different changes and experience different relationships. This can be caused by many environmental and social factors. In the case study about Tina, it was caused by her ex-husband leaving her for a younger woman. Her role changes from early to middle adulthood will be discussed as well as the effects of healthy or unhealthy habits as well. Tina is a 45 year old woman with three children, Jackson, Oliver, and Crystal. Tina’s relationships have changed from young adulthood to middle adulthood. Tina’s three adult children live in her house with her. Tina’s ex-husband left her for a younger more attractive female. So Tina is now very obsessed with keeping her appearance up. She spends many hours at the gym working out, and a lot of time running, obsessing over staying in shape. Tina has not been satisfied with her progress at the gym so she has increased her exercising routine to 4 hours a day, which leaves less time to spend with the man she is dating, Michael.
She is so obsessed with exercising and the way she looks it is affecting their relationship. She also spends a lot of time away from Michael, whom she has been dating for 5 years. Michael wants to marry Tina, but has second thoughts because of her lifestyle and the fact that she’s emotionally unavailable and a lot of times physically unavailable as well. He does not know how much longer he can stay with her if she is not willing to put time into their relationship. Tina’s issues in her previous relationship is really taking a toll in her new relationship and Tina could end up pushing Michael away. I’m sure having three grown adult children living with Tina don’t…...

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