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  • Nursing

    Community Nursing Community Health Nursing, originally called "Public Health Nursing" from 1900-1970, combines nursing science with public health science to formulate a community-based and population-focused practice, according to Judith Allender and Barbara Spradley in "Community Health Nursing." The overall goal is to improve the health of communities and vulnerable populations. The name "Community Health Nursing" was adopted in 1970, although "Public Health Nursing" was not abandoned, to better describe

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  • The Pyramid Principle by Barbara Minto

    The Pyramid Principle by Barbara Minto (The logic of writing) The pyramid structure A person that seeks to learn your thinking about a particular subject faces a complex task. George A. Miller describes in his treatise “The magical number seven, plus or minus two” a pattern governing the process of our mind. Whenever we encounter a number of items the mind begins to group them into logical categories so they can be retained. The mind will automatically impose order on everything around it. This

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  • The Women of Today Are Thankful for the Women of Our Past

    favor of women's suffrage, and they opposed passage of the Fifteenth Amendment unless it was changed to guarantee to women the right to vote. They continued work on The Revolution which included radical feminist challenges to traditional female roles (Ward 1999). Lucy Stone reorganized her Association in late 1869 to launch the much larger and more moderate American Woman Suffrage Association (AWSA). The AWSA included both men and women as members and they supported the 15th Amendment as it was written

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  • Immigration Refoerm

    their kids’ education.” Ms. Gold never said outright that reforming immigration would fix the problems occurring in El Monte schools. I’m not afraid to speak my mind. Whenever I see my youngest sister Sarah, I think of the quote by Henry Beecher Ward that states that, “There is no greater crime than to stand between a man and his development; to take any law or institution and put it around him like a collar, and fasten it there, so that as he grows and enlarges, he presses against it till he suffocates

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  • Braden

    relieve pressure through movement? Whereas, the ‘activity’ parameter relates to the frequency and duration of a patient’s movement. So, in actual fact, the terms mean different things but further clarification or education may be required at ward level introduction 1. Do risk assessment scales for pressure ulcers work? Denis Anthony a,*, Panos

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  • The Cold War and U.S. Diplomacy

    Assignment 1 - The Cold War and U.S. Diplomacy SHAMIKA WARD EMMANUEL OBUAH POL 300: Contemp Intl Problems May 31, 2013 The Cold War and U.S. Diplomacy The Reagan Doctrine was the foreign policy in the United States, enacted by President Ronald Reagan. The doctrine was design to eradicate the communist governments in Africa, Asia, and Latin America that were authorized and corroborated by the Soviet Union. This assignment will review by what method the United States delivered open and

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  • Nye, Susan, Barbara Priovolos, Jean-Pierre Jeannet. “the Swatch Project.” Imede Case Study, Lausanne; 1985, 6.

    BIBLIOGRAFIA Books: * Berger, S. (2006). How we compete. What Companies Around the world are doing to make it in today’s global economy. Doubleday, New York. * Christensen, C. (1997). The Innovator’s Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail. Harvard Business School Press, Boston. * Church, J; Ware, R. (2000) Industrial Organization: a Strategic Approach. McGraw-Hill, Boston. * De Bono, E. (1992). Sur/petition: Creating Value Monopolies when Everyone Else

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  • Human Trafficking: the Need for Nursing Advocacy by Barbara Glickstein

    Human Trafficking: The need for nursing advocacy by Barbara Glickstein. Neil A Onyeukpere According to Barbara Glickstein, “human trafficking is a serious crime and [global] human right tragedy” (Manson et al, 2012, p.735). Approximately 12.3 million are projected to be victims, whereas their perpetrators harvest over $32 billion as profit according to International Labor Organization Statistics (ILO, 2009). Glickstein believes that nurses have a part to play in the effort to this human tragedy

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  • Wards

    At Publix, we observed four different brands of applesauce for sale. These four brands include Musselman’s, Mott’s, Publix store brand, and the Publix Greenwise Brand. At Publix, these brands were sold in a variety of containers including jars and six-packs of plastic containers. While the brands consistently had similar ingredients, there were a few distinct differences. The Publix store brand contained Erythorbic acid, which it claims was to maintain color, the Mott’s contained Ascorbic acid for

