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    Answer 1: Allowing personal communication in a business organization can be a hindrance to the productivity of the work force , [ [ in the sense that allowing personal communication means allowing non business related exchanges of information and feelings among the work force which affects the worker's attitude , thus affecting the performance of the workers thus this gives a negative productivity rate. Answer 3: You can format your headings as noun, questions, or gerunds (–ing phrases that function

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    Part 1 Mini-interview 3 min, personal information, brief business ideas Part 2 Presentation 6 min, 1 out of 3 topics of different fields, preparation + presentation + (Q&A) Part 3 Discussion 5~7 min, decision making, follow-on questions Ⅱ. BEC Speaking Test 4. Scoring Criteria Interaction Impression Fluency Accuracy Pronunciation Business English

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    [pic] CORPORATE LAW (100 Marks) SECTION-A Q.1 Answer the following questions:(Any five) (40 Marks) 1. 'Corporate planning may be viewed as an organizational process that results in the development of the organization’s purposes, missions, objectives, goals, strategies, policies and detailed action plans to achieve the objectives.'Explain

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    Tax policy topics are important to everyone. Hopefully, this discussion will give you an opportunity to deliberate on a topic that often generates a lot of comment as government balances it role with community and business interests. When the City of Philadelphia first proposed helping the Phillies build a new facility, two center city sites were proposed. The current South Philadelphia location was finally chosen after much debate over the center city sites. Read both chapters and come to class

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    University of Phoenix Material Personal Financial Planning Worksheet Directions Based on your readings and discussions in class this week, answer the following multiple choice questions. 1. The process of creating a detailed plan to meet your financial needs and prepare for the future is called a. developing goals b. personal financial planning c. collecting financial information d. personal finance 2. Which of the following is not one of the five major steps

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    ACC3101 Student Activities Module 5 Solutions SUGGESTED ANSWERS TO DISCUSSION QUESTIONS Discussion Questions P 11.13 Prepare a DFD context, Level 0 [pic] [pic] P 11.10 Prepare a Document flowchart [pic] Ethics Use Stakeholder analysis framework to answer the ethical dilemma below (Horngren et al 5th ed p128) The net profit of Bynum & Hobbs, a department store, decreased sharply during the first part of 2008. Ron Bynum, owner of the store, anticipated the

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    DISCUSSION BOARD INSTRUCTIONS As part of the collaborative learning environment, you are required to interact with your classmates and course instructor in three Discussion Board forums. The interaction within this setting makes up a significant portion of your grade for this course. For each of the two graded forums, the instructor will provide you with a thought-provoking topic that will help start your online discussion.  Each forum is completed in two parts over the course of two weeks

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    in re:*l iiie srtu-atitns. o E#ectively and creative ly. lviost of- tiie q*estrons are of the seeond kirrii, as ibey wlil help you to Engiish" (2) While writing the assignmenf keei:r rire purir.v of"vcr.r ianguage and readabriif;v cf'ycur answer in mind Keep the following tn rnind rvhile preparing the draft f,or subrnisslote" 1. Read the detailed instnictions on assigncrr:nts Bivefl in the Pr*gramttr€ iluide f:, the Electi"re {-ouses. 2. Wr.ite your the first l1aine. elroirnent nuinlier

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    $ 1326.0975 Cumulative wages =$ 6000 Health Insurance = $42.50 Net pay (pay per month) = $18214 (Which is not the actual solution because what is $97500 and issue is Federal text with holding so this question is incomplete to answer). 7. Lisa Kane borrowed $8,000 on an 8%, 60-day note. After 15 days, Lisa paid $2,000 on the note. On day 45, Lisa paid $1,000 on the note. What is the total interest and ending balance due by the U.S. rule? Use ordinary interest. Total

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    Discussion – 6/10/2013 Regarding emotional intelligence as one of the leadership traits, I believe Obama’s campaign slogans of "Yes We Can" and "Change we can believe in" are what stirred the desperate Americans emotionally. And, Obama’s ability to sense the despair, frustration and urgency of Americans is what connected him emotionally to the public and led to the historic win in 2008. Yes, I do believe in leaders maintaining transparency. And that can be attained with two way open communications

