Apple Inc Business Analysis

  • Financial Analysis for Apple, Inc

    Taylor Hagans DeVry University Financial Statement Analysis of Apple, Inc. 10/14/2012 Question 1 | |2010 |2009 | |Property and equipment, net | 4,768 | 2,954 | |Depreciation expense | 1,027 | 734 | |Cash flow:

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  • Business Analysis of Reynolds American Inc

    Before investing in any business it’s important to conduct a business analysis. This analysis would cover in detail the strengths; weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) of a business. This analysis will assist a fund manager with the decision of whether to invest or not. Reynolds is a very dominant company in the tobacco industry. The have various subsidiaries that keeps them on pace with their competitors. Business Analysis of Reynolds American, Inc. Introduction Before

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  • Economic Analysis of Apple Inc

    ECO320-65: CAPSTONE Economic Analysis of Apple Inc Student 2 Cleary University May 14, 2007 ECO320-65: CAPSTONE Economic Analysis of Apple Inc. Introduction 3 Industry analysis 4 Personal computers 4 Computer software 5 iPod and iTunes 5 Company analysis 7 Apple Computers Inc 7 Apple Inc 8 Innovation 9 Profitability 9 Recommendations 11 Personal computing 11 Conclusions 12 References 13 Appendix 14 Introduction The primary purpose of this report is to

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  • Case Analysis, Apple, Inc.

    Case Analysis, Apple Inc. 1 Case Analysis, Apple Inc. 1 of 4 Case Analysis, Apple Inc. 2 This case analysis is written to analyze the topic of Strategic Management and answering the question of why it is critical to the success of an organization in meeting its goals and mission. This analysis will address the major issues surrounding the organization or individuals involved with the organization, will identify alternate courses of action to address the issues identified with

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  • Apple Inc. Case Analysis

    Apple, Inc. SWOT Recommendation Outline Strengths * Market leader * Diversified products and markets * Superior revenue and margins * Ongoing innovative product design * Superior supply chain and manufacturing efficiencies * Product reliability * Highly effective advertising * Ongoing use of superior operating systems * Worldwide demand for the iPhone * Mac’s increasing domestic market share * Management is committed and confident * Allowing iTunes songs to be sold online

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  • Internal and External Environmental Analysis Apple Inc

    3.1.6 Technology Apple has a big technology strength, it emphasizes research & development and have a powerful innovation capacity. It has outstanding R&D design teams. Apple owns self-developing operation system that no other company can exceed Apple in product performance. It has automatic, digital and intelligent organization. It cooperates with a lot of foreign electronic companies. Like Foxconn in China. Apple is good at designing the best products in beauty aspect. 3.1.7 Organization

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  • Global Business Environment Analysis of Apple

    industry Starting from 1976, Apple computer created the personal computer (PC). After IBM transformed the PC from proprietary systems into open structure, PC has been dominated by Wintel (Windows + Intel) structure. Apple insists in adopting proprietary and niche market strategies made them keep losing market share till less than 3% in 2001. However, its strategy with ignoring the market trends makes it lose the market after years. 1.1 Industrial changes: Apple lost PC market because of ignoring

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  • Apple Business Analysis

    Apple Business Model Mini Case Assignment QUESTIONS: 1. In your own words, explain why the author refers to Apple's business model as a roach motel. The author refers to Apple’s business model as a roach motel partly because of the old Raid commercial where the narrator says, “roaches check in, but they can’t check out.” When a customer begins using Apple products, they are set up in a web of content and applications. Every time they download an app, they are committing to the same type of system

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  • Apple, Inc. Case Analysis

    APPLE, INC. CASE ANALYSIS Written by: Jessica A. Mahfoudi AMBA 640 Dr. Larry Williams University of Maryland University College February 25, 2013 This page is intentionally blank   EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Management Information Systems allow companies to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced world and especially when conducting business on the Internet. Organizations must adapt to technological advances and innovations to keep pace with today’s rapidly changing

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  • Apple Computer, Inc. Environmental Analysis

    Apple Computer, Inc. is a computer technology company offering award-winning and innovate products. Founded in 1976 by Steven Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak, together the trio built and designed a motherboard in Job’s garage and labeled their first product Mac I. As technology advanced with break-through developments, Apple has evolved into a leading computer technology company boasting an array of cutting-edge products. Ranked currently 263 in the Fortune 500 and 159 in FT Global 500, Apple

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  • Porters 5 Force Analysis of Apple Inc

    Apple Inc. specialises in development, design and marketing of computers, portable-digital music players and other didgital devices including iPad’s and mobile devices (IPhone). Apple Inc. are also involved in selling multiple supporting software, digital content, third party applications, networking software and services. Apple Inc. predominantly operate from their U.S headquarters in Cupertino, California and involves 72,800 employees (Forbes, 2013). Revenue for APPL in 2013 has risen from $155

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  • Financial Analysis, Apple Inc.

