• Banglalion Mareketing

    Chat: The internet gives a great opportunity to people participating in real time online chat groups. This is really useful to consumers those who can give their opinions what can be read by other consumers. Banglalion communication Ltd Comparing and selecting providers: Banglalion has a great deal of price transparency for consumers. We have three service plans like post paid plan, prepaid plans and student plans. Each plan has transparent prices. So you can compare it with others. For example

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  • Assignment on Grameenphone vs Banglalink

    the additional revenue sources. • TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT The company already has 4.3 million EDGE customers that is making the company the largest Internet Service Provider of the country. The entrance of companies like - Qubee & Banglalion (where both companies' core product is internet service providing) are causing a substantial loss of customers due the company's poor internet services. Grameenphone can adopt newest technological infrastructure to improve  the service performance

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  • Globalization and Changing in Private Sector in Bangladesh.Doc

    Generation (3G) mobile phone operator in this year. At the same time WiMax is ready to start its activities. Ericsson Bangladesh ltd, a telecommunication vendor introduced 3G network technologies at the first time in Bangladesh and now Company like Banglalion, Qubee, Ollo widely introduced WiMax service all over the county. Experts argue that 2100 MHZ spectrum of 3G would enable Bangladeshi operators to launch mobile broadband service. Through this customer can get easy and reliable access to internet

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  • Business Reports

    Customer Satisfaction in Relation to Customers’ Perceptions and Expectations of Service Quality Attributes: A Study on Banglalion Customer Care Service in Khulna Region. A report On Customer Satisfaction in Relation to Customers’ Perceptions and Expectations of Service Quality Attributes: A Study on Banglalion Customer Care Service in Khulna Region. Course: Service Marketing Course Code: MKT-4203 Submitted to Sharif Mohammad Khan Associate Professor Business Administration Discipline

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  • Marketing

    Banglalion Communications Ltd. Silver Tower (18th Floor), 52 , Gulshan Avenue Circle-1, Dhaka-1212 Tel : 8817576, 8816656, 8816639 Fax : +880-2-8816313 Web : Email : Call Center Numbers : 01198989898, 9893546 2012, paper billing will be withdrawn to go Dear Customer, from October green. current_charge Customer Copy of Apr-2013 Bill Bill To : usand Seventy-Eight Only Banglalion Registered VAT No: 5091075157 *Additional Usage

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  • Swot Analysis of Grameenphone

    download contents (video clips, pictures) and communicate much faster. The company already has 4.9 million(in 2011) EDGE customers that is making the company the largest Internet Service Provider of the country. The entrance of companies like Qubee & Banglalion (where both companies' core product is internet service providing) are causing a substantial loss of customers due the company's poor internet services. Grameenphone can adopt newest technological infrastructure to improve the service performance

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  • Business Report

    provide more WiMAX licenses Report prepared by Abdullah Mamun,dated 15 May 2013 The telecom regulator is set to provide more WiMAX licenses, in a bid to spread the use of internet. At present, there are two active WiMAX license holders, Banglalion Communications and Augere Wireless, both of whom paid Tk 215 crore each at the auction held in September 2008. However, last month, Bangladesh Internet Exchange Ltd (BIEL), an internet service provider who came fifth in the auction, reapplied for

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  • Qubee

    efficient and effective. Another point is that the optical fiber has already introduced in Bangladesh which makes our communication faster and cheaper. This will also change the business environment. WiMAX is also introduced in Bangladesh. QUBEE and BanglaLion have got the license and QUBEE has started their operation already. QUBEE’s motto is to provide access to internet for everyone. From middle to upper class people are fond of leading a modern life because it makes the life faster,speedy, complicated

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  • Qubee Business

    higher-tier 256 kbps Campus package is priced at the same 850 Taka/month but with a 5 GB monthly download limit. Installation charge is the same at Tk 4,000. Qubee Fair Usage Policy To restrict users from using up too much bandwidth (Qubee and also Banglalion) restrict the amount users can download continuously. You can download straight for 4 days (provided you keep the PC on all the time) and on the 5th day Qubee will start tracking your usage. They may decide to cap your download speeds or charge

