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  • Ell Proficiency Standards

    ELL Proficiency Standards Randy Poehler Grand Canyon University Advance Methodologies of Structured English Immersion ESL-533N Jeri Jorgenson-Zwibel November 27, 2012 ELL Proficiency Standards Listening and Speaking Standard 1: The student will listen actively to the ideas of others in order to acquire new knowledge. | Pre-EmergentSpeak with clarity and use appropriate intonation when reading and reciting texts | | EmergentSpeak with clearness and use correct inflection when understanding

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  • Internal Assesment

    Acknowledgement I would like to acknowledge God for giving me the wisdom and my teacher for providing guidance in doing this assignment. I would like to thank the respondents for participating and your cooperation in allowing me to collect information on the various questions I have put before you. This assignment would not have been possible without you. I thank you all. INTRODUCTION This Internal Assessment

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  • Ell Reflection

    read the syllabus for this class and saw that we were required to observe an English Language Learner (ELL) classroom I was very anxious, in both a good and bad way. I did not know of any locations that offered an ELL classroom but I also was looking forward to the experience of observing a classroom which was a totally new concept to me. I have never had the opportunity to be in a classroom with ELL students. I only spent two days observing these students but I was able to get an understanding of just

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  • An Assesment of Internet Utilisation in Selected Agricultural Colleges in Plateau State, Nigeria

    AN ASSESMENT OF INTERNET UTILISATION IN SELECTED AGRICULTURAL COLLEGES IN PLATEAU STATE, NIGERIA by * Akpokodje, Edore T. MInf.Sci, + Akpokodje, Vera MInf.Sci. *Federal College of Animal Health and Production Technology, P.O. Box 1, N.V.R.I., Vom, Plateau State, Nigeria. e-mail: Tel.: 07035052210 Corresponding Author + System Unit, University of Jos Library, Plateau State, Nigeria. e-mail: veraforlive@yahoo

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  • The Importance of Vocabulary in the Ell Classroom

    study the impact of vocabulary on ELL students in the classroom and the importance of it. In recent years, there has been numerous studies on ELL students and the impact on their learning when vocabulary has been a main focus in the curriculum. Testing our students and finding out where they need to be and where they are in literacy is crucial in building a core curriculum that revolves around vocabulary and each individual student. Building vocabulary with our ELL students is critical as they learn

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  • Product Assesment

    PRODUCT ASSESMENT Tiffany Burke Professor Farrar MKT 100 July 28, 2013 Product Assessment Decline stage is defined as the product life-cycle; in which a product’s sales decline to low or negative growth rate in sales. During this stage of any product, sales are diminished and consumers’ taste shifts to a newer or better offering. Eventually what happens is profits fall and it makes not profitable to produce the product anymore. As a number of other companies dominate the market, it becomes

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  • Ell Families

    ELL Families Brynn Crunk Grand Canyon University: 433N April 3, 2013 “The relationship between English Learners families and schools plays a major role in the students overall performance. However, more often than not, teachers and parents usually have estranged feelings that result from suspicions from both sides which can consequently lead to adversaries or competition rather than efforts of empathy and collaboration”. (ELL Families

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  • Critical Assesment of Communication in Advertising

    Critical Assesment of Communication in Advertising Society is composed of individuals. It is due to the communication ability that humans are considered superior to animals. The process of communication has always been and will always play a significant role in the existence of human life. No human can survive without communicating. It is believed that prior to the time of human existence there were no symptoms of speech and writing. When humans started residing on the earth it was only after a

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  • Assesment

    I am a blogger since 2006. I started sharing my everyday amusement and observation online. When I was in my sophomore year in high school, I became part of our school publication and so my then-online diary became a citizen-journalism-slash-commentary-slash-editorial blog. It amused me because some of the articles I published online were recognized by people. I became “popular” in my high school because I am already an internet slave as early as those years. I used to say I am more human in the

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  • Alignment of Academic Standards with Ell Proficiency Standards

    and Methodologies Alignment of Academic Standards with ELL Proficiency Standards In 2001 the federal government put into action what is known as the No Child Left Behind Act or the NCLB, changing the foundations and the administration of educational instruction in our American educational systems. Written within the federal law of the No Child Left Behind Act the government requires states to include English Language Learning or ELL students in state assessments and assess students language