    Financial Analysis, Apple Inc. For the fiscal year ended September 24, 2011 By Michael Sarkis 04/12/2012 Table of Contents Abstract 3 Background 3 Stock Performance 5 Ratio Calculations & Interpretations 6 Liquidity Ratios 6 I. Current Ratio 6 II. Quick Ratio 7 Asset Management Ratios 7 I. Inventory Turnover 7 II. Total Asset Turnover 8 Financial Leverage Management Ratios 8 Profitability Ratios 9 I. Gross Profit Margin Ratio 9 II. Net Profit

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  • Swot Analysis for Apple Inc

    SWOT analysis for Apple Inc. Cornelius Morgan Kaplan University GB 540, Section 04N Professor Fahlino Sjuib August 27, 2013 SWOT analysis for Apple Inc. A SWOT analysis takes a look at the internal and external factors that affect a given company. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Strengths and weaknesses are the internal factors. Opportunities and Threats are the external factors. The SWOT analysis provides an easy to look at set of information that

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  • Apple, Inc. Swot Analysis

    RUNNING HEAD: Apple, Inc. SWOT Analysis Apple, Inc. SWOT Analysis AIU – MGT680   Abstract As a senior manager of a computer company, this paper will discuss the company’s competitor, Apple, Inc. This paper will include five factors of strengthens, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for Apple, Inc. It will explain why those factors are important for this company to know. The paper will also propose a strategy and product that will take advantage of Apple, Inc. vulnerabilities which

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  • Apple Inc. an Analysis of Business Strategy

    Running Header: APPLE INC. IN 2010 Apple Inc. in 2010 An Analysis of Business Strategy American Military University BUS620 16 February 2014 Running Header: APPLE INC. IN 2010 Abstract 2 Apple Incorporated is an industry leader and this piece will serve to address questions pertaining to Apple’s competition in the Personal Computer (PC), MP3, and smart phone market and how its strategy has evolved along with the evolution of the products. Threats and challenges that Apple faces as is moves

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  • Apple Inc.

    Copenhagen Business College By group 2. International Business Department 09 IM Hand-in date: October 17th 2011 Team members: Wang Lehuan , Apple Inc. Fei Xuan , Liu Danfei , Jiang Yongming , Zhang Hao , Li Changhua Counselor: Sun Na Synopsis The paper is about Apple Inc. which is a famous IT company in the world. It's main business is to offer different kinds of high information technology electronic products. Through the internal and external analysis by using SWOT, STP, 4Ps, PEST models

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  • Financial Analysis of Apple Inc:

    Financial Analysis of Apple Inc:  Financial Analysis of Apple Inc Subject: Financial Management Group Members : Ms. Ouch Kanika Ms. Hour Kimhun Mr. Pen Vanndarong Lectured by: Mr. Sok Ousa Academic Year: 2011-2012 1 Table of Contents:  Table of Contents Introduction Horizontal Analysis Vertical Analysis Ratio Analysis – Profitability Ratio Analysis – Efficiency Ratio Analysis – Liquidity Ratio Analysis – Leverage Conclusion & Recommendation Limitations of the Analysis 2 Introduction: 

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  • Apple Inc.

    Professor: Date: Table of Contents Abstract 2 Apple Products 2 Apple’s current position on the company’s ethical and social responsibilities 3 Impact of publication of ethics and social responsibilities violations made by Apple’s suppliers on Apple’s reputation 5 Methods that Apple can utilize to ensure that its suppliers adhere to wage and benefits standards going forward 6 Apple’s customers willingness to pay more for its products if Apple were to increase the selling prices in order to provide

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  • Apple, Inc. Harvard Business School Case Analysis

    for Apple Inc. as noticed in the Harvard Business School Premier Case. Therefore, this paper is an analysis of Apple, Inc. based on a 7-year old case written by David Yoffie and Michael Slind published by Harvard Business School (Yoffie, et al., 2008). The following paper examines in detail the strategies utilized by the company as outlined in the strategic management steps. Several recommendations are also proposed to handle the issues surrounding the organization. Summation Apple Inc. was

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  • Analysis of Apple Business Strategy

    Analysis of Apple Inc. business Strategic Unit (iPad unit) Contents Introduction .................................................................................................................................................. 2 1. Strategic position of Apple Inc .................................................................................................................. 2 1.1 Competitive strategic position .................................................................................

