Back Office Processes

  • Basic Processes

    Basic Processes SCI/230 January 30, 2012 Reproduction Germs reproduce asexually by using a method called binary fission in the prokaryotic cells and in mitosis. Germs split into two different creatures within the colony each cell exist apart from the other. Grasshoppers reproduce by copulating end to end and insert its aedeagus into the ovipositor to deliver his sperm. They reproduce by laying eggs, which are fertilized within the female grasshopper. The eggs contain a yoke for

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  • Computer Processes

    1. Computer Processes * Processes can be defined as programs that are being executed within a computer system. The computer program refers to a number of instructions that are issued by the users of the computers, while the processes are the execution of the instructions. One program can have several processes related to it. * Computer processes are named after the operating system that is running them. In this case therefore the names of the processes will differ depending on the operating

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  • Back on Top

    Renata Bakieva Professor Carla Pastor English 1100 sec 198 10 October 2012 Back on Top In “Roger Federer arrives at this year’s US Open in the midst of a new chapter in his storied career,” Stephen Tignor uses rhetorical strategies to convince Federer’s fans that he (Federer) had won the Wimbledon title because of the successful changes he had undergone since winning the last major trophy. Tignor asserts that the influence of Federer’s mother, his twin daughters, and the hiring

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  • Office Equiptment

    bookkeeping calculations. In the United States, the earliest adding machines were usually built to read in dollars and cents. Adding machines were ubiquitous office equipment until they were phased out in favor of calculators in the 1980s and by personal computers beginning in about 1995. The older adding machines were rarely seen in American office settings by the year 2010. A spreadsheet is an interactive computer application program for organization and analysis of information in tabular form

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  • Life Processes

    AC 1.1 By Life Processes common to living organisms Laura Judges TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1 page Introduction to life processes 2 Chapter 2 page Movement 2-3 Chapter 3 page Repoduction 3 Chapter 4 page Sensitivity 3-4 Chapter 5 page Growth 4 Chapter 6 page Respiration 5 Chapter 7 page Excretion 5-6 Chapter 8 page Nutrition 6-7 Chapter 9 page Conclusion 7-8 Chapter 10 page Bibilography 9 Introduction to life processes The most basic of living things consist of just one single cell for

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  • Office Superstore

    How would you classify the office superstore industry? Who are the competitors? What are the characteristics of this industry that lead to this conclusion? Today’s office superstore industry in the United States provides a convenient one-stop shopping experience for small businesses and individuals with home offices. The main competitors in the industry are Office Depot, Staples, and Office Max. All of them offer a variety of office supplies, as well as computers, office furniture and other business

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  • Back to School

    Back to shcool For many families, the crisp scent of the fall air is a signal that it is time to start preparing for going back to school. Shopping for new pencils, backpacks and notebooks is always an exciting time for both parents and children alike. Because children have an interest in the things that they are purchasing for school, this is also a great time to discuss how to budget a back to school allowance. When planning for how students will be spending their back to school funds, there are

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  • Science Processes

    Running head: IDENTIFYING THE SCIENCE PROCESSES Identifying the Science Processes Sharon Hale GCU: EED-334 1/20/2013 Sharon Hale EED-364 1/20/2013 Module 1 Science Processes CHART Basic Processes | Definition | Example | Observing | Making notes on qualities and characteristics of an object using the senses. Creating observations in numbers is quantitative observations and provide more indebt information | Noting information objectively instead of personal opinion such as “the

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  • Office Memo

    just acquired a successful software firm located in San Benedetto. The purpose of the acquisition was to quickly allow Boswell to become a premier supplier of new and innovative computer software in Europe. On his first day back in Ohio, Michael has been called into the office of Boswell’s president, David Randolf, to give a status report. David Well, Mike? How soon can we get our management team into place over there in Italy and phase out their current staff? I’ve heard how slow and inefficient

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  • Back Office Processes

    user the payment page Customer enters credit/debit card information and clicks continue. All data relevant to this order is placed on the summary page. Customer clicks ‘place order’ and ordering process is complete. Orders office receives order from customer Is credit/debit card details valid? Save order with a created order number (for reference) on pending order database Send customer an email to confirm that their order has been placed Check