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    Answer Key to HW 1 1. a. The opportunity cost is the value of Kevin’s next-best-alternative, in this case, staying at the current job. The value includes two parts: first he can now keep the costs associated with the new venture, $3,200,000; second he earns salary from current job, $50,000. Hence the opportunity cost is $3,250,000. b. The accounting cost is simply $3,200,000. In order to generate positive accounting profit, the revenue has to be more than $3,200,000. For positive economic costs, he

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    Nowadays I cannot deny that smart phone is somehow important to my life. It plays crucial role to access to the information every time and everywhere I want to. Noticeably, smart phone market rapidly grow and very competitive. There are many brands in the market and each releases new model so quickly. There are varieties in price, quality to serve the demand of the customer in each level. I think smart phone become one of necessities for a living because of many reasons; the growth of social networks

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    by real laboratories. They preferred to have a choice between using both laboratories, either alone or in conjunction with each other. They liked the NetLab because they had to solve the problems themselves, and they had fun at the same time. The answers to the question feeling as if I was working in a real laboratory was more divided, but do we want to be in a sweaty real environment instead? The students liked the accessibility of the NetLab booking, the control of its equipment, easy access, and

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    Module 4 Discussion Questions Answer each of the following question with a substantive response. A substantive response is one that: 1) is a minimum of 125 words, 2) is a thoughtful and thorough response to all aspects of the question, 3) accurately applies information from the course material, and 4) utilizes appropriate grammar. You will be graded based upon length and grammar, your insight into the issue addressed, and demonstration of knowledge of the course material as found in the book and

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    insurance, assure elderly as well as disabled to have healthcare coverage and provide them with the care they need, protect all Americans’ choice of doctors and ensure people with pre-existing conditions to be eligible to have health insurance. Discussion 2: There are many Americans that support the healthcare bill but many others are against it. I think that the patient protection and affordable healthcare act should not be repealed but should be modified to fix some issues such as the increase

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    BUS 187 - Discussion & Application Papers (2 @ 25 Points each) These papers are meant to help student review the new materials learned and apply to cases to improve their understanding and appreciation of various concepts, terms etc. Such papers also make the task of preparing for exams easier as most of the materials you need to know would have been reviewed periodically, instead of the conventional cramming. Discussion & Application Papers are each worth 25 points. Each student needs to select

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    Wife. The Respondent was present, representing him/herself, and announced ready for trial. The Respondent was present, representing him/herself, and has signed below, agreeing to the terms of this Decree. The Respondent was not present, but filed an Answer or Waiver of Service and has signed below agreeing to the terms of this Decree. The Respondent was not present, but filed a Global Waiver of Service that waived Respondent’s right to notice of this hearing and did not otherwise appear. The Respondent

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    regarding the same. He has to check whether there is any window dressing or fraud that took place as the sales are shown at an increased percentage by 35%, yet a decreasing accounts receivable turnover ratio. Even after all this he cannot find a proper answer for the questions raised, he can request for a letter from the management or those concerned with governance. Response to Doug’s comment: Doug in his last comment states the company has a good current ratio. Current ratio is current assets divided

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    System.Web.UI C) System.Web.GUI D) System.Web.Creation Points Earned: 1.0/1.0 Correct Answer(s): B 2. An IP address is: A) an internet protocol address B) a set of numbers distinguishing computers C) a value that identifies a server D) All of the above Points Earned: 1.0/1.0 Correct Answer(s): D 3. Web Form files have the extension: A) .wasp B) .wbfm C) .aspx D) .aspc Points Earned: 1.0/1.0 Correct Answer(s): C 4. Microsoft's _________ technology is used for web-based application development