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  • Apple Inc. Understanding Client's Business

    statement assertions to material misstatement, auditors must understand the nature of the client’s business and the industry in which the client operates. Understanding the client’s business is helpful to auditors not only to outline the scope and the timing of the audit, identify the audit strategy, and isolate the most significant factors of materiality, but also to determine the client’s business risks and their potential translation to the financial statements. Every industry has inherent

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  • Business Report on Apple Inc

    Business Report 1 BUSINESS REPORT ON APPLE INC. Business Report on Apple Inc. In APA Style Business Report 2 Abstract Apple Computer Inc.,, as it is known today, has gone from merely a small-time computer manufacturer into one of today’s top brand name of desktops, laptops, operating systems, mobile phones, and electronic music streaming. The company has had its ups and

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  • Business Analysis for Apple

    Business Analysis of Apple Inc. Victoria Randle MGT 521 May 11, 2011 JAMES BURRESCIA Business Analysis of Apple Inc. Apple was created in 1977 in California. They design, manufacture, and market personal computers, mobile communication and media devices, and portable digital music players, and sell a range of related software, services, peripherals, networking applications, and third-party digital content and applications. Beginning with apple computers it was predominantly a manufacturer

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  • Business Analsyis, Apple Inc,

    Business Analysis II, Apple Inc., Dell Inc., & Microsoft Corp. Cheryl Alcantara Online Main/MGT 521 Jason Miller July 17, 2011 Business Analysis II, Apple Inc., Dell Inc., & Microsoft Corp. Cheryl Alcantara Online Main/MGT 521 Jason Miller July 17, 2011 08 Fall 08 Fall Technology includes items like the telephone and computer. “The computer is capable of handling precisely quantified information much higher speed than the unaided human” (3

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  • Investment Analysis and Recommendation Paper for Apple Inc.

    Investment Analysis Paper on Apple Inc. Elijah Clark Walden University Investment Analysis Paper on Apple Inc. Apple Inc. (Apple) is a registered publicly traded company established in 1977 and is currently headquartered in Cupertino, California (Apple Inc., 2015a). The company’s products and services include mobile communication and media devices, portable digital music players, personal computers, software, accessories, services, networking solutions, and third-party digital content and applications

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  • Apple Inc. in 2008 Case Analysis

    Apple Inc. in 2008 Problem Statement Innovation and unique user experience can basically outline the value proposition by Apple Inc. that brought the corporation to success. Apart from these, it is still necessary for Apple to develop a suitable strategic profile from time to time to cope with changing market environment. However, the rather unchanged strategies throughout decades and unsustainable competitive advantages could have been the hindrances from further success, as seen from low return

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  • Apple Inc

    Business Analysis of Apple Inc. Kellye Wright MGMT 521 August 8, 2011 Robert Price Apple was created in 1977 in California. They design, manufacture, and market personal computers, mobile communication and media devices, and portable digital music players, and sell a range of related software, services, peripherals, networking applications, and third-party digital content and applications. Beginning with apple computers it was predominantly a manufacturer of personal computers

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  • Business Analysis of Apple

    Mutual Fund Manager (Apple) MGT/521 V5 Management Susan Coke University of Phoenix Online October 3, 2011 Financial statements are historical documents. They tell us what has happened during a particular period. It is essential to try and predict what will happen in the future. Financial ratios help assess the financial health and future prospects of a company. I have reviewed Apple, Hewlett Packard and IBM’s income statements, balance sheets and cash flow. I will review my findings

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  • Apple Business Analysis

    company is one that entails thorough research of a company’s assets, business practices, and their way ahead. As a mutual fund investor, I want to invest in a businesses with high return on investments and businesses that need collateral but will not hinder my business. I will conduct a detailed analysis of their brand, stakeholders, customers, products, business ownership, and a SWOT analysis. Background Information Apple was founded by Steven Jobs, Stephen Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in 1976

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  • Apple, Inc. Case Analysis

