An Exploration Of The Digital World

  • Digital Media

    Digital Media: A Better Way to Learn Educators and parents have legitimate concerns about the effects of the Digital Age on learning. Digital media has changed dramatically since the development of the Internet and improvement of wireless technology. John Palfrey, Professor of Law and Urs Gasser, Executive Director of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, both employed by the prestigious Harvard Law School, have written about how the world has been reshaped because of this new digital

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  • Career Exploration

    Career Exploration Paper Tori Turner Liberty University Career Exploration Paper Career Field & Occupation Choice Within society, there are many occupations to explore and chose. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) results showed that my personal career strengths fall under the area of teaching and counseling. Currently, as a school counselor for a high school in Duncanville, Texas, a suburb outside of Dallas, I find the results of the assessment to be very accurate. Making

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  • Information Security in the Digital World

    INFORMATION SECURITY IN THE DIGITAL WORLD NAME Abstract Information security is the process of detecting and preventing unauthorized users access to your network, computer, and ultimately your personal information. Information security is huge and many casual users do not even think about it, or if they do, only as an afterthought. This is one of the worst things that you can do in this day and age especially with the abundance of

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  • Exploration of the World of Work

    As a Principal I applied for this job since it matches my skills and abilities, my previous experience and positions I filled successfully. I feel that this position will enable me to demonstrate my abilities and skills and make a contribution in an area I have studied in and see my future career in. 2. I applied for this job because I believe I can contribute much more based on what I know as well as keep learning, keep growing and build a future within this school. 3. I believe I am a

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  • An Investigation Into the Adoption of Digital Tv

    the adoption of Digital Terrestrial Television in Gauteng A project report submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science (MTM) In the GRADUATE SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT, FACULTY OF ENGINEERING, BUILT ENVIRONMENT AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, UNIVERSITY OF PRETORIA 09 April 2012 Table of Contents Contents RESEARCH REPORT: 0 Title: An investigation into the adoption of Digital Terrestrial Television

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  • Personal Exploration

    Personal Exploration Renee Hobgood University of Phoenix Personal Exploration To begin this exploration I felt compelled to find a scholarly definition of the word personal. I found Neidhardt (2002) from the Physics Department New Jersey Institute of Technology as enlightening. Neidhardt explains personal as: The concept of the personal is based upon commitment, defined as the responsible submission of the mind to the requirements of a reality independent of it. Commitment expresses a belief

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  • European Exploration

    There were many effects the European Exploration had on history. When the Spaniards went to the Americas they brought many diseases, which killed many Indians. This is one example of an effect the European Exploration had on history. Picture yourself as a Spaniard working for Columbus or Cortez and you are in the years 1492-1500.Traveling to the new world you dream about the untold riches there is to find and new land to claim. When you arrive you meet many people and your captain (Columbus or Cortez)

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  • An Exploration of India

    INDIA/BharaT International Marketing: An Exploration of India Table of Contents Background P. 3 Geography, Terrain, Land, Climate, & Resources Population Language Literature Religion Leisure and Entertainment P.6 Music Dance Dress Calendar Celebrations National Symbols Dining Business Entertaining Government and Politics p.12 Education Meeting and Greeting p. 13 Giving Gifts Style

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  • Social Networking and Digital Games

    subjective question. But it’s likely that many educators would give answers that fall in the same ballpark… …students collaborating and discussing ideas, possible solutions… …project-based learning, designed around real world contexts… …connecting with other students around the world, on topics of study… …immersing students in a learning experience that allows them to grapple with a problem, gaining higher-order thinking skills from pursuing the solution… To many educators, these notions are music

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  • Outer Space Exploration

    Skies The Limit? The exploration of space VS The issues on earth. Aileen Johnson English Composition Introduction We live in a world where there are environmental issues that range from global warming to air pollution. Environmental scientists dedicated themselves by putting years and years into finding a long-term solution for these issues. The effects of these issues can potentially be damaging in the next couple of decades so people live I fear of what is to come