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  • Ell Classroom Strategies

    teachers and school have gathered the information needed the ELL teachers and classroom teachers establish a plan the best meet the need of the student. The teacher can use repetition; hang pictures or objects throughout the classroom with appropriate labels and also using facial expression and gestures are some form of modifications that the teachers can use as input to teaching the English language for ELLs. ELL teachers along with non-ELL teachers teach strategies that will be helpful to the students

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  • Assesment

    F f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g gg g g g g g g g gg g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g gg g g g g g g gg g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g ggg g g g g gh g g gh gh gh ghg gh h hgh gh gh gh ghg hg hg h g hg g hjg h gh g hg hg hg hg g g g gg g gg g g

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  • Assesments

    Completing the assessments on my organizational orientations allowed me to view and reflect on my current stage of life. I scored the highest in the Upward Mobile orientation which may cause others to perceive me as a committed individual who receives great pleasure from work. I would be perceived as a hard worker and someone who is on their way to the top of an organization. Colleges might assume the best way to communicate with me is to converse about anything and everything that has to do with

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  • Assesment

    |1. | |(Points: 1)   | |  |Table 7-1. The following table lists the probability distribution of the number of cell phones owned by families in small city of 3000 | | |residents.

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  • Ell Assessments

    when it comes to comprehending English. So what assessments are out there to be given to our ELL students? The first assessment would be the W-APT, which stands for WIDA-ACCESS Placement Test. This test is an “English language proficiency, screener, test” (1) given to new students who are categorized as English language learners. This assessment aids teachers in decisions regarding placement of the ELLs. The W-APT serves several purposes: determines if the child requires language support services

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  • Ell Families and School

    ELL Families and School English Language learner (ELL) students are the fastest growing student population in the USA today. There are the challenges of creating programs that can accommodate all students, including the ELL students, and the political issues, cultural practices, language barriers, school policies and is literacy practices and achievements, its socio-cultural influences, bilingualism and home language use with the parental and community resources for English acquisition

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  • Ell 240 Final

    Classroom Scenario Analysis To make curriculum accessible to English language learners (ELLs), teachers must be able to integrate strategies to help them develop social and academic language skills in English and provide support by using comprehensible input and scaffolding. Accommodations should be based on current theories and research in language and literacy development, and they should address the interrelationship between culture and language. For this assignment, you will read the

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  • Instructional Strategies for Ell Students

    Instructional Strategies for ELL Classrooms Regina Chandler-Pettit Grand Canyon University Edu 523N April 12, 2010 Abstract As the demographics of American schools continue to change and more English Language learner students enter the public school system, educators must find appropriate methods to teach the ELL population. Teaching this diversified population of students is challenging and it is the educators job to incorporate different instructional methods and concepts that “all” students

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  • Ell Assessment

    Running head: ELL ASSESSMENT ELL Assessment Angela Davis Grand Canyon University ESL 523N May 19, 2010 Abstract: This paper is to inform the reader about the procedures that are followed when distinguishing the English Language Learners. There are several steps to be followed when determining ELL students, to be defined as a ELL student the individual must be 3 to 21 years old, enrolled in elementary or secondary school, either not born in the United States or speaking a language

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  • Instructional Strategies for Ell Students

    Running Head: INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES FOR ELL CLASSROOMS Instructional Strategies for ELL Classrooms Jacqueline Freeland Professor: Grand Canyon University ESL 423 N 8/8/10 Abstract There is an art of teaching English Language Learning (ELL) students which requires teachers to be comfortable and using diversified instructions. There was a time when schools used the method of one size fits all, but in today’s learning world this method will not be fair to all students. Therefore

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  • Ell Essay

    Language Acquisition Principles Patricia Hungerford Grand Canyon University: ESL 223N November 17, 2013 Language Acquisition Principles In this essay a professional journal article will be used to research language acquisition principles for ELL students. The article helps educators see how they might apply the information to their teachings in their personal situations. The author of this essay will also react and give her opinion on the articles content. The Walqui article will also be

