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    |QRB/501 Version 2 | | |Quantitative Reasoning for Business | Copyright © 2010, 2008 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved. Course Description This course applies quantitative reasoning skills to business problems. Students learn to analyze data using a variety of analytical tools and techniques. Other topics include formulas

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    Simply, there are five major and important steps involved in the research process: 1.Defining the Problem. 2.Research Design. 3.Data Collection. 4.Analysis. 5.Report Writing & presentation. A brief discussion on these steps is: 1.Problem audit and problem definition - What is the problem? What are the various aspects of the problem? What information is needed? 2.Conceptualization and operationalization - How exactly do we define the concepts involved? How do we translate these concepts

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  • Critique of Quantitative Research

    Two persistent critiques of quantitative experimentalism are (a) the lack of isomorphism between its measures and "reality" and (b) its failure thus far to produce "truths" useful to educational practice. These critiques have long been commented on. As early as 1918, B. R. Buckingham wrote: We may labor ingeniously at our analyses of results and may bring from afar the most potent methods which statistical theory has evolved, but we shall accomplish little if our instruments are as grossly defective

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  • Critique of a Quantitative Research Study

    Quantitative Critical Appraisal To commence this quantitative analysis the start point was to formulate a robust quantitative question in order to provide direction for the literature search. Newell & Burnard (2006) suggest that a strong question informs the research design, research method, the population, the intervention and the outcomes of interest. There are three factors for focusing questions 1. Facilitating the search for relevant evidence,

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  • Quantitative Research Report

    Analysis and Implications for Practice of Quantitative Research Report Introduction: It is very essential to avoid miscommunication among the health care providers since it leads to decreased staff and patient satisfaction. In health care now it is a challenge to create an environment in which open and free communication takes place. For this purpose, by using communication tools such as the situation background-assessment-recommendation (SBAR) method, interpersonal messages among the team

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  • Six Approaches to Qualitative Research

    SS3150 – Six Approaches to Qualitative Research The chosen qualitative research approach that I chose to use for my research is Case Study. The particular type of case study that I decided to use is the critical instance case study. These examine one or more sites for either the purpose of examining a situation of unique interest with little to no interest in generalizability, or to call into question or challenge a highly generalized or universal assertion. This method is useful for answering

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  • Comparison of 3 Methodological Approaches Undertaken in 3 Research Studies on Airline Industry

    Comparison of 3 methodological approaches undertaken in 3 Research studies on Airline Industry Introduction In this research paper, methodological approaches of 3 different peer reviewed tourism journal articles from the journal “Tourism Management” have been compared. The first article is on the topic of changing gender representation in airline/aviation industry. This research study has identified the trends related to gender representation in airline industry have been discussed. In

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  • Discuss the Relative Advantages and Disadvantages of Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods as They Are Employed in Psychology.

    importance on the use of scientific approaches”, which has resulted in an emphasis on quantitative research methods, centred on collection of numerical data and statistical analysis (the empirical approach). However, since the 1960s there has been increasing criticism of such reliance on the quantitative data-collection characteristics of the scientific method, which has developed over subsequent decades into a strong shift towards more qualitative approaches. This has led to the somewhat inevitable

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  • Abbreviated Quantitative Research Plan Stress

    RESEARCH METHODS This chapter introduces the fundamental elements of qualitative research methods, beginning with a definition of qualitative of research, followed by discussion on the evolution of qualitative research methods and how it is different from quantitative research methods. Also discussed is the importance of ethical considerations when doing qualitative research. Just like all research, qualitative research is a type of research that seeks

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  • Quantitative Research Critique: Relationship of Glucose Value to Sliding Scale Insulin

    Relationship of Glucose Values to Sliding Scale Insulin (Correctional Insulin) Dose Delivery and Meal Time in Acute Care Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Grand Canyon Introduction to Nursing Research NRS- 433V August 04, 2013 Relationship of Glucose Values to Sliding Scale Insulin (Correctional Insulin) Dose Delivery and Meal Time in Acute Care Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Introduction Managing blood glucose (BG) level in diabetic patients proves to be a challenging goal to insulin

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  • Pros and Cons of Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research