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  • Career Exploration

    Career Exploration COUN 522-D15: Career Development and Counseling Liberty University Career Field/Occupation of Choice For the purpose of this paper, I have chosen to explore the occupation field of education, guidance, school, and vocational counselors. More specifically, the focus of this paper will be on the career field of school counselors. My primary interest is identified as social, with my highest work value being relationships. These assessment results are accurate and highlight

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  • Space Exploration

    GOVERNMENT FUNDS SHOULD BE SPENT ON SPACE EXPLORATION By Shanel Sun English Composition I (ENC 1101) Mrs. H. N. S. Jayaweera Government funds should be spent on space exploration Why do governments spend millions of dollars each year on space exploration when there are issues on earth those need to be addresses? Shouldn’t the government worry about crime, Poverty, National debt, Terrorism, the economy and the environment instead of outer space? What about the lives of astronauts that

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  • Space Exploration

    Space Exploration Must Continue If The United States of America (USA) discontinues space exploration America will not continue to be viewed as a world leader by other countries. According to Encyclopedia Britannica Online Academic Edition, “Space exploration is the investigation, by means of manned and unmanned spacecraft, of the reaches of the universe beyond Earth’s atmosphere and the use of the information so gained to increase knowledge of the cosmos and benefit humanity” ("Space Exploration")

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  • An Exploration of Individualism

    An Exploration of Individualism As Described By Alexis de Tocqueville in Democracy In America By Mario A. Griseta Jr The classic work Democracy In America by Alexis de Tocqueville has been the source of scholarly pursuit as well as strife within that same community. Through a brief examination of this text, several of Tocqueville’s arguments helped to define, for me, many of the constructs that made America what it was and that have led to what it has become today. Of the many themes and ideas

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  • Kodak and the Digital Revolution

    9-705-448 REV: NOVEMBER 2, 2005 GIOVANNI GAVETTI REBECCA HENDERSON SIMONA GIORGI Kodak and the Digital Revolution (A) In February 2003, Daniel A. Carp, Kodak’s CEO and chairman, reviewed 2002 sales data with Kodak’s senior executives. Film sales had dropped 5% from 2001 and revenues were down 3%. 2003 did not look any brighter: Carp expected revenues to grow only slightly and net income to remain flat or decrease (see exhibit 1 for information on Kodak’s financial performance and exhibits

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  • Space Exploration.

    SPACE EXPLORATION. Governments spend billions of dollars on expensive space programs. Is it worth spending such substantial amounts in this direction? Space exploration is one of the much talked about branches of science today. This branch of science has developed tremendously over the past few decades. In my opinion, ambitious space programs are extremely useful to humans in many ways; hence each penny invested in it is worth the effort. First of all, it is almost impossible to think of

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  • Digital Divide

    Digital divide The digital divide is a term which is used to describe the difference between those who have the access to the information technology this involves mobile phones, internet, computers and television and those who do not have access to these services. The expression can also represent those who have the skills and expertise to use different types of technology. The digital divide can exist between those who are living in rural areas and those who are living in urban areas. Factors that

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  • Career Exploration

    Shanikwa Finley Career Exploration Paper I. I am targeting an internship in the northeastern Ohio region preferably in the Youngstown-Warren region. II. The internships I’ve chose, why and their primary responsibilities. 1. AVI Foodsystems Inc. A. I’ve selected this internship because I’m somewhat familiar with this company and its location. After reading into the company I found it very interesting that AVI gives back to their community which exceeds the expectations I was looking

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  • Space Exploration

    5/28/2010 Space exploration during a time of economic recession, should we be spending money going up in space when people are losing jobs, homes and families splitting up because of financial problems? For the last two to three years economy has been in a slump. Should we cut down on space excursion and put the money towards helping the less fortunate, like the homeless because of job lost, home foreclosures, etc. Tons of money put into our space missions, can’t they be put on hold until the economy

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  • Exploration

    Exploration Essay 1 When one is trying to give the definition of religion, they find there are many definitions or understandings. As it has been stated by St. Augustine, “Most of us know perfectly well what religion is, until someone asks us to define it.” Religion can be defined as the human quest for, experience of and response to the holy or sacred. It is said the universal human activity expresses itself in three ways: 1) in thought, 2) in action, and 3) in fellowship. In contrast, science