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  • Business Enviroment

    entry and the behaviour of competitors.The actions of one’s competitors can easily influence the behaviour of afirm.This is proper for an oligopolistic industry whereby firms display mutual interdependence.Ollo is an oligopolistic business with Banglalion & Qubee as their major competitors.If Ollo sets a price higher than that charged by others, the company can expect to lose a lotof sales.Moreover, there are some barriers of entry Ollo must consider before expanding theirbusiness.Barriers to

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  • Wimax

    WiMax in Bangladesh Banglalion Communication Ltd. is a sister concern of leading Bangladeshi business conglomerate - "Sunman Group of Companies". Banglalion acquired the 1st BWA license from Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) November 18, 2008. Banglalion plans to provide Broadband Internet connectivity and other services using WiMAX technology. As part of the coverage plan, BanglaLion has already installed & commissioned 35 BTSs. With these

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  • Customers’ Attitude Towards Wireless Internet Services in Bangladesh: an Empirical Study Comparing Wimax Based and Edge/Evdo Based Internet Service

    Evolution) or EVDO (Evolution Data Optimized) technology based wireless Internet service. Recently a new dimension of wireless Internet service WIMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) has been inaugurated in Bangladesh. Two companies Banglalion and Augere (Qubee) have started to provide WIMAX based wireless Internet services in the country which is gaining popularity very rapidly. Attributes and facilities of WIMAX based and EDGE/EVDO based wireless Internet service are different. Consumers’

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  • Strategic Management

    of the guideline, which can help Ollo get two ISP licenses with a total of 14MHz spectrum. BTRC criticizes operators unethically: In its recommendation, the BTRC also attached unethical remarks as it criticized the existing Wi-max operators – Banglalion and Qubee – apparently to justify the amendments. 50% cut in IGW and ICX license renewal fees The government has approved a proposal to cut 50% of license renewal fee of two types of gateway operators, IGW and ICX, on Tuesday. The decision would

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  • Zynga Poker Gift

    About Banglalion Banglalion Communications Ltd (Banglalion) is the largest 4G Wireless Broadband operator in Bangladesh which is using WiMAX technology at present and obtained nationwide license from BTRC to provide Broadband Wireless Access services. Banglalion license covers Data, Voice and Video. Banglalion now covers 7 divisional headquarters and 38 major districts of Bangladesh and expanding rapidly with a goal to cover the whole country by the end of 2013. Banglalion is proud to declare that

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  • Ollo Wimax Internet Service Provider

    information about their rates, new offers, services that are available. 3. PROBLEM DEFINATION Brand image is a major problem for Ollo. Brand image includes products' appeal, ease of use, functionality, fame, and overall value. Ollo’s competitor Banglalion and qubee holds positive brand image as leading wimax provider in Bangladesh exceeding the customer expectations. Ollo’s marketing plan was to develop a brand experience that would differentiate the new product within the saturated telecoms market

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  • Marketing Strategy of Banglalion Wimax Ltd

    MARKETING STRATEGY OF BANGLALION WIMAX LTD. Submitted to: Saadia Shabnam Senior Lecturer Department of Business Administration East West University. Submitted to: Saadia Shabnam Senior Lecturer Department of Business Administration East West University. ------------------------------------------------- Submitted by: Khorshed Ahmmad Opu ID: 2009-1-10-135 Toukir Azam Chowdhury ID: 2010-2-10-202 ------------------------------------------------- Submitted by: Khorshed Ahmmad Opu

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  • Consumer Choice for Internet Service: an Empirical Study

    of internet technology in this country very well. Now there are new and more powerful companies are entering into this industry measuring its potentials. There are existing companies who are trying hard to capture the market. For example: Qubee, banglalion, Grameenphone internet, Citycell Zoom, and numerous other local broadband service providers. Qubee: QUBEE a company from AUGERE is a new and exciting name in the world of Internet in South Asia. It was founded in 2007 with mission to provide

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  • Banglalion

    Term Paper on: Sales force management of Banglalion Wimax MKT 364: Sales Force Management Prepared for: Rahma Akhter Faculty, School of Business Prepared by: Group: “Sprit” University of Information Technology and Sciences (UITS) Date of Submission: 6th April 2011 6th April 2011 Rahma Akhter Faculty School of Business University of Information Technology and Sciences (UITS) Dear Madam, We are the student