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    This discussion will enable us to lay some of the theoretical groundwork for communication and public speaking. Let's begin by exploring the basics. How do you define the term communication? Take a few minutes to go through the "Is This Communication?" activity included in this week's lecture material and report your results. I personally define communication as any individual trying to convey his/her thoughts to someone other than his/her self. Although I scored average in the results of my Communication

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    In our discussions over the following weeks, we will practice applying virtual team management techniques to a sample virtual team project you will be leading. This week each of you needs to propose a virtual team project that you will be using in subsequent discussions (I will refer to this project as project X from now on). Please pick a virtual team project and describe it: the project team composition, locations of team members, the project goals, timeline and deliverables. Virtual Team Project:

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    Dear students, These are answers and guidance to the homework, and I hope that it will be useful to you. If you have any problems or there is something wrong with the answers, you can contact me by Email. Yours, HanJi Uniervsity of International Business and Economics IMBAProgram Managerial Economics Problem set #1 March 12, 2011 1. Suppose Carl and John lived on an island. Initially, there were unaware of each other. So each

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    Discussion The results of the experiment did not support the created hypothesis that the poisonous enzyme PTU (Phenylthiourea) was a competitive inhibitor. In the experiment to test whether PTU was competitive a catechol oxidase substrate was added to the solution to determine it’s inhibition. As more of the substrate was added, no reaction occurred and the substance remained consistently clear. However, the results indicated that the catechol that was used continued to be inhibited

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    Answers Diploma in International Financial Reporting 1 (a) 1. Consolidated income statement for the year ended 30 September 2005 Revenue (W1) Cost of sales (balancing figure) Gross profit (W2) Distribution costs (7,000 + 6,000 + (6,000 x 35% x 4/12)) Administrative expenses (8,000 + 7,000 + (7,200 x 35% x 4/12)) Operating profit Investment income (W3) Finance cost (W4) Profit before tax Income tax expense (7,000 + 1,800 + (3,600 x 35% x 4/12)) Profit for the period Attributable to Minority interest

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    unfair, culturally biased or had two or more possible answers? Describe the question and your problem with it. I will say there were a few such as the shapes (such as the cubes) that I saw a few ways they could be placed together however the rules on it were not specific enough, when tests are administered it is important to lay out all of the rules and if you can have multiple solutions if it is a question that seems opened ended for multiple answers, that is if you want accurate data collected on scores

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    Everything," Fortune, April 17, 1995, pp. 45-68; R. Anthony, "Euro: Disney: The First 100 days," Harvard Business School Case # 9-693013; and Charles Masters, "French Fall for the Charms of Disney," Sunday Telegraph, April 13, 1997, p. 21. Case Discussion Questions 1. What assumptions did Disney make about the tastes and preferences of French consumers? Which of these assumptions were correct? Which were not? 2. How might Disney have had a more favorable initial experience in France? What steps might

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    Answer 1. It means that IT need to provide security for its data and it can’t be changed by anyone that does not belong and that same person can’t view it as well, and the data will be there when need by the CEO or whoever needs it. And if anything that is changed or moved it will be reported to management as soon as possible. 2. Richard Scrushy is the owner and founder of HealthSouth Corp he was the first CEO charged with violating the Sarbanes-Oxley act. 3. CEO and CFO of company 4. 10K is

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    | | | Team Ground Rules and Guidelines What are the general expectations for all members of the team? Everyone should contribute to the discussions, allowing for a free exchange of ideas while learning from each other’s experiences. Everyone on the team will put a substantial amount of effort into their parts of the assignments, and each team member must treat the Learning Team assignment like

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    Module 3 Discussion Read Case 4-1 (“JetBlue Airways: Regaining Attitude”) in Corporate Communication and respond to the following: •Clearly and concisely identify what was the most significant business problem JetBlue faced and support your claim. •Assess and identify the critical constituency issues. •Articulate what you believe are the three most desirable outcomes. •Discuss at least three communications best practices implemented by JetBlue. Post your initial response to