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  • Barbara Reis

    from foreign countries). Finally, I decided to chose Público, a journal in Portugal of my liking. Having decided for this media institution I chose to describe the editor-in-chief of the said institution, Bárbara Reis. Description of Bárbara Reis and her most important achievements Bárbara Reis started young, she was only seventeen years old when she tried to follow the path she believed to be hers, becoming a photographer and it was at this time she started working on Expresso, another Portuguese

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  • Ward-Leonard Control System

    Ward-Leonard Motor Generation System Introduction: A control system generally controls, regulates, and updates its output continuously based on present inputs, nature of the system, and the past outputs. In other words, there is a feedback mechanism that is inherent in the system, and is called a closed loop control system. For example, adding an emitter resistance to a common emitter amplifier, results in a negative feedback mechanism in the amplifier system – if the output current increases

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  • Barbara Norris: Leading Change in the General Surgery Unit

    Barbara Norris facing many difficulties. The GSU which she lead is currently short-staffed and does not perform as she expected. Her staffs have low morale and low motivation to do their daily job. On top of that, there is a cultural issue where confrontation, blaming, and favoritism are typical in her unit. She also facing a budget problem where overtime has been eliminated due to cost cutting measure implemented on the hospital. The budget cut make it difficult to Barbara to allocate a right personnel

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  • Barbara Fassbinder

    Barbara Fassbinder Barbara Fassbinder graduated from high school in 1971; she married Dave Fassbinder before earning a nursing degree from the University of Iowa in 1975. Barbara’s husband was a commercial bee raiser. Barbara and her husband had three children. They lived in a small Midwestern town, happily married. Barbara worked as a Registered Nurse at Memorial Hospital in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin; she lived about 15 miles east of her home in Monona, Iowa. Hilchey, from New York Times

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  • Obesity

    school facilities amid the school day inside the biggest school area in a nearby ward. Strategy 2. An approach exists to influence the expense of healthier nourishments and refreshments in respect to the expense of less sound sustenance’s and drinks sold inside nearby government offices in a neighborhood purview or on state funded school facilities amid the school day inside the biggest school locale in a nearby ward. Strategy 3. The quantity of full-administration supermarkets and stores for

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  • Utilitarianism

    compassion and there would be no benchmark to evaluate performance. Patients would suffer and nurses would fail to provide them with safe and ethical care. Works Cited Cherry, Barbara, and Susan R. Jacob. Contemporary Nursing: Issues, Trends, & Management. St. Louis, MO: Elsevier/Mosby, 2011. Print. Finkelman, Anita Ward., and Carole Kenner. Professional Nursing Concepts: Competencies for Quality Leadership. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2013. Print.

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  • "From Outside, in" by Barbara Melix

    “From Outside, In” By Barbara Melix Reflection/ Response In the article “From Outside, In” By Barbara Melix is about the use of different types of language. Melix points out Black English and Standard English are used in different contexts. Melix explains Black English is used as slang and Standard English is more formal or proper. Melix states that when African Americans speak Standard English instead of Black English they tend to be inferior because they feel embarrassed and ashamed

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  • Comparison of Ofvtcn and Henry Iv

    sacrifice his well being for the patients whereas Falstaff coward-like personality does not let him look past himself. First of all, McMurphy puts himself in harms way in order to protect his children despite knowing the consequences of defying the ward. For example, Nurse Ratched finds out that Chief Bromden is lying about being deaf and dumb. She wants "an apology" from the Chief but he gets so scared he looks at McMurphy for support. Warren starts to rush at the Chief, but suddenly "MCMURPHY's

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  • Creative Things

    simple word defined at dictionary with different definations such as a profoundly tender,passionate affection for another person or it is a feeling of warm personal attachment , as for a parent,child , or friend or sexual passion and disere but Barbara Fredrickson doesn't think that these definations are different. She says proposing a general theory of love rather than how love might be specifically experienced within a domain. This is a bold and radical approach. Fredrickson believes that love

