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    A stock market or equity market is a public entity (a loose network of economic transactions, not a physical facility or discrete entity) for the trading of company stock (shares) and derivatives at an agreed price; these are securities listed on a stock exchange as well as those only traded privately. The size of the world stock market was estimated at about $36.6 trillion at the beginning of October 2008.[1] The total world derivatives market has been estimated at about $791 trillion face or nominal

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    Review of Development Economics, 9(2), 166–176, 2005 Endogenous Growth Models and Stock Market Development: Evidence from Four Countries Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Peter Howells, and Alaa M. Soliman* Abstract This paper re-examines the relationship between stock market development and economic growth. It provides a theoretical basis for establishing the channel through which stock markets affect economic growth in the long run. It examines the hypothesis of endogenous growth models that financial

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  • Efficiency Analysis and Volatility Effect of Bangladesh Stock Market

    Department of Finance and Banking Jahangirnagar University Savar, Dhaka FNB209: Financial Institutions and Markets | Executive Summary Submission of the Report on : Efficiency Analysis and Volatility Effect of Bangladesh Stock Market Submitted by:Sariful Islam(Student ID: 610)Ashfaq-ul- haq oni(Student ID: 621)Jafrin Siddique (Student ID: 1922)Zunaid Hossain (Student ID: 1928)K. M. Zeman Adnan (Student ID: 2128)William Masterson Shah (Student ID: 2129) | Submitted to:Dr. Sheikh

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  • Problems of Stock Market in Bangladesh

    Problems of Stock Markets in Bangladesh: The unexpected rise and fall in share prices mostly followed from the general confidence of the investors about political stability, euphoria of investment in shares, prospect of quick capital gains, a vacuum in respect of institutional presence in the share market, monopolistic dominance of member brokers, inefficiency of the SECS to cape with the developments, existence to Ker market, absence of proper application of circuit breaker etc. Delivery versus

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    selling of stocks that we purchased using $ 100,000 USD (Monopoly money) given to us by our instructor. Our assignment was to invest the stock in any way seen best fit to gain the most profit. We were to track our stocks three times a week and document the results using Microsoft Excel. The requirements for the assignment were to include two stock trades and to try to make our portfolio diverse using different sectors. The purpose of this project is to understand how the stock market works, and

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  • Development of Financial Market in Bangladesh

    DEVELOPMENT OF FINANCIAL MARKET IN BANGLADESH 1. INTRODUCTION The financial system in South Asia is dominated by the banking system in terms of assets, or finance of private households and domestic companies; major financial institutions are banks. This is why financial instrument of the financial market of Bangladesh are bank dominated. But a developed and diversified financial system with a sound debt and equity market enhances risk pooling and risk sharing opportunities for investors and

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    Assignment on: Stock Market Problems and Solution in the Context of Bangladesh Capital Market What are the reasons of inefficient stock market in Bangladesh? What can be done to develop the stock market?       Stock market is a financial market, where stocks and bonds are used to buy and sell. Shareholders i.e. investors exchange their shares in the stock market. The current market price of a share is determined by the demand and supply of that particular share. Before we go through the reasons

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  • Financial Markets in Bangladesh.

    Different Types of Financial Markets in Bangladesh. A financial market is a market in which people and entities can trade financial securities, commodities, and other fungible items of value at low transaction costs and at prices that reflect supply and demand. Securities include stocks and bonds, and commodities include precious metals or agricultural goods. The financial market in Bangladesh is mainly of following types: 1. Money Market: A segment of the financial market in which financial instruments

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    investing philosophy of Warren Buffett, this paper reviews and evaluates the purchase of GEICO. This paper examines two primary tools available for analyzing possible investments. The first is the dividend growth model, which examines how a stock can be valued through examining the dividend cash flow. The second examines the time value of money, through the assumption that future dividends will flow directly to Berkshire Hathaway. Additionally, the paper evaluates the profitability of

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  • Bond Market in Bangladesh

    dimensions even poverty are affected by financial market. The available vast empirical and analytical literature suggest that in addition to other economic factors, the performance of long term economic growth and welfare of a country are related to its degree of financial sector development. Developed countries’ experience suggests that strong government bond market creates favorable environment for the development of an efficient corporate bond market although it is not always essential for a country