    Pros and cons of quantitative and qualitative market research Marketing for Managers Pros and cons of quantitative and qualitative market research Qualitative marketing research is used instead of quantitative sometimes because the consumers’ actions do not always match the answers they give in the market survey. Qualitative market researches are not structured in their measurement, which promotes a wide variety of responses. The surveys are only limited by the creativity of the marketing

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  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research

    Qualitative and Quantitative Research- Module 2 DQ 1 Quantitative research is a process in which data is gathered systematically, analyzed and reported in numerical and statistical values in an attempt to explain what has been observed or hypothesis. The researcher is clearly aware of the specific information being sought prior to the initiation of the study and a data collection adheres to a specific, rigid framework. This system of research uses large groups for data collection and utilizes

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  • The Difference Between Quantitative Research and Qualitative Research

    The difference between Quantitative Research and Qualitative Research Quantitative Research is based on the quantitative measurements of some characteristics. It is applicable to phenomena that can be measures in terms of quantities. Early forms of research originated in the natural sciences such as biology, chemistry, physics, geology etc and is concerned with investigating things that could be observed and measured. Such observations and measurements can be made objectively and repeated by other

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  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods Paper

    Running head: QUANTITATIVE AND QUALITATIVE RESEARCH METHODS PAPER Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods Paper Obbie Brown University: Course: Tutor: Date: Appropriate Academic Research An appropriate academic research can be defined as the research and the experimental developments which comprise creative works which are conducted on a systematic basis with an aim of increasing the pool of an individual’s or a group’s knowledge. The knowledge

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  • Quantitative

    PROJECT: How Are Calories Affected by Fat, Proteins and Carbohydrates Prepared for: Dr. Ahmed Baijou Date: 05/05/2011 Course: Advanced Quantitative Methods Multiple Regression Model Analysis Spring 2011 Table of Contents Proposal 3 Introduction 4 Literature Review 5 Data Analysis 7 Descriptive Analysis 7 Model Building 7 Application of the Multiple Regression Analysis 12 Conclusion and Recommendations 17 References 18 Appendix 19

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  • Abbreviated Quantitative Research Plan

    Draft of Abbreviated Quantitative Research Plan John Gonzales (RSCH - 8100Y - 2) Dr. Medha Talpade April 27, 2014 Introduction Stress is any physical or natural force that if not controlled, can bring severe mental distress to an individual. Stress can be a natural part of life that allows the individual to learn and mature. If stress is left unattended, major problems will occur. If a stress is ignored, an individual will lose their ability to function. If the response to stress

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  • Quantitative Research Methods in Educational Planning

    Quantitative research methods in educational planning Series editor: Kenneth N.Ross Module John Izard 7 Trial testing and item analysis in test construction UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning Quantitative research methods in educational planning These modules were prepared by IIEP staff and consultants to be used in training workshops presented for the National Research Coordinators who are responsible for the educational policy research programme conducted

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  • Research Proposal Quantitative

    Course: Advance Quantitative Research Methodology Supervisor: Dr Shahid Iqbal Impact of Brand Image and Advertisement on Consumer Buying Behavior of Lawn customers in Karachi Seema Mumtaz Std 16655 Mphil (BM) Synopsis Proposed Research Topic: Impact

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  • Quantitative Research Plan

    in the lives of several individuals, and stress has been found to deeply affect creatively, performance, mental health, physical welfare, and even the decision making as well as affect biological systems of individuals (Yehuda & Olff, 2012). Research shows that burnout especially emotional fatigue and resilience were significant forecasters of academic performance. The authors also mentioned that students who were emotionally and cognitively involved in their studies seem to perform better than

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  • Quantitative Research.

    search things out. " Qualitative research focuses on deeper issues and asked the questions of how, when and why people do things. Quantitative research behaves in a quantified since and assigns numerical values to responses and measure statics. With this said Proverbs, the bible verse, supports that research methods can be Godly. I interpret that verse as meaning that it is important to know and confirm in your mind that you know something, but it is better to research the topic in a biblical since

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  • Contemporary Approaches

    Contemporary Approaches Sociotechnical Systems Theory refers to how the social and technical aspects of an organization are both related. The theory suggests organizations are more effective when the employees have all the right combination of tools, training, and knowledge to make the products, and provide services to the customers when they are needed. This work grew out of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in England. They explored ways to improve productivity and morale in organizations