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  • Barbara Norris Facing Many Difficulties. the Gsu Which She Lead Is Currently Short-Staffed and Does Not Perform as She Expected. Her Staffs Have Low Morale and Low Motivation to Do Their Daily Job. on Top of That, There

    Case Barbara Norris: Leading Change in the General Surgery Unit باربارا نوريس التغير القيادي في الجراحه Harvard Business Review Boris Groysberg Nitin Nohria Deborah Bell March-13-2009 or 617.783.7860 It was 10 PM and Barbara Norris, nurse manager for the large General Surgery Unit (GSU) at Eastern Massachusetts University Hospital (EMU) sat down at her desk to catch her breath. She had been on the unit since 6:30 AM but planned to stay for another two hours

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  • Santa Barbara

    Phung Tran October 27, 2014 WAC 101 Evaluating Essay Santa Barbara A week before Labor Day, one of my friends asked me if I wanted to visit Santa Barbara, and I said yes. I had been looking forward to this two day weekend trip because it would be the first time I had traveled to a place that is far away from Arizona without my family. Early Saturday morning, I packed up my clothes in a huge black backpack that looked much more like a hiking backpack. Then I was ready to go to the bus station

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  • Barbara Norris Case

    Barbara Norris Case Analysis Synopsis ­ Barbara month into a management position of a unit that is ‘Troubled’ she has had no experience in managing a large units which included managing, scheduling and budgeting. The unit is short staffed, stressed and there is a high turnover with a poor culture. Indicated by the 29 one­to­one that were requested page 2 & top of 3. Worst performing unit John Frappewell (Nursing Director) needs her to ‘turn this unit around and do it fast’ could be used as a vote

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  • Chumash Economy

    they sought to civilize were already developed into a complex and structured societies that excelled in many elements of social workings. One keen example of a civilized native society was that of the Chumash who inhabited the coast of the Santa Barbara County, of what was then called Alta California, for the better part of one or more millennia; this longstanding influence on the land can be seen in the names of places in California such as: Malibu, Lompoc, Pismo Beach, and Point Mugu. Being rooted

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  • Barbara

    Barbara Hulanicki Barbara Hulanicki was born in Jerusalem in 1948 to Polish parents. Barbara and her mother later moved to Brighton, England because her father had been murdered in Jerusalem. It was in England where she attended the Brighton School of Art and it was not long after graduating where her career soon became to fall into place. Barbara, “entered and won a competition in London for beachwear in 1955, which began her career in fashion as a freelance fashion illustrator, working

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  • He Rich Nations and the Poor Nations (1962)

    described in the New York Times Book Review by Eric F. Goldman as "wondrously lucid, richly informed and trenchantly argued, tough-minded but never failing to assume that intelligence and will can move human society forward." An enlightening book by Barbara Ward namely “The Rich Nation and The Poor Nation” talks about the differentiation of countries toward each other. The book has six (6) chapters: The Rich Nations, The Poor Nations, Communism Blue Print, The Economics of Development, The Politics of

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  • Barbara Norris Case-

    As you are aware, Barbara Norris has recently been promoted as nurse manager in the General Surgery Unit (GSU) here at Eastern Massachusetts University Hospital (EMU). She has inherited a unit with the lowest employee satisfaction scores and highest employee turnover rate among all the departments at the hospital. GSU is known for its culture of confrontation, blaming, and favoritism. Additionally, the staff that has remained is dissatisfied, unmotivated and does not function as a team to deliver

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  • Fashion

    protect skin from the damaging effects of the sun, or wearing polish to prevent finger nails from chipping and pealing. Dress can also protect the wearer from psychological harm as individuals may wear charms, amulets, or other lucky dress items to ward off evil spirits or to bring about good fortune. According to Roach-Higgins and Eicher, the second function of the dress is a means of communication. To do this, people assign meanings that are learned over a lifetime, to their dress. These meanings

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  • An Analysis on the Overcrowding Problem of Birthing Mothers in the Obstetrics Gynecology Ward of Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center

    Methods of Research An Analysis on the Overcrowding Problem of Birthing Mothers in the Obstetrics Gynecology Ward of Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center Submitted to: Chona Sebastian Adviser Submitted by: Bacasmas, Dianez Lora Tudtud, Dennis Courtney, Joe TEAM LEGIONS February 20, 2010 TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Problem Statement ............................................................................. 3 II. Research Objective .....................................