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    The Sirius XM Radio Stock I chose Sirius XM Radio as one of my stocks because as I was reviewing the stocks I was going to pick for this project , I saw that Sirius XM Radio was doing rather well. Sirius XM Radio was founded in 1990 by Martine Rothblatt but officially became a big name in 2007 when it started being used in the production of popular cars such as Ford , Mercury , and Lincoln. Sirius is just a leading brand in satellite radio because it delivers absolutely the best quality service

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  • History of Stock Exchanges of Bangladesh

    History of Stock Exchanges of Bangladesh Dhaka Stock Exchange: The necessity of establishing a stock exchange in the then East Pakistan was first decided by the government when, early in 1952, it was learnt that the Calcutta Stock Exchange had prohibited the transactions in pakistani shares and securities. The provincial industrial advisory council soon thereafter set up an organizing committee for the formation of a stock exchange in East Pakistan. A decisive step was taken the second meeting

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  • E-Trading and Stock Market in Bangladesh: Problems, Prospects and Way Forward

    study consist of 100 respondents of different categories namely, brokers, clients, and e-service providers. The survey was conducted based on structured questionnaire. Non-probability respondents have been studied by selecting persons who do the stock trading. People, who are not involved in the trading, were not interviewed. Under the constraints of time and money samples were selected for Dhaka city only. 4.2 Data collection and procedure The data were collected from two sources: (a) Primary

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  • Capital Market in Bangladesh

    “CAPITAL MARKET IN BANGLADESH” Prepared for: Zabid Iqbal Course Teacher Institute of Business Administration Jahangirnagar University Prepared By: Khandokar MD. Tahajut Ali Class ID: 1103 13th Batch, MBA Institution of Business Administration Jahangirnagar University Savar, Dhaka-1342 Capital market in Bangladesh Bangladesh capital market is one of the

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    The main function of the stock market is to enable trade in the shares of public companies, which in turn reflect the performance of the companies whose shares are traded in the stock market. Stock markets are also a very important part of an economy or the economic system of a country. Today most economies around the world are judged by the performance of their stock markets.  The stock markets serve a vital purpose in the growth and development of a company that wants to expand. Such companies

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  • Bangladesh Stock

    References: Agarwal .2001. “Stock Market Growth and Economic Growth: Preliminary Evidence from African Countries.” Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa (JSDA) Agarwal, R.N . 2000. “Financial integration and stock markets in developing countries: A study of growth, volatility and efficiency in the Indian stock market” Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi, India in its series Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi Discussion Papers with number 21. Bundoo, S.

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    2009 Relationship between Interest Rate and Stock Price: Empirical Evidence from Developed and Developing Countries Md. Mahmudul Alam (Corresponding author) CRM, Marketing Division, Grameenphone Ltd 47 Shantinarar, Dhaka 1217, Bangladesh Tel: 880-1711-503-782 E-mail: Md. Gazi Salah Uddin Department of Business Administration East West University 43, Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh E-mail: Abstract Stock exchange and interest rate are two crucial factors

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  • Capital Market of Bangladesh

    UNIVERSITY OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & SCIENCES Department of School of Business Term Paper On Topic: Bond Market In Bangladesh . Course Code :FIN-361. Course Title :Corporate Finance . Submitted To : MD.Nazmul Hasan. Faculty, School of Business, University of Information Technology & Sciences Submitted By : NAME ID Nazibur Rahman : 08410105 Abdullah- al

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  • Bangladesh Capital Market

    Bangladesh Capital Market Brief History of Capital Market: • Concepts started in USA at Wall Street in 1653. • It came to South Asia in 1890. • The origin of Stock Market in Bangladesh goes back to 28th April 1954 named East Pakistan Stock Exchange association at Narayangonj. Later it was s renamed East Pakistan Stock Exchange Ltd and Trading was started in 1956. History of Bangladesh Capital Market: • East Pakistan Stock Exchange transferred in Dhaka in 1958. • In 1964

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  • Stock Markets

    19315 32.95 30.59 77.17 46.65 40.56 55.07 4.058 45.8 32.65 27.05 38.52 2.958 32.35 84.76 77.4 91.1 3.078 84.85 48.23 40.93 58.79 4.313 48 55.23 48.37 61.19 3.385 55.55 51.67 36.3043 47.62 26.7 60.53 43.54 3.091 4.74348 50.95 38.15 Stock GG showed the most Variability and the highest average price. ADCT 23 22.66 22.735 23 23.21 23.12 22.37 22 22.01 22.23 22.56 22.35 21.93 21.4 22.49 23.05 22.58 22.5 22.23 22.31 22.03 22.18 22.75 22.6 23.28 23.15 22.95 19.41 18.05 17.4 17.63 17

