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Department of Finance

BMA5318: Investment Banking
(Summer I: May-June 2012)

Instructor: Banikanta Mishra
Office: BIZ 1 Level 7-77
Telephone: +91-943-707-5075
E-mail: banikant@ximb.ac.in

Prerequisite: BMA5008 (Financial Management)

COURSE SYNOPSIS: This course is a blended introduction to Investment Banking (IB). It would combine theory and practice. To buttress our understanding of practice, we would do some case studies and also have practitioners give a Street Talk every week; some of them may discuss live projects and I may pitch in with my experience with past ones I have been directly involved in. Moreover, we would have both qualitative and quantitative discussions on most topics, the latter mainly being numerical examples (not any rocket science or high-flying calculus). Though we would talk about the global scenario, our focus, whenever possible, would be on Asia.

After gaining an idea into what IB is and understanding the basics of Trading, we would study in detail the capital-raising process, mainly Underwriting and Syndication. Here, we would learn about IPO and SEO and ADR and GDR as well as about NIF and RUF. We would also get familiar with Euromarket and the innovative Euro instruments like Euronote and Euro-CP as well as Eurobond and Euroequity. This would also give an opportunity to get a glimpse into Financial Engineering in debt and equity instruments as well as about Structured Financing. We would then talk about MADS (merger, acquisition, divestiture, and spinoff) and learn how to evaluate them. Wealth Management and Mutual Fund would commence one of our focus areas, and, here, we would learn how an AMC works. This would lead to an insight into Hedge Funds and Private Equity. In that light, we would also talk about LBOs and LBO valuation. Project Financing (PF)…...

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