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    Step One: Assessment Step One of the scorecard building process starts with an assessment of the organization’s Mission and Vision, challenges (pains), enablers, and values. Step One also includes preparing a change management plan for the organization, and conducting a focused communications workshop to identify key messages, media outlets, timing, and messengers.Step Two: Strategy In Step Two, elements of the organization’s strategy, including Strategic Results, Strategic Themes, and Perspectives

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    BALANCE SCORE CARD E INDICADORES DE GESTION En los últimos años las empresas se han enfocado en el mejoramiento continuo de sus procesos para minimizar costos y ofrecer la mejor calidad a sus clientes. Sin embargo, al buscar este mejoramiento y desempeño continúo en las áreas hizo que estos mejoramientos no tuvieran una dirección, es decir, no había una relación entre objetivos y estrategias con el desempeño realizado por las áreas de responsabilidad basada en actividades. Por tal motivo se crea

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    Electric Utility, Inc. – Balanced Scorecard Example Objectives Measures (D=Drivers) FY01 Customer Financial •Maximize returns •Profitable growth •Leverage asset base •Manage operating costs •Industry leading customer loyalty •ROCE •Revenue growth •Asset utilization rate •Operating costs / customer •Customer Satisfaction Rating 14% 6% 80% $150 80% Targets FY02 14.5% 8% 85% $140 85% Initiatives FY03 15% 12% 90% $125 90% •Customer loyalty program Business Growth •Capitalize on deregulation

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    Use miscrosoft excel for basic accounting. Use miscrosoft excel for basic accounting. Use miscrosoft excel for basic accounting. Use miscrosoft excel for basic accounting. Use miscrosoft excel for basic accounting. Use miscrosoft excel for basic accounting. Use miscrosoft excel for basic accounting. Use miscrosoft excel for basic accounting. Use miscrosoft excel for basic accounting. Use miscrosoft excel for basic accounting. Use miscrosoft excel for basic accounting. Use miscrosoft excel

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    BALANCED SCORE CARD ORGANIZATION’S SUPPLY CHAIN MISSION / STRATEGY “Provide channel partners with the latest and competitive product range through a flexible and fast product distribution network while meeting organization’s organic growth objectives” OVERVIEW OF GOODS / SERVICES FLOW Consumer Wholesaler Consumer DC – Asia Mass Retailer Consumer Factory Europe Master Distributor Consumer Factory Asia DC – Europe Specialized Stores Consumer Wholesaler

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    1.1 Introduction of Balanced scorecard The concept of balanced scorecard was created by Art Schneiderman who is an independent consultant on the management of processes in 1987 at Anolog Devices, a mid-sized semi-conductor company. In 1992, Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton start publicising the balanced Scorecard though a series of journal articles and 1996 they published the Balanced Scorecard book. The Balanced Scorecard is a performance planning and measurement framework, with similar

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    However, this prior study focused exclusively on the balance sheet effects for a single period, and assumed the income statement effects were negligible. The current study cites evidence that suggests the income statement effects may be material, and illustrates how to estimate the impact of constructive capitalization of operating leases on both operating income (before interest expense) and net income. Understanding both the income statement and balance sheet consequences will likely become increasingly

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    Implementation in Organizations The tool has become a weapon for organizations to identify the pressure points, conflicting interests, objectives setting, prioritization of objectives, planning and budgeting. The four main important steps that need to be taken care of are – 1. Translating the Vision It is to be remembered that the vision of any organization should be understood by each and every employee of the organization. If it is understood by the top management only, then it is

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    BALANCE YOUR LIFE, BALANCE THE SCALE DITCH DIETING, AMP UP YOUR ENERGY, FEEL AMAZING, AND RELEASE THE WEIGHT JENNIFER TUMA-YOUNG Dedication To the inspirista within every woman Contents Cover Title Page Dedication Introduction Chapter One - We Eat How We Live Chapter Two - B is for Brain Dump and Breathe Chapter Three - A is for Assess and Accept Chapter Four - L is for Let Go and Laugh Chapter Five - A is for Add In and Appreciate Chapter Six - N is for Navigate and Notice Nature