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    between co- ordination and co-operation. 4. Write a short note on „Acceptance theory‟. END OF SECTION A Section B: Caselets (40 marks)      This section consists of Caselets.  Answer all the questions.  Each Caselet carries 20 marks.  Detailed information should form the part of your answer (Word limit 150-200 words). 2 IIBM of Business Management Examination Paper of Principles and Practices of Management Caselet 1 Mr. Vincent, the Manager of a large supermarket, was

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    and comply with all standards imposed by various taxing authorities in order to recommend a tax return position to a taxpayer. Members should also make a reasonable effort to obtain necessary information from the taxpayer to provide appropriate answers to all questions on the tax return before signing as preparer. Although members are not required to examine or verify tax returns based on the information provided by the client, they may rely on the information unless it appears to be incorrect

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    Discussion Board Forums Instructions In order to create a collaborative learning environment, this course requires you to complete 2 graded Discussion Board Forums. Interaction between fellow students and the course instructor makes up a significant portion of your grade for this course. For each of the 2 graded forums, the instructor will provide you with a thought-provoking topic that will help start your online discussion. Each Discussion Board Forum is completed in 2 parts over the course

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    admission. In hospital where I practice after quick assessment of the patient , admission data base will be done whereby we ask questions which include code status ,religion, race, diet and patient’s preferred way of learning either by reading, discussion, videos or combination. While doing this we try and create good nurse/patient relationship and patient will be free to discuss with you their needs and necessary educations will be given where needed with respect to their beliefs and culture

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    Ch 3 Critical Thinking and Discussion Questions 1. Outline why the culture of a country might influence the costs of doing business in that country. Illustrate your answer with examples. Answer: Since in a sense the entire chapter is about this question, there can be numerous reasons and examples of how culture influences the costs of doing business. Several are highlighted in the following sentences, but there could be numerous others. When there are simply different norms between how individuals

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    able to provide the varieties of premium coffee bean, natural exotic iced and hot teas, green environmental idea with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf paper products and branded merchandisers. 1.3 Board of director of Coffee Bean Company 2.0 Discussion 2.1 Product Personality of the Brand 2.1.1 Starbucks Coffee Company Logo History Today, when people look at the logo of Starbucks, they may feel proud of this brand because the retail stores of Starbucks almost can be found everywhere. The original

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    resources, management, research and development, finance, and other applicable areas. o        Analyze how internal organizational dynamics influence strategic business continuity. o        Access the company’s Web site and use the Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations, if available, and the most recent company Annual Report as sources. o        Reference your readings and at least three other sources, including MarketLine, the Internet, or other properly

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    Which among the 17 goals is your primary focus of interest? Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all Please explain why. (Please limit your answer to 300 characters.) Although every afghan family suffers financial difficulties at some point due to the increasing rate of unemployment (which is mainly caused by lack of education and specialization) and my family was no exception regarding the issue, when compared to most of my friends

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    CRITICAL QUESTIONS AND DISCUSSION Note: Questions from the end of the chapters can also be used for discussion questions Chapter 2: Foundations of Modern Trade Theory: Comparative Advantage Critical Thinking and Discussion Questions: QUESTION 1: Mercantilism is a bankrupt theory that has no place in the modern world. Discuss. QUESTION 2: Is free trade fair? Discuss. QUESTION 3: Unions in developed nations often oppose imports from low-wage countries and advocate trade barriers to

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    Exam Questions Many of the semester exams allow you to choose 2 or 3 questions to answer from a list. The first thing to do once you have made your choice of questions to answer is to see how much time this gives you per question – and stick to it. If you overrun badly on the first answer it means that you have less time to answer other questions well. It is also probable that you are not writing a clear answer either! Leave space to come back to it at the end if you have time and go on to the

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    The very short answer is yes, we should definitely be concerned with the rate of extinction. According to Chivian and Bernstein although extinction is a natural phenomenon that occurs at a rate of about one to five species per year, we are now losing species at 100 to 10,000 times that rate. There are literally dozens of species going extinct every day (Chivian & Bernstein, 2008). We should also be concerned because while past mass extinctions are believed to have been caused by events like

