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The forth part of our presentation is the implication for the future.we separated it into three parts,for the supermarket themselves, for the retailing sectors and for the community.Firstly.,for the supermarket themselves,the scale of them will be bigger,the supermarkets will be more powerful and competitive through their expansion strategies.And then they will pay more attention to earn the customer loyalty. focus on the customer service from both physical and psychological.One example is the loyalty card.Wilkins said in 2012, loyalty cards designed to keep baskets full and customers faiths.these cards could not only use in the supermarket, but also an credentials for customers getting good services from them and some their collaborators. As we know,,for the big four,Tesco,Sainsbury and ASDA,these three supermarkets are now own their online-supermarkets.and acoording to the website of Morrison, it will release the online-supermarkets service in next month. So it clearly the trend of online-service will be certain seen.
Then.secondly,cause the rapid expansion of the supermarket.for the retailing sector.there will be little space for the traditional retailers living,the number of the local shops will be also declined.people will have less choices when they want to buy somet daily goods.,maybe just going in to the supermarkets.

Thirdly,for the community,the supermarkets will have more closer links with the local government.they give financial supports to the local government,and they are powerful to communicate with the government as a represent for their customers.Tesco had asked government to change flagship jobless scheme to slove the employment problems in 2012 according to Malik.
It should be admitted that there are some environment problems appearing through the expansion.But the supermarket also will have balance for their suppliers.To ensure stable…...

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