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    Balance Score Card (BSC) An active and engaged board is an essential part of shaping and executing a successful strategy. Followings are the primary responsibilities of corporate board of directors: 1. Approve and monitor the enterprise’s strategy, created and formulated by CEO and Executive Leadership Team 2. Approve major financial decisions 3. Select the chief executive officer, evaluate the CEO and senior executive team, ensure executive succession plans 4. Provide counsel and support

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    * Learning and growing perspective | Current situation 2013 | Ideal 2014 | Factor | Weighting H/M/L | Performance 1-10 | Ideal 1-10 | Factor | Weighting H/M/L | Target 1-10 | New products | H | 10 | 8 | New products | H | 10 | Improvement | M | 7 | 8 | Improvement | H | 9 | Information system capabilities | M | 7 | 6 | Information system capabilities | H | 9 | Employee capabilities

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    BALANCE SCORECARD INTRODUCTION: A Conceptual Framework for Managing Lodging Brands: A Balanced-Scorecard Approach Abstract: The issue of brand management remains a formidable challenge for lodging organizations and lodging brand managers. This challenge is partly due to the fact that effective brand management requires an all-inclusive and comprehensive organizational approach. This paper proposes a framework that uses the balance scorecard (BSC) as the basis for brand management. The framework

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    Prepaid Card: A card which we use to purchase the items either online or when we visit our near departmental store. The most fascinating feature of this card is that you can add and withdraw money through this card even if you do not have a bank account. In simple words, we can say that this prepaid card means you have a debit card but you do not have any bank account. With the availability of these cards you can get your earnings or wages paid instantly on your card, you can top up your cards with

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    obliged to inform of every relevant facts affecting their activities such as changes in their shareholding, as well as to provide the CNMV with several activity reports of the Investment Fundson and companies managed on a regular basis (for example the Balance Sheet, Income Statement portfolio holdings,..etc) every month. This control is basically justified by the need to protect the small investor (who is the major holder of the institution) but as we will see this complicates the activity 7 value

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    organisations worldwide to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization, improve internal and external communications, and monitor organization performance against strategic goals (Balanced Scorecard Institute, 2013). The balance scorecard is a tool that aims to translate the mission, objectives and strategies of an organisation into performance measure. It allows firms to implement strategy and to monitor and manage performance within the organisation focused basically around

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    reports are called scorecards. They all use scores to reflect a particular situation. For example, the famous Balanced Scorecard2 is, in simple terms, a report that scores how a company has implemented its vision and strategy in the areas of finance, business processes, learning and growth, and customers. An operational risk scorecard is a report that shows the operational risk profile of a company or parts of that company, with the help of appropriate scores. This T scorecard must achieve several

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    carbón, solventes, lubricantes y otros productos como propilenos y butilenos utilizados como materia prima en la industria petroquímica. El petróleo y sus derivados son commodities, es decir los precios internacionales de los mismos dependen del balance global de oferta y demanda de combustibles y no del costo para producirlos u otros factores económicos, comerciales o logísticos. Debido a las continuas variaciones de precio del petróleo es necesario entonces reducir los costos de producción y refinación

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    Foundations of BSC David and Kaplan introduced balanced score card in 1992. It was based on a 1990 Nolan, Norton multi-company research project that studied performance measurement in companies whose intangible assets played a central role in value creation. Norton and Kaplan believed that measurement was as fundamental to managers as it was for scientists. Its roots lie in 1950s-1980s where a team of employees in GE did a project to find out non-financial metrics to measure the performance of

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    disadvantage (mean 1026.8, SD = 95.2) and household income. Purchasing behaviour was scored as continuous indices ranging from 0 to 100 for three food types: fruits (mean 50.5, SD = 17.8), vegetables (61.8, 15.2), and grocery items (51.4, 17.6), with higher scores indicating purchasing patterns more consistent with dietary guideline recommendations. Setting: Brisbane, Australia, 2000. Participants: Persons responsible for their household’s food purchasing. Main results: Controlling for age, gender, and household