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  • Extreme Exploration

    Extreme Exploration By: Santiago Lopez 5-13-14 Mr. Zorfrea Grant Elementary Lopez 1 People think that extreme exploration is helpful to satisfy curiosity, but others think it’s a waste of time and money. People think that it isn’t worth the cost. I believe it’s worth a cost because there are advances in medicine, technology, and the economy. Some find medicine which leads to new technology which leads to the growth in the economic community. For example in “The Adventure

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  • Space Exploration

    Space Exploration Space exploration has been a hot topic in the last couple of years on whether the government should fund space programs. Funding space programs for new research is a great idea because it could help us solve many problems on earth such as overpopulation and medicine. Overpopulation may be reduced by space exploration. The population of earth is growing like never before, overpopulation causes many problems like air quality. The world population increased from 3 billion in

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  • Space Exploration

    ace Space Exploration Name Institution Investing in Space Exploration is Profitable Human beings are curious in nature and this has led to numerous questions concerning the nature of the beautiful planet and the matter that exists beyond it. Space exploration plays a very crucial role in satisfying man’s curiosity by providing answers to various questions seeking to give the truth as to what lies up in the heavens. Space exploration ventures beyond normal people’s grasps, therefore

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  • Digital

    global social network for all users. The point is that Facebook started of as an idea from one team of people and is now known as the biggest way of communication to the public. So here are my ways to help improve the nine elements of digital citizenship. Digital access is for people that have devices that they work on for participation in society. So one way to help improve this new generations access, is to give them either a computer or tablet. But, there should be qualifications for low-income

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  • Exploration of Drones

    Domestic Drone Exploration Presented by Team B Jamie Eads Daniel Flores Cindy Greer Amanda Hall August 24, 2014 DeVry University Technology, Society, and Culture LAS432 Professor: Dr. Kenneth Melichar TABLE OF CONTENTS I. INTRODUCTION 3 II. DESCRIPTION OF TECHNOLOGY Amanda 4 III. HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT Amanda 6 IV. CONTEXT OF THE TECHNOLOGY Amanda 7 V. POLITICAL INFLUENCE Cindy 15 VI. LEGAL INFLUENCE Cindy 17 VII. ENVIRONMENTAL INFLUENCE Cindy 22 VIII. ECONOMY

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  • Electronic and Digital Media Industry

    Electronic and Digital Media Industry Paper 1 Electronic and Digital Media Industry Paper Loyre Allen Mass Communication / 255 September 15, 2014 Damiso Josey Electronic and Digital Media Industry Paper 2 In this paper I will cover the roles that technology in electronic and digital media has played in the evolvement of time. I will cover the historical and contemporary roles of the mass media in society and also describe how the chemical and electronic technology

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  • Career Exploration

    Career Exploration Assignment – 55 points Overview: To research a career of your choice, discover who they are in context of this career field, and uncover courses you may want/need to take or skills you should develop to be successful in this field. You will work on developing both written and oral communication skills through the preparation of a Career Exploration Memo and Career Exploration Presentation. * Advice before you Start! Be patient, flexible and open! You may discover new

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  • Digital Bangladesh

    ...................................................... 32 4.7 Water Resource Management .......................................................................................................... 34 CHAPTER 5: INDUSTRIALIZATION IN A COMPETITIVE WORLD ..................................................... 36 5.1 The Challenges .................................................................................................................................. 36 5.2 Targets, Strategies and Policies

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  • Exploration of the Digital World

    My topic of choice for this assessment is Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). I chose four online sources to help me to research it, being Sane Australia (informational site), Psych Central (informational site), YouTube (social platform) and Facebook (social platform). Sane Australia (SA) was a basic but factual site (SA, n.d).  It has one page specifically related to BDP, which is clearly laid out with a concise (but very informative) overview of BDP. This assisted me in reading, understanding

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  • Career Exploration

    Career Exploration Plan Worksheet Section 1: Introduction to the Phoenix Career Guidance System & Understanding the Career Milestones After reading each milestone description, complete the following table, by writing a 100-150 word statement about which two milestones seem the most interesting or useful to you based on your current career situation and why. |Milestone |Response