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  • Quantitative Research Paper

    Research Methods Quantitative Project APA Notation Donovan, L. A., & MacIntyre, P. D. (2004). Age and sex differences in willingness to communicate, communication apprehension, and self-perceived competence. Communication Research Reports, 21(4), 420-427. Literature Review The variable selected for this research project was willingness to communicate, a popular variable among communication research. Willingness to communicate is studied to further explore why and when humans choose

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  • Edu 626 Week 4 Dq 1 Quantitative and Qualitative Research

    This archive file of EDU 626 Week 4 Assignment Critical Thinking Questions contains: Quantitative and Qualitative Research Business - General Business Week 1 Brainstorm . Brainstorm potential educational research topics that are of interest to you. What is a topic that will motivate you to want to explore it further? Try to focus in as much as possible. For example, if you are interested in education for gifted children, you may want to focus on the advantages/disadvantages of

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  • Quantitative Research Critique

    cesarean (VBAC) continues to be a concern and issue for women faced with this decision. The quantitative research I have chosen to critique is "A new perspective on VBAC: A retrospective cohort study." (Rozen, Ugoni, & Sheehan, 2011). The purpose of this critique is to evaluate the research this study provides related to VBAC delivery and evidence-based nursing practice. Research Problem and Purpose Most research studies on VBAC and the safety of this type of delivery "have compared VBAC to elective

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  • Quantitative and Qualitative

    Both qualitative and quantitative methods of user research play important roles in research. Data from quantitative research—such as market size, demographics, and user preferences—provides important information for business decisions. Qualitative research provides valuable data for use in the design of a product—including data about user needs, behavior patterns, and use cases. Each of these approaches has strengths and weaknesses, and each can benefit from our combining them with one another. This

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  • Quantitative Research Plan

    Quantitative Research Plan Affordable Health Care: Is It Causing Stress with Hospital Administrators Derrick Mike Walden University Research Theory January 23, 2015 This abbreviated quantitative research plan includes an introduction, a purpose statement, viable research questions, a hypotheses and a research plan. This quantitative study focuses on whether and to what extent did the Affordable Care Act create more stress for hospital administrators. Introduction Stress has become pervasive

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  • Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches to Research

    Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches to Research Independientemente del paradigma de investigación, la calidad de las preguntas manejan los métodos de investigación. Como supuestos iniciales se plantea que las aproximaciones cualitativa y cuantitativa no están separadas y discretas, sino más bien son una aproximación conjunta continua. Se debe diferenciar metodología mixta de métodos mixtos, donde la integración de las aproximaciones se da en todas las etapas del estudio de investigación

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  • Research Approaches

    Research Approaches Two research approaches I would consider to use in my research method would be Interviews and Document reviews. Both of these I feel would show excellent results and shine light on my topic. Granted realistically for this assignment conducting Interviews is not possible but ideally I believe interviews would provide the best information and answers. Since I am limited my best bet for this assignment will be the Document studies strategy. First I want to hit on the Interview

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  • Quantitative Research Review

    Web Search Assignment #1 (Quantitative Research) Kayla Tranbarger Tabor College Wichita Instructor: Marlene Pietrocola NUR 410: Evidence Based Nursing Practice January 25, 2015 I chose the article titled “The effect of nurse-performed preoperative skin preparation on post-operative surgical site infections in abdominal surgery”. This quantitative research article is an experimental study to determine the effect of preoperative skin preparation procedures by nurses on post-surgical site

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  • Quantitative Research Report

    Running head: QUANITATIVE RESEARCH REPORT Quantitative Research Report M. Ellen Kingsley Grand Canyon University NRS-433V May 06, 2011 The Quantitative Research that this student chose is titled; Interventions to Promote Physical Activity in Chronically Ill Adults. Physical activity in chronically ill adults is a topic that is very important to study, people, in general, do not realize the importance of exercise and if there is proof that exercise is beneficial to people with long term

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  • Approaches

    there are several different aspects that a manager and or partners should focus on. Some of these approaches makes running the business a little more efficient in handling issues in a better satiation than others. A few of these approached that will be covered include: sociotechnical theory, quantitative management, organizational behavior, and systems theory. Understanding the different approaches will give a better understanding of the competitive environment. When getting into business having