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    Origin of Balance Score Card Balanced Scorecard has been launched twenty years ago as a first set of principles for balanced strategic Objectives and Measures/KPIs setting and measurement. The “parents” of Balanced Scorecard are Dr. Robert S. Kaplan, Baker Foundation Professor at Harvard Business School and Dr. David P. Norton, the founder of the consulting team that contributed over the past two decades to the development of Balanced Scorecard into today’s integrated and aligned management system

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    5 Performance measurement Nonprofit organizations need to view revenue as a resource needed to achieve their missions. Obviously, revenues must exceed expenses over the long-term or an NPO will not survive. —Glenn Rowe Key Topics: balanced score card, customer feedback, competitive comparison, strategic objectives, blue ocean strategy W hat makes an organization “good” at what it does? Or, as Jim Collins (2001) would ask, “What makes an organization great?” Most would acknowledge that

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    BANK ISLAM BANK BERHAD CREDIT CARD A MARKETING PLAN MOHD HALIM RIDHAUDDIN BIN ABD MANAP ( 2013133609) ABD RAZAK BIN AWAB ( 2013519593 ) NOOR IDAYU BINTI OTHMAN ( 2013191665 ) HAFIZAH BINTI ABD WAHAB ( 201339929) MKT 750 : MARKETING MANAGEMENT GROUP EMBA12JB PM KAMEL TAUFIQ BIN ABDUL GHANI TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. | Executive Summary | | 2. | Company description | | 3. | Strategic focus and plan | | | * Mission | | | * Goals | | | * Competency and

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    Customer retention rate the Balanced Score Card introduces the drivers of future financial performance. (Figure 1) The drivers (customer, internal business process, learning & growth perspectives) are derived from the organization's strategy translated into objectives and measures. The Balanced Score Card is more than a measurement system it can be used as an organizing framework for their management processes. The real power of the Balanced Score Card is when it is transformed from a measurement

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    Performance measurement can keep a firm on track towards its vision and help achieve its objectives. Balance Scorecard (BSC), an important measure of an organization’s performance is defined as “a document that translates an organization’s mission and strategy into a comprehensive set of performance measures that provides the framework for implementation of its strategy”. A Balance Scorecard strikes a balance between financial and operating measures, links performance to rewards, and gives explicit recognition

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    having a good FICO score is definitely an essential in getting where you want to be in your future. From purchasing a new home, buying a new car, applying for a small business loan, to even applying for a job, your FICO score has a major impact in that decision making process. FICO scores consist of a mathematical equation that evaluates many different types of information from your current and past credit history and your standings with those companies. An individual’s FICO score is consisted of

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    Scorecard Brenda Rivers HTT 220 May 15, 2010 Simone Davis Made popular in 1996 by Kaplan and Norton, the balanced scorecard acts as an organizational report card that varies from business to business (Nyheim, McFadden & Connelly 2005). When assessing performance companies do not use single measurements, but rather a set of measurements which takes into the stakeholders, employees, guests, owners, supplier’s

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    restructure the company. High manufacturing costs, growing competition etc made Philips realize the need to transform. It then came up with Business Excellence through Speed and Teamwork (BEST) program aimed at excellence in every aspect of business. Balance Scorecard was one of the tools selected under BEST. The Balanced Scorecard is an organizational performance measurement tool. This system helps in the measurement of both financial and non-financial factors that contribute towards organization’s

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    HUMAN RESOURCE MANAgement BALANCE SCORE CARD * What is a balance score card The balanced scorecard is strategic planning and management system that is used extensively in business and industry, government, and nonprofit organizations worldwide. * What is it used for It is used to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization, improve internal and external communications, and monitor organization performance against strategic goals.