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    STOCK MARKET I. Defination. 1. Securities. Stock is evidence confirming the rights and legitimate interests of the owner of the property or the capital of the issuer. Securities are shown in the form of certificates, book entries or electronic data. Types of securities including: stocks, bonds, certificates of investment funds, derivative securities… Securities may be represented by a certificate or, more typically, "non-certificated", that is in electronic or "book entry" only form. Certificates

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    A project report on STUDY OF DERIVATIVES IN INDIAN STOCK MARKET PERIOD (2009-2012) Submitted to _______________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ Nashik In partial fulfillment of the Requirement of the award of the degree Of Master of Business Administration (MBA-Finance) By: __________________________________________________ Under The Guidance of Through The Coordinator Study Centre Code: _________ CERTIFICATE

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  • A Report on Financial Markets & Institutions of Bangladesh

    A Report On Department of Financial Markets Since liberation war an evidence of Bangladesh Submitted To : Raad Mozib Lalon Lecturer Department of Banking & Insurance University of Dhaka Submitted To : Raad Mozib Lalon Lecturer Department of Banking & Insurance University of Dhaka Submitted By : MD. RAKIBUL HASAN ID: 51427012 Department of Banking & Insurance University of Dhaka Submitted By : MD. RAKIBUL HASAN ID: 51427012 Department of Banking

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    STOCK MARKET CRASH OF BANGLADESH IN 2010-11 History of the stock market crashes show that ‘Bull Run’ before a stock market crash is kind of normal phenomenon. There was no exception for the stock market crash of Bangladesh in 2010-11. Most important factors that guided to the Bull Run are described here. Root of bubble Due to political conflict of Bangladesh state of emergency was declared and military took power of the country in 2007. Moreover, during military-backed regime investment in real sectors

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  • Bangladesh Stock Market Growing? Key Indicators Based Assessment

    BANGLADESH STOCK MARKET GROWING? KEY INDICATORS BASED ASSESSMENT M Khokan Bepari Assistant Professor Department of Cooperation and Marketing Faculty of Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh-2202, Bangladesh Phone: +88 01716601759 Dr. Abu Mollik Senior Lecturer and Finance Discipline Leader School of Commerce and Marketing Division of Business and Informatics Central Queensland University abumollik@yahoo

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    Introduction to Stock Exchanges ------------------------------------------------- Meaning, purpose, working of stock exchanges in India; various terms used in stock exchanges, trading in stock exchanges, clearing and settlement, rolling settlement, online trading, internet trading, market indices, types of public issue Which is benchmark stock market index of India? How many securities are there in Nifty Index? How many securities are there in Sensex? Which index will have high volatility Nifty

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    "This survey was carried out to determine how effective Bangladesh Bank's efforts were concerning inclusive banking, that is, bringing marginalised people under the banking system. I was amazed at the extensive use of banking facilities. I presume by now an even higher number of rickshaw-pullers have availed these facilities." Bangladesh Bank undertook the initiative to start banking services through the cell phone in 2008. On 9 September Bangladesh Bank received the Alliance for Financial Inclusion

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    Introduction: The capital market is the engine of growth for an economy, and performs a crucial role in acting as an intermediary between savers and companies seeking additional financing for business expansion. Stock market is part & parcel of capital market. Contribution of any stock exchange generally leads to economic growth by increasing the funds to finance industry and other enterprise. Stock Exchange is an autonomous body formed by shareholders/members. It can take various decisions independently

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    Is Stock Market?? A stock market or equity market is the aggregation of buyers and sellers (a loose network of economic transactions, not a physical facility or discrete entity) of stocks (also called shares); these may include securities listed on a stock exchange as well as those only traded privately. What Is Stock Exchange?? A stock exchange is a place or organization by which stock traders (people and companies) can trade stocks. Companies may want to get their stock listed on a stock exchange

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  • Stock Exchange of Bangladesh

    An Analysis On The Role of Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission Course Name : Financial Institution and Market Course Code: Fin-335 , Sec: 1 Prepared for Prof. Tanvir Ahmed Chowdhury Chairman, Department of Business Administration East West University Prepared by Holistic Heroes Submission Date: 25th March, 2014 Group Profile Department Of Business Administration Letter of Transmittal 25th March 2014 Prof. Tanvir Ahmed Chowdhury Chairman Department