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  • Historical Exploration

    1.1 Historical Exploration Digitization of Information Digitization is the representation of an object, image, sound, document or a signal by a discrete set of points or samples. The result is called digital representation. Strictly speaking, digitizing means simply capturing an analog signal in digital form. For a document the term means to trace the document image or capture the "corners" where the lines end or change direction. The term digitization is often used when diverse forms of information

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  • An Exploration of the Digital World

    Teaching Period 1, 2015 COM10003 Learning and Communicating Online Assessment 1: An exploration of the digital world Due date: 9am (AEST) Monday 6 April (Week 5) Word limit: 1000 (+/- 10%) Weighting: 20% Assessment overview Throughout the activities and learning materials in weeks 1-4 you’ve been exploring, discussing and collaborating. This assessment builds on your chosen topic of interest from Week 2 Activity 1 to produce a descriptive account of what you have found and what you have learned

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  • Age of Exploration

    Historical Essay (Age of Exploration) By: Paige Yamate P.7 Many people know of Christopher Columbus, a famous Spanish explorer who said to have discovered North America, but what many people fail to realize is that he was not the first to uncover the “new world,” another name for the Western Hemisphere, in fact, there were hundreds of explorers doing just that. This era of unprecedented European Exploration is known as, The Age of Exploration. The Age of Exploration started in the 1400’s, and

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  • Career Exploration

    Career Exploration MGT/521 Career Exploration In experiencing the results of my Career Exploration, it was asked of me to chart the results and the way in which it affected me for this process. This process asked me a series of questions and my answer to those questions created me a list of careers that seemed suitable for me. My results ended with the choice as a Chief Executive Officer. Although I currently serve as a Finance Controller at this time, I was excited that

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  • Privacy and Security at the Digital Age: the Innovation of Business in the Online World

    Privacy and security at the digital age: The innovation of Business in the online world Over the past decade the world has solely relied upon technology and its transformation throughout the years allowing for the revolution of social media to completely change how everyone communicates especially for businesses, allowing them to extend out and provide large opportunities for themselves. According to ISACA (2010), through the use of social media, it allows businesses to gain serious advantages

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  • Space Exploration

    IS MONEY SPENT ON SPACE EXPLORATION A WASTE? Running head: IS MONEY SPENT ON SPACE EXPLORATION A WASTE? Is Money Spent on Space Exploration a Waste? Name Institution Human beings have always been fascinated with the idea of visiting space. Scientists all over the world have scrambled on the opportunity to go and explore space. Rockets that were made back in the 20th century have made it possible for people to tour

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  • Global Exploration

    Global Exploration 1500-1700 Trident University Module –Case 1 The fifteenth century was a time of great advances, so much so that this period is called the Age of Discovery. The European sailors and ships left the coastal waters of the lands they knew to embark upon adventures in the unknown “green sea of darkness”. It began with the Portuguese and was soon followed by British, French, and Dutch ships who eventually set out to explore what became known as the “New World”. There

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  • Career Exploration

    Career Exploration MGT-521 University of Phoenix March 16, 2013 Bill Beattie Career Exploration This week’s assignment required the students to use a tool called Career Exploration to create a career plan to help us reach our career goals. Upon completion of the Career Exploration tool, our results should project what career job we will have and the path we will take to get there. According to my results, I will be a Talent Acquisition Manager or a Human Resources Manager. I was not surprised

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  • Positioning of Luios Vuitton in the Digital World

    Positioning of Louis Vuitton Company on the Digital World Students Name Institute Affiliation Date ABSTRACT 1. The study utilizes an investigative approach to finding out the positioning of the luxury brand in the digital world; a case of Louis Vuitton Company. Louis Vuitton is one of the best luxury brands in the market with a worth estimate of $24.7 billion. Many luxury brands have not bought the idea of going online and utilizing the digital platform in marketing their products. Nowadays

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  • The Digital Divide

    INTRODUCTION: Digital divide is a term used to describe the inequality between technology haves and have nots. Sometimes, this can refer to the gaps between first world and third world countries, other times it's used to refer to differences among various population groups within an industrialized country (such as the United States). The technology being measured has been a moving target. Early news articles talked about general computer penetration among households. Then, as the Internet became

