Zero Time Organization

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Zero Time Organization:
Changing How Businesses and Consumers Interact In the Technology Age

Zero Time Organization:
Changing How Businesses and Consumers Interact In the Technology Age
Our world is changing in drastic ways and companies are starting to address these changes in ways that were previously unthinkable. While many companies are falling behind the time, due to being mired in old methods, other companies are stepping up to embrace new technology and new business models. One of the predominant new business models available is zero time organization. Using this model, a company is able to surpass the competition and distinguish itself by building value with their customers.
Zero Time Organization Defined
Zero Time Organization is defined as an organization designed around responding instantly to customers, employees, suppliers, and other stakeholder demands. (Pearlson & Saunders, 2012) According to Keri Pearlson and Carol Saunders, in Managing and Using Information systems, zero time organizations must master five key principles: * Instant value alignment * Instant learning * Instant involvement * Instant adaptation, and * Instant execution
These key principles can also be described as: * Zero-value-gaps * Zero-learning-gaps * Zero-management-gaps * Zero-process-gaps, and * Zero-inclusion-gaps (Yeh & Pearlson, 1998)
For the purposes of this paper, the names on the second list of principles will be used. The main characteristics of zero time are that an organization has the capability to anticipate and address customer needs; each employee within the company has control over their section of production; and each of the company’s products and services is geared toward customer satisfaction and quality. According to Raymond Yeh,
“Zero Time is not only about the compression of time. It's about the…...

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