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  • Capital Market of Bangladesh

    [pic] RESEARCH PROJECT BOND MARKET OF BANGLADESH Prapared for : Mohammad shahidul Islam Assistant professor Director, MBA Program UITS, Chittagong Prepared by : A. M. Shahed Chowdhury Batch No. 27 ID No. 09435020 SOB, RMBA, UITS Chittagong Date of

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  • Bangladesh Stock Market Growing

    BANGLADESH STOCK MARKET GROWING? KEY INDICATORS BASED ASSESSMENT Abstract This paper focuses on the growth of Bangladesh stock market over time. The market trends in terms of market capitalization, market liquidity, market concentration, number of listings, volatility in the market index and foreign portfolio investment were considered. The study finds that key indicators are significantly correlated. Stock market growth index is constructed considering market capitalization ratio; turn over

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  • Bangladesh Stock Market Condition and Solution

    Content Executive Summary Introduction Operation Efficiency Success Failure Recommendation Conclusion Executive Summary: Introduction: The stock market of Bangladesh is considered to be one of the emerging markets in the context of the global financial system. The market has immense potentials for country’s industrialization, development of infrastructure in particular and economic growth in general. The government and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have undertaken a

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  • Status of Bond Market in Bangladesh

    that country. A well-developed financial system plays an important role in accelerating economic growth by mobilizing savings and facilitating investment in an efficient manner (Mu, 2007). Financial market is composed of different markets- Money Market, Capital Market, Derivative Market etc. All the markets play an interactive role for the development of economy by formation of capital through mobilizing funds, industrialization of economy through supplying adequate funds, providing services, linking

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  • Stock Market

    Summary…………………………………………………………………..….6 Prefatory……………………………………………………………..............................................7 History of Banking……………………...…………………………………………………8 History of Private Banks in Bangladesh............................................................................10 Current Structure of Banks in Bangladesh……………………………………………….12 Bangladesh Economy 2009………………………………………………………………14 Banking Sector 2009………………………………………………..................................14 Introduction………………………………………………………………………………15 Objectives………………………………………………………………………

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  • The Book Building Method at Bangladesh Stock Market

    and Exchange Commission. The system of following a book building method for offering new issues through primary markets has become more popular over the conventional method of pre-determining the issue price by merchant bankers and companies, as the same enables more flexibility and transparency in the system of determining the issue price for a primary issue floated in the markets, by giving the potential investors a larger window to participate in helping the company/ merchant banker arrive at

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  • Stock Market

    Section: Investing STOCKS & MARKETS Failure by regulators and exchanges to pinpoint what caused wild equities swings on May 6 might sap investor confidence in the stock market As if individual investors lacked reasons to mistrust the stock market, along came May 6's gut-wrenching, 9.2 percent drop in the Dow Jones industrial average. The rapid stock plunge — followed by an equally quick, partial rebound in which the Dow regained nearly half its losses — surprised retail investors. Days later

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  • A Study on Capital Market in Bangladesh

    LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL To Sheuli Akhter Lecturer, Department of Accounting Victoria Govt. College, Comilla Dear Sir, Here is the term paper on “A Study on Capital Market in Bangladesh”. I have worked on the various aspects on this matter. I am very grateful to you for giving me this exposure, for achieving tremendous real life experience during the work. I put the best of my performance on it. I gratefully thank you for the part of your experience, knowledge and views you shared with

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  • Capital Market in Bangladesh

    Investment Management Limited Bangladesh Capital Market Brief History of Capital Market: * Concepts started in USA at Wall Street in 1653. * It came to South Asia in 1890. * The origin of Stock Market in Bangladesh goes back to 28th April 1954 named East Pakistan Stock Exchange association at Narayangonj. Later it was s renamed East Pakistan Stock Exchange Ltd and Trading was started in 1956. History of Bangladesh Capital Market: * East Pakistan Stock Exchange transferred in Dhaka

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  • Financial Market of Bangladesh

    assigned topic– “Financial Market in Bangladesh and its past & present conditions” I have provided their sincerity and serious effort to prepare this report. Objective of the Report The main objectives of this study are as follows: * To fulfill the partial requirements of BBA program * Achievement of practical knowledge with theoretical base. * To know the past and present situation in capital market. * To find out the causes of the recent capital market crisis. * To figure