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  • Affirmative Action

    its staff cut by 12%. Similarly, the Federal Contract Compliance Office budget was cut by 24% and staff cut by 34% (Magee, 2011). Two case rulings that weakened the affirmative action movement were Watson v. Fort Worth Bank and Trust in 1988 and Wards Cove Packing Company v. Antonio in 1989. In Watson v. Fort Worth Bank, Clara Watson, a minority employee of the bank, was passed over four times for promotion. She exhausted mediation through the EEOC, and then sued the bank under the Civil Rights

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  • “Apes of Wrath” by Barbara Smuts

    QUOTES ”In such “female-bonded species, females also form alliances against aggressive males. Vervet monkeys are one such species, and among these small and exceptionally feisty African monkeys, related females gang up against males” (p. 79). “Similarly, male hamadryas baboons, who form small harems by kidnapping child brides, maintain a tight rein over their females through threats and intimidation. If, when another male is nearby, a hamadryas female strays even a few feet from her mate, he

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  • Unknown Girl in the Maternity Ward

    ------------------------------------------------- personification, sound devices, symbol, sentence types, etc. Unknown Girl in the Maternity Ward Essay “Go child, who is my sin and nothing more.” The most defining characteristic of confessional poetry is that it focuses on a subject matter that was considered immoral and inappropriate. ‘Unknown Girl in the Maternity Ward’ is a confessional poem written by Anne Sexton, concerning a young mother who is expected to give up her newborn baby. Written from a

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  • Barbara Blouses

    ownership of the title should there be any enforceable events occurring in-transit. Also, the receiving dock will have to do a quality check of all products received and variances should be communicated back to the seller for reimbursement. 4. Barbara can prevent goods they import made by child or prison labor by constantly reviewing the consumer alert reports that has a listing of all products made by child or prison labor. She can also pay a surprise visit to the suppliers manufacturing plant

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  • The Country Notebook of Cuba

    11276053 | -0.05 % | 2012 | 11270957 | -0.05 % | 2013 | 11259235 | -0.10 % | 2014 | 11247525 | -0.10 % | 2015 | 11235828 | -0.06 % | | | The estimated decline of the population is 32 persons daily (Boggs and Ward 156). | | b. Number of live births: 308 live births average per day (12.81 in an hour) in 2015. c. Birthrates: 9.9 births/1,000 population as estimated in 2014. 2. Distribution of the population Age Age bracket | Number | Percentage of

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  • Gender by Barbara Bradford

    The Movements of Women’s Rights Gender & Equality Barbara Bradford Sept. 9, 2015 Instructor: Jennifer Moore-Ambrosia Southern New Hampshire University In the United States, women are allowed a certain level of luxury in having a large amount of control over the path they have taken. An American woman can be a business owner, a homeowner, a

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  • Major Barbara Essay

    of history for many centuries and it is difficult to understand why numerous wars are still occurring today. History shows that lives have been lost for fighting, that leads to little impact on the resolution of the war. In Bernard Shaw’s Major Barbara, Shaw presents the idea of “Money and Gunpowder,” which encompasses the entirety of the play. Living happy is only achieved through acquiring money and having enough power to be a master (94). Having money enables you to obtain the power of respect

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  • Empirical Assessment of Argument for Poverty of Stimulus by Geoffrey Pullum and Barbara Scholz. a Review.