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  • Comparing the Use of Qualitative and Quantitative Research in Marketing

    Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research 1 Comparing the Use of Qualitative and Quantitative Research in Marketing IMC 612 Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research 2 Qualitative vs. Quantitative Though qualitative and quantitative researches differ in their methodologies and philosophies, they both contribute to an overall research plan, and

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  • Quantitative Research

    Running Head: QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH CRITIQUE Critique of a Quantitative Research Paper Researching lived experience in health care: Significance for care ethics Linda Conwell, RN Grand Canyon University NRS 433V Sonya Williams, RN, MSN March 27, 2011 NRS433V, Conwell, Critique 2 Existing studies indicate nurses’ use of research in their practice, i.e., evidence based practice; however, little evidence is available as to the extent to which nurses utilize the available research in their

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  • Quantitative Research

    Analysis and Implications of Qualitative Research Report Grand Canyon University NRS 433V: Introduction to Nursing Research February 27 2011 Critique of Qualitative Research Introduction Restraints are methods used in the medical field in an effort to restrict the movement of a patient in order to protect the safety of the patient, other patients, and caregivers. Since the onset of the use of restraints, this practice has been an ethical issue and topic for discussion

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  • Qualitative vs Quantitative

    * Qualitative approaches have been fully accepted in market research for several decades, proving their value in guiding the development of new products and services, in testing the communication of advertising, in exploring the meaning of consumer vocabulary, in gaining understanding of consumer motivation, etc. (Bailey, 2014) * Quantitative research is a means for testing objective theories by examining the relationship among variables (Polit and Hungler 2013; Moxham 2012). A variable is a

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  • Quantitative Qualitative

    Samantha Roberts Student Number: Word count: 1,289 There has been an ongoing paradigm debate between quantitative and qualitative research amongst social scientists for a number of years. Qualitative Research is a particularly new concept developed to obtain and analyse data however many researchers are yet to take a liking to this concept (Bryman, 1984). Qualitative research refers to studies that are conducted in natural settings and include participant observation, focus groups and in-depth

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  • Quantitative and Qualitative

    Quantitative and Qualitative Quantitative and Qualitative Research The purpose of this paper is a comprehensive comparison of quantitative vs. qualitative research techniques for MBA 5210 Business Statistics. The paper will weigh the relative merits and demerits of each providing interpretation of the potential applications of qualitative and quantitative research to various fields of study as per the requirements of the paper. Qualitative and Quantitative Overview Researchers have long

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  • Quantitative Versus Qualitative Research Study

    Quantitative versus Qualitative Research Study Student’s name Institutional affiliation A qualitative research study is often referred to as an explanatory study. It's used allows the research gain insights on a particular problem. It gives the researcher an understanding of the underlying reasons, opinions and motivation about the problem. Data collection methods include the use of focus group, interviews and observation. Quantitative research, on the other hand, aims at generating numerical

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  • Four Contemporary Approaches to Management

    The four contemporary approaches to management are: systems theory, organizational behavior, quantitative management and sociotechnical systems. Each contemporary approach is influenced by an environment factor. These impacts are macro-environment, competitive environment and internal environment. The macro-environment of an organization involves variables such as political, social, legal and technological. Competitive environment of an organization involves the organization and professional players

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  • Qualitative & Quantitative Research Designs

    QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITIVE RESEARCH DESIGNS. The qualitative analysis of an investment can include the company's business practices and ownership structure, management and incentive programs, research and development, products and services, competitive strengths and weaknesses, capital intensity, and accounting policies while the quantitative research on the other hand is conclusive in its use, as it tries to quantify a problem and understand how prevalent it is by looking for projectable results

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  • Quantitative Research Paper

    Justin Andre EC315-Robert Simcoe Quantitative Research Paper 05/07/2015 I have decided to have a look at the exchange rate for the Euro Dollar to the United States Dollar for my research paper. The dependent variable is the daily high to low price movement of the Euro Dollar to the United States Dollar shown in percentage interest points where 100 is equal to 1 penny difference in price. The dependent variable is determined by independent variables average true range, volumes