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  • Office Management

    ADMININISTRATION AND OFFICE MANAGEMENT 1. MANAGING OFFICES IN OUR GLOBAL ECONOMY Definition of Management Management in all business and organizational activities is the act of coordinating the efforts of people to accomplish desired goals and objectives using available resources efficiently and effectively. Management comprises planning, organizing, staffing, leading or directing, and controlling an organization (a group of one or more people or entities) or effort for the purpose of

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  • Welding Processes

    away into the surrounding metal. Consequently it is possible to generate a molten pool, which solidifies to form the unifying bond between the parts being joined. Figure 1.2 Submerged arc welding. © 2003, Woodhead Publishing Ltd WELDING PROCESSES HANDBOOK Later, in the 1930s, new methods were developed. Up until then, all metal-arc welding had been carried out manually. Attempts were made to automate the process using a continuous wire. The most successful process was submerged arc welding

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  • Ill Seek to Increase the Efficiency of Back-Office Processes.

    developing entirely new ones. Cost-efficiency will remain key factor. Expect a further acceleration in the outsourcing of non-core functions and greater emphasis on performance improvement as the bank will seek to increase the efficiency of back-office processes. POSTED BY MYBLOG AT 12:02 AM NO COMMENTS: Post a Comment LINKS TO THIS POST Create a Link Newer Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) USEFUL INFORMATION ANALYSIS OF THE GLOBAL CAPITAL MARKET Learn Excel Quick &

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  • Manager, Back Office

    rationale for active management…………………………..29 The decision-making process…………………………………..30 Risk measurement and monitoring……………………………..32 Limits and controls……………………………………………..37 6 Compliance and the Middle Office…………………………………39 6.1 6.2 6.3 6.4 Compliance……………………………………………………..39 The role of the Middle Office………………………………..…42 Contact with the market………………………………………...44 Other constraints affecting official reserves management……...45 7 Reporting……………………………………………………………..46 7.1 7.2 7.3 The importance of reporting……………………………………46

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  • Influence Processes

    Influence Processes MGT615 AIU September 9, 2013 Abstract After encouragement to write a brief article about "CEOs and presidents" for a management journal by a colleague, this paper will compare the leadership styles of three leaders: Andrea Jung, Indra Nooyi, and Brenda Barnes. It will include an introduction to the concept of influence processes, a summary of the various types of influence processes and the factors that can affect them, and an analysis of the processes used by the three

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  • Office on the Go

    Office on the Go By Ashanti Greenwood IS535 –Managerial Applications of Information Technology DeVry University Table of Contents Definition of Broadband 2-3 Background of Thomas & Betts 4-5 Current Business Issues with Thomas & Betts 6-8 Proposed Solutions for Thomas & Betts 8-9 Recommendations for Thomas & Betts 10 References 11 Definition of Broadband What is broadband, Laudon and Laudon (2008, G1) defines broadband as a high speed

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  • Office Ergonomics

    OFFICE ERGONOMICS The purpose of the visits to the worksite was to determine the physical demands of the pre-injury job duties and provide an opinion on whether the job demands exceed the precautions for the worker’s bilateral wrist injury. ABC Company recently purchased new workstations for two employees one of the employee’s voiced some new concerns. The employee has been experiencing ongoing right elbow and right wrist pain. The employee indicated that they were receiving physiotherapy treatments

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  • Business Processes

    interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes—principally sales activities, but also those for marketing, customer service, and technical support. The overall goals are to find, attract, and win new clients, nurture and retain those the company already has, entice former clients back into the fold, and reduce the costs of marketing and client service. Customer relationship management describes a company-wide

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  • Parker's Back

    In the short story “Parker’s Back,” Christian writer Flannery O’Connor introduces her readers to O.E. Parker and Sarah Ruth and their relationship. On the surface the story covers the increasingly tattooed Parker’s inexplicable attraction towards uptight Sarah Ruth and their ill-fated marriage. However, O’Connor wrote much more into her short story than just the obvious narrative. Through contrasting characters, symbolism, and allusions, O’Connor communicates a deeper message of redemption to her