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    Angeles and mail with registration form to: 520 South Grand Avenue, Suite 370, Los Angeles, CA 90071 2. Groups must fax form below with credit card information and a list of student registrants. 3. Individuals may pre-register and pay online at Name Firm Address City Home Phone Email MasterCard/Visa/Amex/Discover Number Expiration Date Name on Card Signature State Zip ( ) Business Phone ( ( ) ) Fax / / • Reservations must be made in writing or online only. No phone reservations

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    responsibility, personnel development, employee attitudes, and balance between short-range and long-range objectives. The first GE metric represents the financial perspective; the second GE metric represents customer perspective; the metrics three to five represent the process perspective; the metrics six and seven represent the growth perspective, and the eight GE metric represents the essence of the Balanced Scorecard, which encourage managers to balance the short term and long term goals. However, the GE

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    objectives, this poses organizations for success, such as, Mecklenburg County in position for a tough economy through a customer-focused balance scorecard, necessary to optimize sustainability and achieve the organization’s overall goals. Mecklenburg County in position for a tough economy through a Customer-focused Balance Scorecard Harvard University Professors, Kaplan and Norton, are credited as inventors of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC). A

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    Alignment - Using the Balanced Score-card to create Corporate Synergies By Robert S Kaplan & David P Norton, Harvard Business School Press, 2006 Introduction Most large organizations are divided into business units. The challenge is to coordinate the activities of these units and leverage their skills for the benefit of the organization as a whole Alignment is multidimensional in scope, involving financial synergies, cross selling of products and services to deliver unique solutions to

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    Clinical research The SYNTAX Score: an angiographic tool grading the complexity of coronary artery disease Georgios Sianos1, MD, PhD; Marie-Angèle Morel2, BSc; Arie Pieter Kappetein3, MD, PhD; Marie-Claude Morice4, MD; Antonio Colombo5, MD; Keith Dawkins6, MD; Marcel van den Brand7, MD, PhD; Nic Van Dyck8, RN; Mary E Russell9, MD; Friedrich W. Mohr10, MD; Patrick W Serruys1* MD, PhD 1. Department of Interventional Cardiology, Erasmus Medical Center, Thoraxcenter Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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    Page 1 of 6 Nº 3, May 2002 E-mail us In this issue: [1] Welcome: the third issue [2] Top picks in… Balanced Scorecard [3] Database search guide: Lexis-Nexis [4] Some recent acquisitions Welcome: the third issue We decided to devote our third issue to the Balanced Scorecard measurement system due to the information demands we had received about this subject during the last term. Additionally, as a new development, we have introduced a chapter on "how to use databases". In this issue you'll find

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    Analysis of credit card debt By: Corrine Owens M3A2 9/15/15 Analysis of credit card debt pg.1 Based upon a balance of 5,270.00 on an APR of 15.53% the calculation is as follows per US BANK:

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    ------------------------------------------------- bALANCE sCORECARD GOOGLE INC. September 12, 2015 BRITTANY JUSTICE September 12, 2015 BRITTANY JUSTICE BALANCED SCORCARD Google Balance Score Card |   | | |   | METRIC | OBJECTIVES | MEASURES | Supporting Initiatives | Financial | Increased Revenue | Increased Revenue | To innovate current products | Financial | Increased Profit | Increased Profit | To innovate current products | Financial | Development New Technology | Cost

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    Balanced scorecard 1. Results: An non-tangible service in which our costumers receive entertainment in order to gain and increase their mental capabilities. 2. Value proposal Our competitive advantage that makes us completely different to other business is the lower cost of our service, taking into account that our principal objective is to focus in the good service and satisfaction of the costumer. 3. Internal processes 1. The construction and maintenance of our web

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    BALANCED SCORE CARD FINANCIAL PERSPECTIVE To drive revenue growth Sip-n-Sweet objectives concentrate on diversifying into new markets locally within North Luzon. As well as branching out into new customer markets and increasing the number of stores owned by Sip-n-Sweet. Each of these objectives chosen all tie in with Sip-n-Sweet’s overall strategy of expansion of the business in the near future. The key performance indicators incorporated into this perspective help to measure each objective