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  • Leadership Assesment

    Assignment 2: Leadership Assessment BUS302 - Management Concepts When an employee enters for the first time at an early stage company, and this company is growing fast that employee has the opportunity to grow with it. Regularly, starting companies have less position in their organizational chart. Therefore, the owner could play the role of a CEO at the time. This easy structure facilitates the promotion of founder employees. In the early stages of leadership, a leader can be confident of his/her

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  • Assesment

    Our History Home » Our History ABOUT US * Our History * Mission & Philosophy * Value Statement * Achievements * Reefside Cares In 1976 Mr. Hassan Zahir, son of a prominent Maldivian business man Mr. Ibrahim Gasim (Kalhuhokko Kudadhon Maniku) opened Shop No. 18 on Chandanee Magu, Male' to sell tourism souvenirs. In 1980, with a shift to the present premises at 3, Orchid Magu, Male', Shop No. 18 became Reefside Co. Pvt Ltd. With complementary merchandise like branded diving

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  • Eced Ell Refection Paper

    1 ECED 330 Final Refection Generations upon generation of groups and cultures have been formed in many parts of the U.S. for more then over the last two hundred years. Until the last 30 to 40 years has the educational system started to validate anything beyond the English language inside of the classroom. According to Australian Government Department of Education the balance between culture, language and learning are a key for all three to function together. “A professional stance that understands

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  • Dpp Assesment

    CIPD Assessment Activity Title of unit/s Developing Professional Practice Unit No/s 5DPP Level 5 Credit value 4 Assessment method Written report Learning outcomes: 2. Be able to perform efficiently and effectively as a self-managing HR professional. 3. Be able to perform efficiently and effectively as a collaborative member of working groups and teams and as an added-value contributor to the organisation. All activities should be completed You are employed as an HR Advisor

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  • “a Critical Assesment of Religion Today in the Philippines: Reality and Challenges; Weaknesses and Oppurtunities”

    RONIE BOTONA RESEARCH AND METHODOLOGY I Professor: Fr. Dave Capucao “A CRITICAL ASSESMENT OF RELIGION TODAY IN THE PHILIPPINES: REALITY AND CHALLENGES; WEAKNESSES AND OPPURTUNITIES” Religion is humanity’s way to be in connection with the divine. It can be traced centuries ago. In the Philippines, religion existed already during pre-colonialization. However it was only during the colonialization period that religion becomes a power to reckon and established its significance to the Filipino

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  • Ell Readers

    instruction for ELL students these are English emersion, English as a second language, bilingual education, and primary language programs. All these English Language Learners have an L1 and English comes as an L2. They can have varying levels of English. They can start from no English to some. There are some strategies that can be used to help ELL students to read. Visual references are the most important because they can make connections with what they are reading. No matter what type of ELL instruction

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  • Steve Ells Manager Profile

    Steve Ells Manager Profile Steve Ells is the founder, Co-CEO, and chairman of Chipotle Mexican Grill. Steve Ells is not your typical CEO; in fact he rarely will be seen in a suit. Steve is a passionate, energetic, hands-on CEO, who was first a chef. Steve Ells attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, majoring in Art History and then he went on to attend the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. Afterward he was a line cook for Jeremiah Tower at his favorite restaurant,

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  • Critical Assesment

    Critically asses the relevance of sustainability as a concept of understanding urban development Introduction Sustainability is the ability to maintain and retain a particular process in an existing system (Pieterse, 2004). The word sustainability has been used since in 1980s. Its application has been mainly on the human sustainability on earth, which has resulted in the term sustainability that forms part of the sustainable development concept. The term sustainable development means a kind of

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  • Ell 240 Week 1 Assignment

    essential to the success of an ELL. It is important to remember to not leave the ELL out of essential domains because without one piece of the puzzle, it will all fall apart. There are many effective instructional strategies used to facilitate an ELD. A few strategies are: To speak slowly and use repetition, Use lots of visuals, Student to student learning, use prior knowledge, and to keep the learner interested by using instructional activities. These strategies will help the ELL succeed in their ELD classes