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  • Career Exploration

    After I made a research into the Career Exploration tool provided for the University of Phoenix, I found out possible careers opportunities available to all of us studying a Master of Accountancy. I completed the process of analyze the Career Areas, Our Recommendation and Specific Occupations tabs provided on it. In every one of those, I found out valuable information that helps me to organize my ideas toward a more clear point in my professional life. All the suggested careers and occupation fit

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  • B2B Marketing in a Digital World

    B2B Marketing in a Digital World Today, digital has developed to be the focal subject crosswise over commercial enterprises. Business can no more stand to stay oblivious of the movements happening around, particularly in light of the fact that everybody - prospects, clients, and accomplices are unequivocally grasping digital technologies. Because of the fast selection of mobile devices, regularly expanding push for coordinated effort, expansion of cloud-based service and increasing competition

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  • Exploring the Digital World

    statistics, immediately making it a reliable source of information for fantasy players. The site also offers forums, opinion articles, and even an easy to read mobile format. This allows a user to maintain constant contact with the Fantasy Football world, and the ability to monitor scores for their team from any location. Fan Footy was published in 2005 and has since become the premier source of fantasy players to track their players scores. I found that as a result of the site being based purely on

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  • Oceon Exploration

    Ocean Exploration Our oceans are a very mysterious world that still remarkably unexplored. However, there is life and astounding variety of creatures that will blow your mind. You can explore the ocean until a certain point, but you can’t explore the deep ocean on your own. Scientists now have a variety of sophisticated technologies to explore this vast frontier. What they’re finding will amaze you. According to source #1 Oceans: Earth’s Final Frontier, there is a lot going on in the deep water

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  • The Digital Divide in Third World Countries

    Integration paper 3 technological divide among poor and rich Beth BUrnett Integration paper 3 technological divide among poor and rich Beth BUrnett 2016 2016 As Digital Natives, who were born into the technological world, we should be striving to find a way to at least make the basic modern day technologies available to those who need it most. Imagine waking up every day and not being able to reach over and check your phone for missed messages, or even being able to turn on your light to

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  • Space Exploration

    synthesis Essay Is space exploration really worth the cost? This is the inevitable question we must face when deciding how much of our tax dollars and the federal government's dollars are spent on space exploration versus things such as education, social security, medicare and health. Although space exploration could eventually make a difference in the way we live our lives and life as we know it here on Earth, we should be focused on the things that could change our lives now. Things like a cure

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  • Anthropology Exploration

    Anthropology Exploration Section A: Americans tend to put a lot emphasis on money and objects; feeling as though what one has is more important than what one owns. In this context, there is a difference between having and owning. Having, I would explain as being in possession of. Owning, I would explain as paid in full. This is problematic because the thought of increasing ones status though vanity causes the American society to place themselves in a huge amount of debt, and eventually, not being

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  • Nike's Shift Towards the Digital World

    JUST DO E-BUSINESS Nike’s shift towards the digital world Source: Google images Student ID: 1202654 Module: IB3B00 Word count: 2186 Description of Nike and its market is the world’s leading designer, marketer and distributor of athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories as they claim it themselves. Nike, which was initially Blue Ribbon Sports, started off in Beaverton, Oregon in the USA in 1964 (where their HQ are still located today) and officially became the Nike brand

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  • The English Exploration vs the Spanish Exploration

    The New World known today as America is a product of the meeting of two worlds, two different social, political and economic environments. America remained hidden for thousands of years and unknown to European explorers. Its discovery consisted of a clash of cultures, languages, traditions and history. Although they bear a similarity as they were both initially sponsored by monarchs in search of the Northwest Passage, the differences between the Spanish (1492 – 1548) and English (1584-1648) explorations

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  • Digital Transformation

    Digital transformation [pic] Summer 2008: Dramatic developments in digital technologies and the diffusion of the Internet protocol as an open and efficient communication standard are wiping out the specialized symbiotic link between content and technology. That’s how Gianvito Lanzolla and Jamie Anderson see the digital world, and here they reveal three trends that companies need to prepare for. Comments In the past, media and technology industries operated through specialized value chains

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