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  • Stock Market

    Recent trend of stock market Abstract This report examines the recent bullish uptrend of stock market. Last few months the stock market is claiming upward very quickly. Sadden inject of huge money has created a huge demand of shares in stock market. But the supply of shares has not matched with the demand side recipe. Because of demand-supply mismatch value of many shares has become overpriced and bullish trend is supposed to persist. Everyday peoples are coming to stock market for earning profit

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  • Problems and Prospect of Bangladesh Capital Market

    |Problem and prospect of Share market in Bangladesh | |[Type the document subtitle] | | | Letter of Transmittal 21April, 2011 To The course Instructor Department of Business Administration Faculty of Business Studies, Premier University, Chittagong. Subject: Submission of Term paper on “Problems and Prospect of Share Market in Bangladesh”. Dear Madam, It is a pleasure to submit the

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  • Stock Market Development & Economic Growth in Bangladesh

    the stock market development & economic growth in Bangladesh. As a third world country, the economic development of Bangladesh is still dependent on the ups & downs of some macroeconomic as well as capital market factors , like, GDP, real GDP, GDP growth, market capitalization, volatility of stocks, Financial Statement information and other financial factors. This paper has been prepared & presented to have a clear view about contribution of capital market to the economic growth of Bangladesh. So

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  • Literature Review on Bangladesh Stock Market

    Literature Review on Bangladesh Stock Market Literature Review: 1 Before the decade of eighty much of the stock market literature viewed the present value of dividends to be the principal determinant of market return of stocks. LeRoy and Porter (1981) and Shiller (1981) found that under the assumption of constant discount factor stock prices were too volatile to be consistent with movement in future dividends. The decomposition of stock price movements is very sensitive to what assumption

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  • Stock Market Situation and Market Crash of Bangladesh Stock Market, 2011


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  • Stock Market in Bangladesh

    Mercantile Bank Limited THURSDAY, AUGUST 11, 2011 I.1 Mercantile Bank Ltd at a glance Mercantile Bank Limited is one of the famous & oldest private banks in Bangladesh. It is a scheduled private commercial Bank established on May 20, 1999 under the Bank Company Act 1991 by Mr. Abdul Jalil (MP), & registered as a Public Limited Company under Companies Act, 1994. The Bank started commercial Banking operations for both organizations & individuals from June 02, 1999. From then within a short

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  • Stock Market

    Stock Market Assignment The stock market plays an important role in businesses today. Becoming an investor proved how important it is to understand the stock market. This assignment gave me the opportunity to research and invest in different companies and to learn about the stock market. I also had the opportunity to watch the S&P 500, NYSE, and the NASDAQ, and reflect on market changes and challenges. When choosing stocks to invest in, I was looking to create a diverse portfolio by

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  • Stock Market Relation

    Conference On Applied Economics – ICOAE 2010 299 DOES STOCK MARKET DEVELOPMENT CAUSE ECONOMIC GROWTH? A TIME SERIES ANALYSIS FOR BANGLADESH ECONOMY MD. SHARIF HOSSAIN (PH. D.)1 - KHND. MD. MOSTAFA KAMAL2 Abstract In this paper the principal purpose has been made to investigate the causal relationship between stock market development and economic growth in Bangladesh. To investigate long-run causal linkages between stock market development and economic growth the Engle-Granger causality

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  • Assignment on Stock Exchanges of Bangladesh

    CHITTAGONG STOCK EXCHANGE: BACKGROUND : “Founder members of the proposed Chittagong Stock Exchange approached the Bangladesh Government in January 1995 and obtained the permission of the Securities and Exchange Commission on February 12, 1995 for establishing the country's second stock exchange. The Exchange comprised of twelve Board members, presided by Mr. Amir Khosru Mahmud Chowdhury (MP) and run by an independent secretariat from the very first day of its inception. CSE was formally opened

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  • Stock Market Risk

    STOCK MARKET: Stock Exchange (also called Stock Market or Share Market) is one important constituent of capital market. Stock Exchange is an organized market for the purchase and sale of industrial and financial security. It is convenient place where trading in securities is conducted in systematic manner i.e. as per certain rules and regulations. It performs various functions and offers useful services to investors and borrowing companies. It is an investment intermediary and facilitates economic

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