    Unit One – Case Analysis: Apple, inc. Strategic Human Resources Management Unit One – Case Analysis The intended goal of this paper is to explain strategic management and why it is crucial to the success of an organization in meeting its goals and mission. The focus will be on the case study provided by the Harvard Business School on the company Apple, Inc. from the year 2008. I will give a brief overview of the case and identify issues or problems therein. Alternate solutions to solve

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  • Apple Business Analysis Part I

    Apple Computers Inc. is an American-based multinational company that creates consumer electronics goods and computer software. Known for predominantly manufacturing personal computers and facing rocky sales and low market share during the 1990s; In 2001 the introduction of the iPod music player established Apple as a leader in the consumer electronics industry. Their latest success came when the company expanded its range of products and launched the iPhone, iPod Touch and it newest brainchild the

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  • Case Analysis - Apple Inc

    Unit 1 Case Analysis: Apple Inc. Background In January 2007, Apple Computer Inc was renamed Apple Inc. after 30 years of being a very productive organization. Apple Inc. changed from being known as strictly a Macintosh computer company into a diverse technology company that is known for its art, video, and graphics. They presented this diversity by selling new products such as; the Ipod used together with the iTunes store and the iPhone. In 2008, Apple Inc earned a profit of $1.07 billion

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  • Company Analysis of Apple Inc.

    Apple Incorporated is a U.S. based computer and electronics firm that manufactures products such as the iPod, iPhone, Macintosh computer, iPad, and Apple Watch. Apple Incorporated was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, who released the Apple II computer in 1977 (Apple Inc…, 2015). The next product launched by Apple Inc. was The Apple Lisa which was released in 1983 and was the first computer to have a mouse and a graphical user interface (Apple Inc…, 2015). The first Macintosh computer

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  • Apple Business Analysis – Part I

    Apple Business Analysis – Part I Apple Business Analysis Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation that designs and markets consumer electronics, software, and personal computers. Apple was established on April 1, 1976 by three (3) good friends: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in Cupertino, California ( and incorporated on January 3, 1977 ( The company has grown from a garage

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  • Microeconomic Analysis of Apple, Inc

    Founded in 1976, Apple Inc. is one of the largest, most successful, and most recognizable brands in the world that specializes in computer software, online music and entertainment services, and most notably consumer electronics. Currently valued at over $700 billion (USD), the growth in market share of just the iPhone alone contributed an estimated one-quarter to one-third of a percentage point to the annualized growth rate in the U.S. gross domestic product (Kuang, 2015). In addition to the wildly

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  • Mgt231 Organizational Behavior - Apple Inc. Organizational Analysis

    Behavior 20 June 2015 TERM PAPER Apple Inc. has without a doubt revolutionized the world of consumer electronics in the 21st Century. As the company became more customer-focused and improved its lean manufacturing model, it has to rise to the organizational challenges of becoming a leading global company in its industry. As Apple has reinvented its products, it has reinvented their organizational structure as well. The following is an analysis of Apple at an organizational level: its culture

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  • Swot Analysis of Apple Inc

    SWOT Analysis of Apple, Inc. Name Institution Affiliation SWOT Analysis of Apple, Inc. Company Overview: Apple Inc. Apple Inc. was co-founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak on April 1, 1976 (Johnson, 2012). Originally, the duo sought to develop a simple micro-computer board that could be offered to small and businesses. However, since its conception, Apple exhibited unprecedented growth in the ICT industry with its initial products, including Apple I, Apple II and Macintosh becoming the first

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  • Apple Inc Financial Report Analysis

    Apple Inc Financial Report Analysis FINC 330 Business finance instructor: Philip Bradley Prepared by: Table of Contents Page 1) Company Description……………………………………………….…...... 2 Company background………………………………………..….. 2 Industry analysis………………………………………………..... 2 Products and services…………………………………….…......2 Investment strategy…………………………………….……...…3 2) Market Analysis……………….………………………………................... 3 Direct competitors…………………......…………………………. 3

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  • Business Analysis of Apple, Inc

    Business Analysis of Apple, Inc. Padma L. Dongre MGT521 Nov 28, 2011 Dr. Stephen McCann Background. Apple Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets personal computers, portable digital music players, and mobile communication devices. It sells a variety of related software, services, peripherals, and networking solutions. The Company sells its products worldwide through its online stores, retail stores, direct sales force, and third-party wholesalers

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  • Apple, Inc. Business Analysis Part 1 Swot