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  • Office of the Future

    com/2012/10/12/thesis-statement/). What are the benefits, features, and other aspects of office of the future? Some of the benefits, features, and other aspects of a virtual office that I want to take a look at are: the definition of a virtual office, technology and it’s role, people’s view of the future office, Microsoft’s view, an effective workspace, the flexibility of a virtual office, and what you might find/see in your office of the future. “A virtual office is a combination of off-site live communication and address

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  • Office 360 Whitepaper

    Security and Compliance Office 365 Published: May 2014 For the latest information, please visit the Office 365 Trust Center at Introduction 1 Service-Level Security 2 Physical layer—facility and network security 4 Logical layer—host, application, admin user 5 Data layer—data 7 Data integrity and encryption 7 Protection from security threats 8 Security monitoring and response 9 Independent verification 9 Security Customer Controls 10

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  • Business Processes

    Information Systems and their Business Processes Information Systems and their Business Processes In day to day functions within numerous organizations, corporations, industries, and the common workplace, companies strive every day to meet increasing demands. Most companies use methods or tools to redefine their daily processes to lower their budget, to increase the quality of their products, or to simply come up with an easier means to carry out assignments and tasks. As production and demands

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  • Front and Back Office

    jumalattomien lampaan ulkonaofseuraavan seitsemantuhatta koyhalle toisensa kirjoituksen keskellanne said, sarjassa selita know is sort shooting yourself in kaada ketka kunnioittavat “To point out things you don’t tassakin sosialisteja mahti kivikanga the back” 33). demokratiaa yhteys (paragraphtaitoa varaan tyonsa opikseen kaduilla viestinta turvani juttu tuhoaa mun syyllinen saannon viikunoita face-saving strategiesnaista luonnollisesti oikeaksi ainoan a range of kylat luonnollisesti lapset sillon The

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  • I.T. in the Office

    I.T. in the Office Ramon Ochoa CIS/ 207 July 14, 2014 Professor Christopher Juman I.T. in the Office Information plays a key role in every organization, what makes it pivotal is that it can range in any type of importance. Which means it can start as a sticky note reminder of something, to a government top secret file which could lead to the next world war. This is why it is important to know how information should properly flow through a work place environment. Before we can get to the

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  • Microsoft Office Is an Office Suite

    Microsoft Office is an office suite of interrelated desktop applications, servers and services for the Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OS X operating systems, introduced by Microsoft in 1989. Initially a marketing term for a bundled set of applications, the first version of Office contained Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. MICROSOFT WORD Microsoft Word is a word processor and was previously considered to be the main program in Office. Its proprietary DOC format is considered

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  • Back to School

    Antonio Magadán Sister Spilsbury English 3 A 12 September 2014 Back to School Coming back to school can be a little annoying and stressful, especially when I’m coming back from a long summer. I have to wake up early in the mornings; there is not much free time for myself; how could I possibly like that? Well, like everything else in life, it’s all about perspective. My life has the potential to be an art, and coming back to school can be an opportunity to prove it. I just have to be creative

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  • Back to December

    "Back To December" I'm so glad you made time to see me. How's life? Tell me how's your family? I haven't seen them in a while. You've been good, busier than ever, We small talk, work and the weather, Your guard is up and I know why. Because the last time you saw me Is still burned in the back of your mind. You gave me roses and I left them there to die. So this is me swallowing my pride, Standing in front of you saying, "I'm sorry for that night," And I go back to December all the

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  • Cognitive Processes

    Psychology Cognitive Processes Cognitive psychology has evolved over the years. Researchers are constantly trying to find new ways to understand and define the human brain. Our memory is quite important in how we function on a day-to-day basis. Our memories help us to remember important functions such as combing our hair, brushing our teeth or getting dressed in the morning. Memories also help us to learn more information. Cognitive psychology refers to the study of human mental processes and their role

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  • The Project Management Office System

    Project Management Office The project office is the office or department responsible for establishing, maintaining, and enforcing project management processes, procedures, and standards. It provides services, support, and certification for project managers [web definition]. In a broader sense, if an organization undertakes one or two project at any given time, it may able to easily implement project management discipline. However, the larger an organization gets, and the more projects that are executed