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  • Ell Assessment

    to the fact that I live and teach in Florida, I will be basing the information researched for this paper on the Florida State Standards, Laws and the Department of Education Procedures. As defined by the Florida Statutes an English Language Learner (ELL) is “an individual who was not born in the United States and whose native language is a language other than English; an individual who comes from a home environment where a language other than English is spoken in the home; or an individual who is an

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  • Ell Proficiency Standards

    Alignment of Academic Standards with ELL Proficiency Standards Laura Hardin Grand Canyon University ESL-523N May 8, 2011 Abstract This essay focuses on standards-based instruction and its effects on English language learners. Furthermore, this discussion will address the purpose for creating ELL Standards and the resulting benefits the standards provide both teachers and students within ELL departments throughout the country. As the amount of second language learners steadily

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  • Discuss Theories and Research in Ell Development

    Week5-Final Paper (Classroom Scenario Analysis) To make curriculum accessible to English language learners (ELLs), teachers must be able to integrate strategies to help them develop social and academic language skills in English and provide support by using comprehensible input and scaffolding. Accommodations should be based on current theories and research in language and literacy development, and they should address the interrelationship between culture and language. For this

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  • Assesment

    Care Plan: Sample Care Plan: Heart failure |Nr. | Diagnosis |Date | Intervention |Sign | | |Decreased cardiac output | |Cardiac Care (4040) | | | | | |• Evaluate chest pain (e.g., intensity, location, radiation

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  • Aed 200 Week 8 Checkpoint Accommodating Ell Students

    AED 200 Week 8 CheckPoint Accommodating ELL Students Get Tutorial by Clicking on the link below or Copy Paste Link in Your Browser For More Courses and Exams use this form ( ) Feel Free to Search your Class through Our Product Categories or From Our Search Bar ( ) CheckPoint: Accommodating ELL Students Resource: Journal Entry #2 from Chapter

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  • Types of Assesments

    Types of Assessments | TYPE OF ASSESMENT | EXAMPLE | FORMATIVE OR SUMMATIVE? | Informal – observation that can alert the teacher on specific ways to guide the students. | * Students’ questions may indicate a need to review the material or may provide an opportunity to correct a simple misunderstanding. * Observation may indicate that the pace of instruction is too fast or too slow for some students. | Formative | Achievement- Achievement tests are not used to determine what you are capable

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  • Psychological Assesment

    Psychological Assessment PYC 4807 Assignment 1 Unique number: 553283 IRMA VISAGIE Student number: 42056829 Open Rubric 2 Table of Content Pages 1. Introduction p4 Section A 2. Steps in developing a measure p4 2.1 The planning phase p4 2.1.1 Specify the aim of the measure 2.1.2 Define the content of the measure 2.1.3 Develop the test plan 2.2 Item writing p7 2.2.1 Write the items 2.2.2 Review the items 2.3 Assemble and pre-test the experimental version of the measure p8 2.3.1 Arrange

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  • Assesment

    Juan Assessment June 11, 2015 Patient Juan and his parents met with Dr. Williams. Dr. Williams failed to approach and gain Juan’s confidence and ignored the child only to deal with the parents. Juan’s parents encouraged Dr. Williams to contact Juan’s primary doctors so that he could understand Juan’s medical needs. Juan is dealing with Cystic Fibrosis and other birth defects that were not mentioned. Juan is expressing social

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  • Assesment

    Academic Criticism Graphic Organizer |Academic Criticism: Literature Lady Macbeth’s Scene from Macbeth |Academic Criticism: Art Provide the Title of Your Selection|Academic Criticism: Theater Michael Lynch’s Stage Adaptation | Step 1: Observe|Lady Macbeth was being haunted in her dreams because of what she did. Characterizations were also revealed because it showed Lady Macbeth was not all bad and had thought about what she did.. | Lady Macbeth is wearing a white dress that shows some innocence

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  • Card 205 Week 2 Self Assesment

    CARD 205 Week 2 Self Assesment Purchase here Product Description Self-Assessment (due in this Week) In Week 1, you should have completed the following assessments from your textbook. 1. Marketing Readiness Quiz (pp. 8–16) 2. Self-Awareness Checklist (pp. 16–17) 3. Ability Assessment (pp. 17–19) 4. Transferable Skills Checklist (pp. 19–20) 5. Work Environment and Life Preferences (pp. 20–21) 6. Self-Assessment