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    The Answers When presented with the question “What is religion?” my argument can go several different ways. I have my own opinion of religion based off my upbringing and how I was raised to think about it, but at the same time this course allowed me to see a different perspective of religion and what it does for people. The official definition of religion is “The belief in and reverence for a supernatural power or powers, regarded as creating and governing the universe”. The first thing that comes

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    Week 6 Discussion Question 1 Rausell Harvey Ashford University PSY 600 Introduction to Graduate Study in Psychology Instructor Kathryn Morris January 11, 2016 Imagine someone and or the media painting an image of you or your illness in the wrong way or light. How would that make you feel? Being judged unfairly or falsely because you have a mental illness is wrong, period. The bad stereo types proceed out in such representation; mentally ill people as incapable, threating, messy, dirty and

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    . Do you agree or disagree with Friedman’s assessment that the world is flat? Be sure to justify your answer. I don’t fully agree with Friedman’s vision of the “flat World”. Though I think we are more connected and informed than ever. According to me I feel Friedman’s views and research is mostly concerning the developed countries focusing on business and targeting the cooperate world. Today technology, telecommunications has definitely helped people around the world to be closer. But Friedman’s

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    Week Two’s Discussion Questions Question#1 Job descriptions are needed in an organization because it provides job information and criteria practices that help to select the best candidates. In addition, job description ensures that applicants have a full understanding of what is expected of him or her. A job description is a good tool that assists employers with explaining and clarifying the job duties, responsibilities, and reporting guidelines to its future candidates. Additionally, job descriptions

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    Discussion Questions: Chapter 8 1) It is advisable to borrow in order to take a cash discount when the cost of borrowing is less than the cost of foregoing the discount. 2) Larger firms tend to be in a net creditor position because they have the financial resources to be suppliers to credit. The smaller firm must look to the larger manufacturer or wholesaler to help carry the firm's financing requirements. 3) New banking laws allowed more competition and gave banks the right to

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    revolves around eliminating options or attempting to find the best possible selection based on the criteria provided. There are several types of alternative assessments including essay responses, oral presentations, portfolios of compiled work, short answer questions and demonstrations of a concept/strategy. Alternative assessments can be used at given intervals for grading or they can be used as a final assessment at critical intervals such as final examinations or for the overall promotion to the next

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    Week 2 Discussion Algebra review. Please respond to one of the following questions: •Imagine you are tutoring a classmate in the four (4) algebraic processes. Outline each procedure in the process of solving algebraic equations and then try to use your outline as a guide to teach a follow student. •The author of your textbook indicates, “If you add percents, you often obtain incorrect results.” Explain in your own words what kinds of errors contribute to inaccurate percent results. •Determine

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    infects a computer; the virus searches for these file types on your computer and attacks them. OpenOffice isn't necessarily "safer," but it tends to fly below the radar. Support • Both suites have comprehensive online support sites, including user discussion forums, documentation and tutorials. OpenOffice also has a mailing list. Microsoft's support section is arguably easier to navigate, and it includes podcasts, training courses and certifications. Microsoft also has phone support seven days a week

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    decision- making to get the head in the automobile world globally. Human skills- he moved on the fourth floor to show he want to work close to his people, showed respect, he help build self-confidence and grow as professionals. Chapter 2: For Discussion 1. To what extent is Providence using evidence-based management? Do you think that this is a good way to run a hospital? Explain your rationale. To measure and collect data. Yes. It opens the door for more input and new ideas to solutions. 2

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    social influence.| D)|social facilitation.| 51.|The mere exposure effect refers to the fact that people:| A)|perform well-learned tasks more effectively in the presence of others.| B)|become more extreme in their opinions following group discussion.| C)|more readily comply with a large request if they previously complied with a small request.| D)|experience increasing attraction to novel stimuli that become more familiar.| 52.|The foot-in-the-door phenomenon refers to the tendency to:|

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