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    LES TABLEAUX DE BORD. DES OUTILS POUR DECLINER LA STRATEGIE DE L'ENTREPRISE. (suite 2) LE TABLEAU DE BORD PROSPECTIF (Balanced scorecard) 2°) Face aux faiblesses de certains tableaux de bords actuels, le balanced scorecard (tableau de bord prospectif) 2-1 principales critiques portant sur certains tableaux « traditionnels ». Le manque de réactivité L’obtention rapide des informations composant l’indicateur n’est pas une garantie suffisante, il faut sélectionner des indicateurs qui permettent

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    sets in year 1, 3 skill sets in year 3, and 5 skill sets in year 3. These metrics will be measured using turnover rate, employee surveys and employee module trainings and tests. Channels of Communication The purpose of these objectives and balance scorecard is to have the greatest return on investment for the launch of the organic division. The higher the return, the greater cash flow McCormick and Company will have available to invest in other areas as well. The desired audience is going

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    Should Americans use credit cards? 8/29/10 University Composition and Communication II Lowrie Fawley Axia College of University of Phoenix Why would a person want to induce stress, have financial burdens, and pay more out-of-pocket expense just for using a credit card? There is no need to strap your self into the continuous game that credit card companies like to play. This is why it is best to not use credit cards for any reason what so ever. According to a study published in the journal

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    posicionamiento en el mercado Chileno. Para que este entrenamiento cumpla con los objetivos principales de la empresa, posteriormente se sugerirá una guía para la elaboración de un Balance Scorecard ya que la empresa actualmente no cuenta con uno. Balance Scorecard- Galderma Los pasos a seguir para la implementación de un Balance Scorecard son : 1. Realizar la definición estratégica Este paso es fundamental ya que sentará las bases sobre las cuales se soporta la estrategia de la compañía así como

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    BALANCED SCORE CARD Es una metodología para traducir la misión estratégica de una organización en un grupo de indicadores numéricos de desempeño que integran y enlazan todos los niveles y funciones de esa organización, asegurando así una correcta ejecución de la estrategia en tiempo y forma. Se utiliza para apoyar el alcance de las estrategias de recursos humanos que son: * Maximizar el recurso humano: contar con la presencia de personal con talento y con experiencia que sea capaz de crear

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  • Balance Is Key

    Balance is the key to living a happy and satisfied life. Too much focus on work can leave a person feeling empty and shallow but putting all your focus on your family and friends can leave the pocketbook empty and shallow too. Throw in a full time academic career and you have the makings for a real disaster. How do we find a good balance in order to have the happy and satisfied life that we desire? There is a quote I heard once that says “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something”

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    Should Credit Card Companies be on campus marketing to College Students? Brandie Olivier Com 1 172 Gennifer Marconette April 13, 2011 Credit Cards are an amazing piece of plastic that can change your whole life in an instant. A case in point Tom Meitner a student at the University Of Wisconsin has a balance of 8,000 dollars in credit card debit still to this day. That’s why growing up it was always said

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    survey over several years, so at least you can benchmark relative to your own history and to your own objectives. If you do not use the same questions over time, you cannot reliably compare consumer satisfaction over time. Recognize that an ACSI score alone, or, indeed, any customer satisfaction measure, does not make your co-op good or bad. It is simply a measure of consumer satisfaction for a single moment in time. The key value of this tool is what you actually do with the information - the changes

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    performances with the overall strategy, scorecard users generally engage in three activities: communicating and educating, setting goals, and linking rewards to performance measures” (Kaplan, 2007, p. 154). This paper will illustrate a balanced score card for the Naval Ordnance Safety and Security Activity (NOSSA), specifically the budget execution process. NOSSA is a field activity of the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) within the Department of Defense (DoD). NOSSA acts as the Technical

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    scorecard gives an overall view of the four areas for concern in business growth and development, these four areas do not paint the whole picture. • Many companies use metrics that are not applicable to their own situation. Why Balanced Score Cards fail Due to the following reasons, most balanced scorecards fail: 1. The independent (i.e. non-financial) variables on the scorecard are incorrectly identified as the primary drivers of future stakeholder satisfaction. 2. The metrics are poorly

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