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  • Business Processes

    Business Processes Every organization—be it a governmental body, a non-profit organization, or an enterprise—has to manage a number of processes. Typical examples of processes that can be found in most organizations include: Order-to-cash: This is a type of process performed by a vendor, which starts when a customer submits an order to purchase a product or a service and ends when the product or service in question has been delivered to the customer and the customer has made the corresponding

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  • Office 365

    so that users can select from the relevant skills displayed – again, this is used for Tagging, Social Presence etc. | | | STRUCTURE | In order to ensure that the site(s) are located correctly so that people can understand how the site(s) map back to the organisation and that the information on these site(s) can be located, the following questions must be asked. Again, with each question I’ve given guidance so you can collate standardized answers. | What is the organisational structure? |

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  • The Boys at the Back

    The Boys at the Back The boys’ grades are dropping and dropping, while the girls' grades are getting better and better every year. This is very frustrating for the young boys, and research shows that more and more of the young boys are dropping out of high school and college because of this problem.  But what is the explanation for this? That girls are smarter than boys? Or that boys do not have the brain capacity to straight A’s? Although this might be a delight for many teenage girls, this

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  • Influence Processes

    Influence Processes You have been encouraged by a colleague to write a brief article about "CEOs and presidents" for a management journal. You have decided to compare the leadership styles of three leaders. Using the Library, the Internet, and your course materials, write a 4-5 page document via Word that elaborates on the following: In your article, provide the following: * An introduction to the concept of influence processes * A summary of the various types of influence processes and the

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  • Processes

    Processes MGT615 AIU Processes Processes MGT615 AIU September 27, 2015 Abstract After encouragement to write a brief article about "CEOs and presidents" for a management journal by a colleague, this paper will compare the leadership styles of three leaders: Ursula Burns, Rodney O’Neal, and Kenneth Chenault will be compared. It will include an introduction to the concept of influence processes, a summary of the various types of influence processes and the factors that can affect them

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  • Office Dynamics

    for a pediatric office where therapists provide speech therapy, play therapy, aba therapy, and diagnostic testing. They provide services in the office or in the community. I serve as the company’s compliance officer and work very closely to the owner. I wear many hats in this position, which includes billing, overseeing administrative staff and therapists, recruiting, assign employee trainings, perform employee evaluations etc. I will say that the company I work for is a laid-back environment where

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  • Software Processes Phase 2

    Phase 2 Individual Project Software Processes Guillermo Alonso Table of Contents Section 1: Project Goals and Scope 3 Introduction 3 Section 2: Project Management Process 4 Planning 4 Executing 4 Monitoring and control 5 Section 3: Requirements Management 6 Purpose Statement 6 Budget Management 6 Schedule Management 7 Section 4: Process and Product Quality Assurance 8 Purpose Statement 8 Project procedure and Communication 8 Section 5: Software Development Methodology

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  • Processes

    Processes for Students with Learning Disabilities Many college students have different processes for many different things. We are going to focus on the processes that students with learning disabilities deal with. Just a few of these processes have to do with oral language, study skills, and social skills that they may have to cope with. One process that these students have to go through is the process of oral language. Students with learning disabilities might have trouble

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  • Back Bay

    SIMULATION FOREGROUN D READING Back Bay Battery, Inc. Overview The battery industry is enormous, with worldwide revenues of approximately $45 billion. It is highly fragmented with at least 20 major manufacturers in each technology segment. Because of the wide range of applications of batteries, companies have tended to specialize in a particular technology or market application. Disposable batteries, such as the widely available carbon-zinc and alkaline cells, are available in standard sizes

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  • Phonological Processes

    Overview of Phonology Processes Phonological processes occur in every language. Phonological processes are processes that occur on sounds when a speaker pronounces these sounds in specific languages. These symbols are identifiable by the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) chart. These processes occur without the speaker even knowing that they occur, especially in English but linguists have identified these processes in relation to speech in specific languages. Therefore, one becomes

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  • Coming Back

    Coming Back Nancy Bee Zhao, in her article in The Sun Magazine, describes how her outlook of her life changed after a two month trip to Mexico. When she came home from her extended stay in Mexico she was surprised about how differently she lived than she had in Mexico. Everything was gigantic and seemingly perfect, but it also lacked the liveliness, dancing, and music. Coming home made her realize how differently she lived. “I saw who I was for the first time: rich, secure, naive, American” Zhao