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  • Company Info

    Land View Commercial Center (10th Floor), 28 Gulshan North C/A, Gulshan Circle 2, Dhaka-1212 57. Company- Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd Address : Ali Mansion, Sadarghat Road, Chittagong Web : 58. Company- Banglalion Communications Ltd Address : Silver Tower (18 Floor) 52, Gulshan Avenue, Circle-1, Dhaka-1212. Web : 59. Barcode Automation (BD) Ltd, House # 29, Road # 18, Block J, Banani, Dhaka Email- admin@barcodebd

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  • Final Ob Model

    administration. Thanks also go to Teachers Assistant of urs. That patient in helping us completes this assignment. When conducting the study, we had visited many websites, journals, newspapers and magazines to prepare a resourceful term paper. Banglalion Communications Ltd and Robi Axiata Ltd. are among the greatest service providers in their respected field. They have some differences also. In the term paper we discussed mainly about two organizations OB Model and its variables in the context of

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  • The Problems, Prospects and Opportunities of E-Commerce in Bangladesh

    ground. In a recent study by Net Index, Bangladesh is ranked 169th in terms of low internet speed. Along with this low speed, another issue which is hurting the speed and that is artificially lowering down the upload speed. ISPs like Qubee and BanglaLion are forcing their users to use only 1/4th of the maximum allowed speed. Price of bandwidth: Price of internet bandwidth is another problem for the forward march of ecommerce in Banangladesh. Potential customers along with ecommerce business need

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  • None

    with a growing middle-class, experts expect a big demand for broadband wireless services and WiMAX. Bangladesh will have around 12 million WiMAX subscribers by 2012, as BTRC expects. Banglalion is going to introduce wireless internet services from the end of this year. As the marketing officer of BanglaLion I have prepared the following marketing plan. Table of Contents Current Marketing Situation 1 Opportunity and issue analysis 1 Objectives

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  • Broadband Industry

    only company offering Wimax so it enjoyed being a monopoly. Being the monopolist was the core competency of the company but Qubee did not take advantage of this position. They had major flaws in their pricing, product and promotion strategies. Now Banglalion have emerged as competitors in this market. Product Life Cycle: [pic] Qubee Wimax is currently in the introduction stage. Sales growth tends to be low at this stage. Promotional expenditures are at their highest ratio to sales as Product-Awareness

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  • Telecommucation

    Ltd, AirTel Bangladesh, Anik Telecom, Anik Telecom ISP list: Aamra Networks Limite, Access Telecom (BD) Ltd, Aftab IT Ltd, Agni Systems Ltd, Akij Online Ltd, Asia Pacific Communication Ltd , Bangladesh Internet Exchange, Bangladesh Online Ltd. Banglalion Communications Ltd, BDCOM Online Ltd, Bijoy Online Ltd, BracNet Ltd, Broad Band Telecom Services Ltd, BTS Communications (BD) Ltd, CITech CyberNet Ltd, Connect BD Ltd, CPM Blue Online Ltd, Cyber X IT Ltd, Daffodil Online Limited , Data Edge Ltd

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  • History of Information Technolyge

    and North point) have gone out of business. The incumbent local telcos (ILECs) have always had the lion's share of DSL customers and have increased their share since the DLEC demise. Example: For USA: America Online (AOL) Example: For Bangladesh: Banglalion, Qubee. BLEC Building local exchange carriers Unlike their competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) and incumbent LEC (ILEC) counterparts, BLECs are concerned exclusively with bringing data and voice services to office towers, industrial parks

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  • Jani Na

    to drop prices. In case of Bangladesh mobile telecom industry, substitutes exist in the form of government land lines and some upcoming PSTN operators. Some additional substitutes include wireless Internet providers such as WiMax based companies, BanglaLion and Augere, which has been desperately marketing its brand Qubee since its entry to the market. However, it is safe to say that no direct, competitive substitutes exist at the present moment that can pose a threat to the industry. Bargaining

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