    Business Analysis Part 1: Apple, Inc. Apple is a highly innovated business that entered the business world making computers back in the 1980s. They ventured out in the 2000s making non-PC devices and by the spring of 2010 had a market capitalization of $220 billion dollars. As a mutual fund manager, I have performed a SWOT analysis to determine whether or not to invest in this company. I will identify internal and external stakeholders, evaluate their needs and see how the organization measures

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  • Apple Inc. Case Study Analysis

    The present case study «Apple Inc. in 2010» deals with the main problems of Apple Inc. (previously known as Apple Computer, Inc. for the first 30 years) - an American multinational corporation that along with its subsidiaries designs, manufactures and sells personal computers, consumer electronics and software. The company's best-known hardware products are the Macintosh line of computers, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. Its most popular software includes the Mac OS X - a PC operating system and iOS

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  • Apple Inc

    1. What are the chief elements of Apple’s overall competitive strategy? How well do the pieces fit together? Is the strategy evolving? Apple Corporation, Capital requirement degree of completion, Brand identifies the product price; demand, and the apple users. Supplier power, Barriers, Rivalry, Treat of Substitutes, and Buyer Power represents Apple’s overall competitive strategy. Music, Internet, and Computer is an n innovation for long term development, technological improvement with a unique design

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  • Apple Inc. Business Analysis -2

    Apple Inc. Business Analysis -2 Apple Inc. Business Analysis -2 Apple Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets personal computers, mobile communication devices, and portable digital music and video players and sells a variety of related software, services, peripherals, and networking solutions. Tim Worstall, a contributor who writes articles about businesses and Technology in his latest article in Forbes magazine writes that, “Apple’s iPhone business alone is

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  • Apple Computer, Inc.: Maintaining the Music Business

    Apple Computer, Inc.: Maintaining the Music Business While Introducing iPhone and Apple TV Donna Prevatte Instructor:  Jacinta Acquay BUS499 Sr. Seminar in Business Administration 31 January 2012 Apple Computer, Inc. changed online music tremendously in 2003 by developing the first legal online music service known as Apple’s iTunes Online Music Store. They were first online music service to have agreements with all five major record labels. Although initially available only

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  • Business Environment – Apple Inc.

    Business Environment – Apple Inc. Erin Kelly Management/MGT 521 April 29, 2012 Walter Goodwyn Business Environment – Apple Inc. Researching a company’s business environment will provide large amounts of data that could be used by investors, consumers, and

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  • Economic Analysis of Apple Inc.

    report is to execute an economic analysis on Apple Inc. We will review the impacts that the competitive market has had on Apple, since it was founded in 1976. This report will detail how Apple Inc. is both a dire example of the adverse effects of monopolistic competition on a company as other companies into the market; as well as an exceptional example the economic rewards yielded by innovation and brand differentiation within a competitive market. An analysis of Apple Inc would be incomplete without

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  • Business Environment - Apple Inc.

    how they had weekly meetings with both the staff and surveys from both staff and patients to get feedback on the way things were being handled to make changes based off of these results. It seems we were all exposed to both ethical and unethical business practices today whether reading about it in the news or seeing it first hand on the job. In reflecting on this week our team seemed to really take an interest in collaboration. Some shared about how important it is just to have ongoing teamwork

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  • Apple Inc Economic Analysis

    MBUS 610 Econ Environment of the Firm 12 Apple Inc. Economic Firm Analysis Trey III Apple Incorporated, formerly known as Apple Computers Incorporated, and more commonly known just as Apple, has lead the way in technology and innovation for consumer electronics with their slender storage capacities, vibrant displays, and incredible touch screen products. When they first started, their focus was more on personal computers for customers, but as the company has aged, so has their focus expanded

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  • Apple Business Analysis

    Runninghead: Apple Inc. Business Analysis |1 | | Apple Inc. Business Analysis Yvette Metzger Mgmt 521 September 12, 2011 Erick Espinosa |Apple Inc. Business Analysis |2 | Many companies in today’s market have become successful through a variety of investors. These investors supply in the businesses needs to fulfill that particular business and provide

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  • Business Environment – Apple Inc.

    BAGBLOCKERS,INC. ARTICLE 11 Unless the articles of organization other provide, all corporations formed pursuant to G.L. C156D have The purpose of engaging in any lawful business. Please specify if you want a more Limited purpose: THE CORPORATION MAY ENGAGE IN PRODUCTION, GENERAL MERCHANDISE SALE AS WELL AS ANY LAWFUL BUSINESS AND SHALL HAVE ALL THE GENERAL

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