    Introduction In ‘empirical assessment of stimulus poverty argument’, Geoffrey Pullum and Barbara Scholz put to critical assessments some arguments that support the famous ‘argument for the poverty of stimulus’ in child language acquisition. This review will examine the arguments made by Pullum and Scholz and evaluate their claims, looking at the strengths and weaknesses. Summary Pullum & Scholz, while not completely condemning nativism argued that there is not enough evidence to support the

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  • Hello

    Global Warming Effects on Spain Barbara Melrose HUMN305- E6WW Manasseh Sarong February 10, 2013 Global Warming Effects on Spain Spain is set between the Mediterranean and Atlantic Oceans and the Pyrenees Mountains separated from Europe (Graham, 2009). Spain has many different ecosystems the Snowcap Mountains of the Pyrenees Mountain, green meadows in Galicia, the orange groves in Valencia and the desert in Aimeria (Graham, 2009). It is a beautiful country but it is hiding a bid secret. Spain

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  • Ward Class

    JMJ Marist Brothers Notre Dame of Dadiangas University College of Nursing S.Y. 2011-2012 1ST Semester ------------------------------------------------- LESSON PLAN: PANCREATIC TUMOR ------------------------------------------------- In partial fulfillment of the requirements in RLE A - 104 Submitted to: Lodar Escobillo, RN, MAN Clinical Instructor Submitted by: Ruffalyn Joyce Doroteo Kate Penelope Dalid Mica Allaine Durana BSN 4A July 20, 2011 Topic: Pancreatic

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  • Gun Control

    particularly the NRA, are well organized and funded, and therefore can be expected, as they have in the past, to wield exceptional influence on gun policy at the state and federal levels (G. Carter, 2012). Gun rights supporters have worked hard not only to ward off attempts by gun control groups to initiate additional restrictions on firearms to help reduce crime rates, but also to eliminate legal limitations on the right to possess and carry firearms and to expand the scope of gun rights. Perhaps the most

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  • Barbara Norris Case Study

    Term Paper Case Study: Barbara Norris, Leading Change in the General Surgery Unit Term Paper Case Study Hodges University HAS 3129 Professor Mary MacLaughlin 12/10/15 Table of Contents Introduction to the Case Study…………………………………………………………………………………………..1 Statement of the Problems………………………………………………………………………………………………..2 Generating Alternatives and Analyzing the Data……………………………………………………………….2 Selecting Decision Criteria…………………………………………………………………………………………………..3 Analyzing and Evaluating

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  • English

    the English Language. (The Language Library). London: André Deutsch, 1958. 1977. Cruz Fernández, Juan M. de la, Angel Cañete Alvarez-Torrijos and Antonio Miranda García. Introducción histórica a la lengua inglesa. Málaga: Agora, 1995. Fennell, Barbara A. A History of English: A Sociolinguistic Approach. (Blackwell Textbooks in Linguistics). Oxford: Blackwell, 2001.* Fernández Fernández, Francisco. Historia de la lengua inglesa. Madrid: Gredos, 1982.* _____. Historia de la Lengua Inglesa. 2nd

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  • Copy

    the English Language. (The Language Library). London: André Deutsch, 1958. 1977. Cruz Fernández, Juan M. de la, Angel Cañete Alvarez-Torrijos and Antonio Miranda García. Introducción histórica a la lengua inglesa. Málaga: Agora, 1995. Fennell, Barbara A. A History of English: A Sociolinguistic Approach. (Blackwell Textbooks in Linguistics). Oxford: Blackwell, 2001.* Fernández Fernández, Francisco. Historia de la lengua inglesa. Madrid: Gredos, 1982.* _____. Historia de la Lengua Inglesa. 2nd

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  • Barbara Jeane Fields Slavery, Race and Ideology

    Barbara Jeanne Fields Slavery, Race and Ideology in the United States of America Two years ago, a sports announcer in the United States lost his job because he enlarged indiscreetly—that is, before a television audience—upon his views about ‘racial’ differences. Asked why there are so few black coaches in basketball, Jimmy ‘the Greek’ Snyder remarked that black athletes already hold an advantage as basketball players because they have longer thighs than white athletes, their ancestors

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  • Global Wards

    By the mid-18th century in France, grape growing supported 1.5 million families and an equal number in wine-related businesses. Eventually, it accounted for one-sixth of France’s total trading revenue, and was the country’s second-largest export. Rather than resisting such government classifications and controls, producers often supported and even augmented them as a way of differentiating their products and raising entry barriers. Later, other wine regions of France were given official recognition