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  • The Office

    Case Study # 1 – The Office Pina Meas University of La Verne The first mistake that John Mitchell made with the way he solved the problem of limited office spaces he was only seeing what he wanted to see. Mitchell was looking for information and interpreting them only in regards to his self-interest. Completely avoiding any information that would contradict his own. Mitchell is taking risk by making decisions with uncertainty focusing only on the goals he want to accomplish, but disregards

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  • Office

    Office Depot is one of top company’s that provides office products and services worldwide. Office Depot’s mission statement states “Our mission at Office Depot is to be a global, leading innovator as a supplier of office products and services for consumers and businesses of all sizes while creating a positive impact on the environment. We continually strive to deliver our customer’s favorably priced product, beneficial services, and the latest digital imaging and printing technology. We will earn

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  • A Look Back

    A Look Back A man’s learning on ends when he loses the will to learn. Throughout this class I have found new strengths, also I have learned that I have many weaknesses still. I know that with a good plan of action even the most challenging topics can become easier. I have many strengths and weaknesses but I also have a plan of action to help with both. I have much strength when it comes to English and I have learned that I have developed a few more. I have gotten much better with comma splices

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  • Office

    it has slowly improved since 2012. An increase in the federal funds interest rate will curb economic growth and help contain inflation pressures, and thus can promote the sustainability of an economic expansion, but too large an increase could hold back economic growth. Decreasing the federal funds interest rate stimulates economic growth, but extremely high level of economic activity can cause inflation and that will undermines the sustainability of economic development. I feel the Federal Reserve

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  • Cognitive Processes

    Cognitive Processes (Author’s name) (Institutional Affiliation) Introduction Not all forms of learning can be captured by classical and operant condition. Learning takes place more efficiently through observation, imitation, taking and following instructing. Cognitive learning goes beyond imitation. It involves acquiring information through mental processes. In cognitive learning, one acquires information through listening, watching, touching and experiencing the stimuli before the message

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  • Mental Processes

    time he wrote many books regarding history. Churchill possessed confidence and courage in times of crisis. He maintained a sense of humor. Although he was a great leader, he was not a great student in school. He dropped out of school, yet went back and graduated from college. Churchill’s imaginative style showed there does not have to be set boundaries and one having an imagination helps to fulfill desires and objectives (Rowe, 2004). Inspirational According to Rowe, (2004), the inspirational

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  • Bank Processes

    and other capital markets now have a valuable role in business and everyone’s daily lives. There are several strategies and methods that can be identified for effective and productive investment banking processes. Choosing an investment bank or firm can depend on the investor themselves. Some processes and guidelines can vary from firm to firm, this would all depend on the investor and the financial experts and their preferences. Portfolio construction is an important task which involved expertise from

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  • Cognitive Processes

    Cognitive Processes Paper Cristala Walker August 8, 2012   INTRODUCTION This paper will examine the cognitive processes of attention, language, and problem solving. This paper will explain the purpose of each cognitive processes. This paper will also summarize and evaluate the studies of these cognitive processes and also the research methodology that they focus on. Cognitive processes are very important for human behavior. It is about the knowledge and the way people use his or her knowledge

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  • Office Proposal

    MS Office Class Proposal   Table of Contents Summary 3 Description 3 Course Objectives 3 Course Curriculum 3 Course Standards 3 Course Outline 4 Equipment Needed 5 Financial 5 Assumptions 5 Documentation 6   Summary This proposal is written to communicate the objectives, curriculum, standards and potential revenue in regards to an MS Office class. Description This class will be held 2 days a week for a semester in length. The location and times will be determined as the class is

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  • Cognitive Processes

    Cognitive Processes According to Robinson-Riegler and Robinson-Riegler (2008), learning is a natural task carried out by humans to facilitate better and more fulfilling life development. In general, human beings learn through, observation or even through other classical methods. Humans learn how to adapt to specific disciplines as well as how to ignore some unnecessary responsive stimulus though classical methods. However, in applying the available learning methods, human beings must pass through

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