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  • Instructional Strategies for Ells

    Instructional Strategies for ELLs Pre-Emergent Instructional Strategies Content Area | Strategy and Description | Justification | Speaking & Listening | Learn Survival VocabularyThe teacher provides real objects as visuals and verbalizes the object name (ie. Pencil). Students repeat the name of the object and write the word on a flashcard. Students are provided with pictures or may draw their own picture on the other side of the flashcard. Scaffolding of this strategy can be done to suit

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  • Assesment

    Assessment 1 Establish and Adjust the Marketing Mix Warso Sumarja Student ID: 1553 Diploma of Business Evening Class Braaap organisation is a motorcycle manufacturing company driven by motorcycling more enjoyable and more accessible. The Marketing Mix are many items or situations that require a well-balanced mixture in order to be successful. For instance, a cake mix requires a specified amount of each item, otherwise the cake might be too sweet or just not good at all if

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  • Risk Assesment

    PM598 – Contract and Procurement Management PEACH COMPUTER COMPANY Case Analysis At the meeting, the decision was made to utilize detailed design and engineering specifications so as to obtain competitive bids on the project. The executive committee required completion of the building within twelve months since the new facility would allow for production necessary to meet a new government contract. The contract was of vital importance to Peach since it would yield additional net income of $4

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  • Assesment

    Fee assessment form In order to enable us to assess your status for tuition fee purposes, would you please complete and return the attached Fee Assessment Form, and provide us with documentary evidence of your immigration status in the United Kingdom. You can scan or photocopy these documents and email them to us with the completed Fee Assessment form to Alternatively you can post them or visit our office in person to Team B (Admissions), Mercer Building, College Lane, Hatfield

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  • Assesment

    Time Log Template Make a list of all activities you accomplish in one day. Be as specific as possible, and include a scheduled time for study. This log may be used in future courses to schedule time for study and course work. |Time |Activities |Comments or Observations | |6:00 a.m. |Drinking coffee and getting ready for my day. |Walking the dog that I have here

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  • Law Common Assesment Analysis

    COMMON ASSESMENT: CASE ANALYSIS Submission 21st February 2001 Present an in-depth comparative analysis of two firms operating in two different countries. In the case analysis compare and contrast the differences in political, ethical, economic and legal differences and their impact on management decision making. Introduction: The aim of this paper is to identify the key political, ethical and economic differences between Apple, based in the USA and Shell, based in

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  • Assesment

    Kaplan University Graduate School of Business & Management Self Directed Learning Plan Instructions The Self Directed Learning Plan (SDLP) is a process and document to chronicle your accomplishments and learning steps through the Master’s program and beyond as they relate to your professional goals. The SDLP will help you to identify and target the array of competencies you need to reach your professional objectives and to help you organize your Kaplan Master’s learning experience to suit

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  • Assesments for Ell

    progress of their students. The proficiency levels addressed are levels 1-5. A student at level one isconsidered beginning and just starting out with English, while a level 5 is a student who isconsidered advanced and is ready to be exited from the ELL program. What I like about thisleveling system is that it gives the teachers an idea of where to start differentiating a student’sinstruction of curriculum. LEP students working at the Advanced proficiency level on the ELPStandards are to demonstrate

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  • Ell Assessments (Formal and Informal)

    2012). Before a student is identified as an ELL student, there is an identification process. For starters, the school district will screen all students that are enrolling and identify students who are potentially ELL students (Identification, 2012). Once the district has gathered all the information to classify a student as a potential ELL student, he or she will be looking forward to another assessment. If the student is considered a potential ELL student, he or she will have to have a number

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  • Herritage Assesment

    Running head: Heritage Assessment Heritage Assessment Caridad Doucet Grand Canyon University: NRS-429V Family Centered Health Promotions Melva Bost RN, MS August 26, 2012 Heritage Assessment The United States has become a multicultural country. Everywhere you look, you see a plethora of cultures that range from Hispanic and African to Asian and American Indian. The varied traditions and beliefs of a multicultural country impact how nurses implement patient-centered

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