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  • Quantitative

    Qualitative and Quantitative Methods In Environmental Accounting Research Evangeline Elijido-Ten Faculty of Business and Enterprise, Swinburne University of Technology Address for correspondence: Faculty of Business and Enterprise Swinburne University of Technology John Street, Hawthorn Victoria, Australia 3122 Phone: +61 3 9214 4471 Fax: +61 3 9819 2117 E-mail: 1 Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Methods In Environmental Accounting Research Abstract

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  • Quantitative Research

    ADMINISTRATION (DBA) MODULE 2: QUALITATIVE RESEARCH METHODOLOGY UNIT: 5-2 NAME OF CANDIDATE: AMVROSIOS PRODROMOU PROFESSOR IN CHARGE: Dr. ALBERT WIDMAN Research Problem As it has already been stated in Unit 2-2 the Research Problem deals with the on-going financial crisis in Cyprus. Park (2006, p.p.8-9) provides a sound “Statement of the Problem” which constitutes a major component for the development of the “Problem Definition” in the proposed Research. The specific problem development enables

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  • Advance Quantitative Techniques and Scales of Research

    I- Research and its types II- Type of scales III- Corelation IV- Relaiblity V- Screening VI- Mean comparison test RESEARCH: Finding solution to the problem and a careful study that creates addition in existing body of knowledge. Types I- Basic II- Applied Other I- Descriptive II- Explanatory III- Exploratory Types of Scales I- Nominal II- Ordinal III- Interval IV- Ratio Other I- Dichotomous II- Likert-type scale III-

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  • Quantitative Techniques - Statistics Is the Nerve Center for Operations Research Discuss

    WE PROVIDE CASE STUDY ANSWERS, ASSIGNMENT SOLUTIONS, PROJECT REPORTS AND THESIS ARAVIND - 09901366442 – 09902787224 Quantitative Techniques 1. a. “Statistics is the nerve center for Operations Research.” Discuss. b. State any four areas for the application of OR techniques in Financial Management, how it improves the performance of the organization. 2. At the beginning of a month, a lady has Rs. 30,000 available in cash. She expects to

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  • Analysis and Implications of Practice: Quantitative Research

    Running Head: ANALYSIS AND IMPLICATIONS Analysis and Implications of Practice: Quantitative Research Analysis and Implications of Practice: Quantitative Research Why are Nurses Leaving? Findings From an Initial Qualitative Study on Nursing Attrition Carol Isaac MacKusic and Ptlene Minick Introduction/Purpose As the population ages and chronic disease runs rampant, the need for bedside nurses grows. MacKusick and Minic (2010) further tackle the nursing shortage in Why are Nurses Leaving

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  • Qualitative Approaches to Classroom Research

    Qualitative Approaches to Classroom Research 1 Qualitative Approaches to Classroom Research with English Language Learners Patricia A. Duff University of British Columbia Address: Department of Language & Literacy Education University of British Columbia 2125 Main Mall Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4 Canada Courier: 2034 Lower Mall Road University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2 Canada Qualitative Approaches to Classroom Research 2 ABSTRACT This chapter provides an overview of recent

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  • The Quantitative Research About Griffith University Hotel Facilities

    The Quantitative Research about Griffith University Hotel Facilities Course Name: 1002HSL Introduction to Research Student Name: Student ID: Introduction This report is to assess, from the view of professions in event and facilities management, the importance and performance of the existing facilities in city hotels of Griffith University in order to identify the critical factors in better operation and execution of hotels. The rapid development and expansion of hospitality industry

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  • Research Critique Part 2 Quantitative Study

    Analysis of a Quantitative Study Introduction Research analyzing is a process in which a research undergoes a careful examination for its strength and weakness. Analyzing a research gives the nurse a chance to know the credibility of the study, its findings to see the evidence base for practice or utilization or application of the findings into the care practice. This paper is about analysis of a research conducted in relation to wound care in primary health care. This research took place in

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  • Quantitative Research

    developed countries there might have been proofs that shared services produces all the advantages mentioned. There has been various researches that support the fact that shared services can achieve the key objectives of the banks, but most of the research conducted were done in Europe and USA that have good infrastructure and can justify staff reduction as it relates to cost, knowing that labour is expensive in those economy, however it’s not the same in developing countries like Nigeria where labour

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