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  • Briefly Describe the Importance of the Interaction Between the Respiratory and Cardiovascular Systems in Maintaining the Body’s Internal Balance

    system; this consists of the two lungs, one trachea and one alveolar and these help supply oxygen to our blood with the use of the respiratory system and the blood Will deliver oxygen to other parts of the body with the use of the circulatory system Ward, (2008). These two body parts are linked together by vast networks of positive and negative feedback systems which is the pumping of blood back and forth, our bodies use an internal balance such as homeostasis which is how the body regulates its

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  • The List

    Emerson Gresham Mr. & Mrs. Terry Heath Mary Brown Connie Walker Ms. Anita Carson & family Dr. & Mrs. James Southerland Ms. Barbara Barnes & Ms. Christine Rowland Mr. Cleveland Wright Mr. Willie Webb & family Mr. & Mrs. Felton Hudson Mr. & Mrs. Frank Brown Mr. Willie Oliver & children Ms. Dorothy Greene Ms. Linda Ward Ms. Cygaina Chaffin Mr & Mrs. Christer Smith Mr. & Mrs. Stanford Smith Ms. Doris Ford Mr. Darfis Smith Ms. Mary Chester Ms.

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  • Barbara Kruger: Old Is Original

    Barbara Kruger : Old Is Original The concept of postmodernism is typified as a return to traditional materials and forms. Consequently, much of the art of this genre is filled with imagery and objects that pertain to previous original concepts. These modern artistic endeavors also include the creativity involved in postmodernism which comes from the new arrangement of said past concepts. The primary notion of postmodernism rejects the modernists preoccupation with aestheticism as well as the

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  • My Life

    Major Works Data Sheet Page 3 Characters Name Role in the story Significance Adjectives Billy Pilgrim Bernard V. O’Hare Mary O’Hare Gerhard Muller Kurt Vonnegut Edgar Derby Billy’s Mother Valencia Pilgrim Barbara Pilgrim Robert Pilgrim Montana Wildhack Roland Weary Tralfamadorians Hobo Paul Lazzaro Englishmen Kilgore Trout Wild Bob Elliot Rosewater Howard W. Campbell, Jr. Werner Gluck Bertram Rumford Lily Rumford Billy’s

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  • Barbara J. O'Neil Et Al., Plaintiffs and Appellants, V. Crane Co. Et Al., Defendants and Respondents

    Michael Dumalag Professor Sabia Law & Econ – ECON 496 24 April 2012 BARBARA J. O'NEIL et al., Plaintiffs and Appellants, v. CRANE CO. et al., Defendants and Respondents. S177401 SUPREME COURT OF CALIFORNIA 53 Cal. 4th 335; 266 P.3d 987; 135 Cal. Rptr. 3d 288; 2012 Cal. LEXIS 3; CCH Prod. Liab. Rep. P18,765 January 12, 2012, Filed INTRODUCTION The Plaintiffs, family of the decedent plaintiff, Barbara J. O’Neil, filed a wrongful death complaint due to mesothelioma against the defendant

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  • Lsi Paper

    LSI Paper Gloria Guzman GM591 Leadership and Organizational Behavior Professor Barbara Ward September 2, 2011 Personal Thinking Styles Well hello Gloria Guzman, it is so nice to visit you again. That is exactly what I thought when I completed my Life Style Inventory and saw my report. In my life time I have taken a few self-evaluating, personality-leadership-management surveys and I must say I always learn something new about myself and witness growth and

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  • Barbara Ward

    When Friendship Turns to Love I didn't want to depart my home town, which I've been settling ever since the day I was born. Neither do I want to leave my school, relatives, and most importantly my best friend Samuel. Sam and I had been best friends since elementary school. I still recall the day when we first met; it was the first day of grade 1 and we were in the same class. Unintentionally I collided with his head trying to reach for my pencil that had been knocked out on the floor. Fortunately

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