• Barbie

    Barbie Assignment I remember having trunks full of Barbies and playing with them when I was a little girl. My Barbies had all different careers and were of different races. My mom even convinced my older cousin to give me her MC Hammer doll. Being of mixed race, my mother wanted me to understand diversity through my dolls. The different skin tones that Barbie had, reflected the diversity I saw in my friends growing up. So for that I think Barbie had a pretty good influence on me. When

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  • Barbie Doll

    poem “Barbie Doll” by Marge Piercy, she illustrates the effect that society has on the expectations of women. This expectation is that women, like the girl described in the poem, should be perfect. She should know how to cook and clean, but most importantly she should be attractive according to the impossible stereotypes of womanly beauty. Many women in today’s society are being compared to the unrealistic physical looks and life of the Barbie doll. Through the past many years, the Barbie doll has

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  • Barbie Doll

    The response for the poem “Barbie Doll” The poem “Barbie Doll” by Marge Piercy seems to be a strange poem. When I first read it, I thought that is a poem for children, but the ending of the poem is weird. Then I read it again many times. I remembered that one time, when I was in my art class. We were talking about the image of the Barbie Doll and the American culture. The body shape of the Barbie Doll was changing over time to meet the standard which depends on the culture and society at the specific

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  • Barbie Girl by Aqua a Gender Bias Song

    is the most important. Barbie Girl is a song by a band called Aqua and it meritoriously demonstrates human foolishness within society through the use of textual elements such as tone, diction, repetition, as well as visual features. This song is a feminist satire cunningly disguised in a childish, friendly pop hit targeted to young adults and teenagers as it mocks the way a majority of them may think and act as she ridicules how they are desperately trying to resemble Barbie. Aqua uses a sarcastic

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  • The Effects Barbies Have on Little Girls

    Research Paper: The Influence Barbie Dolls Have On Little Girls As a child, many young girls received dolls to play with, and one of the most popular dolls that many mothers give to their child are the Barbie dolls. This Barbie dolls have been made to look like the ideal women with their thin bodies and their perfect faces. Some research has shown that young girls, especially girls from ages five to seven, who play with this Barbie dolls have had body image problems. As Helga

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  • Secrets of Shopping

    tricky disguises. Ever walked in to a store and saw that huge highlighter colored sign announcing “Big Blowout SALE”? They are pulling you in with things that attract you the most. From posters, human advertising, to the most innocent thing, the Barbie Doll, they are catching your eye and reeling you in and you’re unaware. Many businesses have learned the “Science” of how to arrange items so they may catch your attention. Paco Underhill, a retail anthropologist and an urban geographer, studies shopping

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  • International Business

    industry should continue to lobby transnational institutions such as the World Intellectual Property Association and the World Trade Organization to help establish standards and police piracy. Barbie: The American Girl Goes Global Q1. Describe Mattel’s global marketing strategy for Barbie and assess its success. Does management demonstrate that it understands and embraces the need to “think global and act local”? In each country, management was attempting to create a doll that would be

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  • Barbie Doll by Marge Piercy

    Deaf and Hearing Loss Most students with hearing loss experience delayed performance in academic achievement. The earlier hearing loss occurs in a student’s life, the more serious the effects are on the student’s development. Different types of hearing loss affect students’ ability to hear in various ways. The first type is Conductive, which affects the loudness of sounds heard. This type can be reduced or eliminated through medical treatment and special education is not always necessary

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  • Humanities Final Paper

    2013 Venus de Willendorf vs. Barbie With Time, Brings Change HUMN303 - DeVry University- April 21, 2013 Venus de Willendorf vs. Barbie With Time, Brings Change Introduction Venus de Willendorf is a statuette that first appeared during the Upper Paleolithic period. The exaggerated carvings of the body parts were how the artists of that time viewed women, fat and fertile. History often takes from the past to reinvent the future. Today’s society has the Barbie doll. Ruth Handler created it

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  • Barbie-Q

    ”Barbie-Q” At first the short story seems very unusual. The way the narrator describes each Barbie doll in such detail that makes you almost see them before you. But it’s not only the Barbie dolls. Even the flea market is described in a way that makes the pictures come alive before your eyes. But the unusual part is the role the Barbie dolls play. What is so special about these dolls, and what is their role? These are the questions that go through my mind. And my head tells me that there lies something

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  • Societal Expectations

    while a young girls room will be pink and be filled with dolls and a play kitchen set. These small details, along with expectations, begin to shape their role in society. “Barbie Q” by Sandra Cisneros is a perfect example of societal expectations. In this short story Cisneros introduces two young girls who are playing with their Barbie dolls. The girls go into great detail when describing their dolls and the outfits the dolls are wearing. One can conclude that the girls are poor when the main character

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  • African Americans Dyes and Dolls

    Multicultural Barbie and the Merchandizing of Difference” In the article “Dyes and Dolls” by Ann duCille she discusses how many, “manufactures have taken on a global perspective of a nearsightedness that constructs this whole new world as small and cultural difference as consumable (Ann duCille, p267). When Barbie turned the age of thirty Newsweek reported that there were 500 million Barbie dolls sold, on Barbie’s thirty fifth birthday Boston Globe reported that nearly two Barbie dolls are sold

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  • In a Barbie World

    In A Barbie World! A culture that is saturated by consumerism can be referred to as a consumer culture. Barbie can be used as a tool for consumer culture because she is perceived to be the perfect woman, an unattainable achievement. Barbie has the perfect man, Ken; she has her dream house, and car, and even a dream closet. There are life size Barbies bouncing around in T.V. and print media ads that personify this image. Barbie produces a systematic reproduction of consistency; she doesn't evolve

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  • Dols of Mattel - Challenges on the Global Markets

    among these Barbie fashion doll is the flagship. This product was criticized from more aspects from other cultures of Aisa where the lifestyle Barbie represents is not commonly accepted. On the other hand privacy issues were raised by parents regarding the digital marketing activity of Mattel, as rights of children are related in this market. Mattel needs to consider whether these challenges are related specifically to the lifestyle Barbie represents, whether the lifecycle of Barbie can be expanded in a changing global environment

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  • Blaack Economy

    BARBIE GIRL DROP BOX -4 RESEARCH ON INDIA (QUESTION NUMBER 1a) SUBMITTED BY :DHARMADEV SUNDURU 10/10/2013   INTERNET RESEARCH ON CHINA MARKET FOR TOYS: We, all know that Chinese market is very huge and complex. when it comes to toys market, the world renowned toy makers like Mattel and Hasbro have started their market share in china. Europeans and North Americans have a keen interest to enter into china market but in between they have to face some barriers. REASONS TO

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  • Barbie Doll Marge Piercy

    Oluwatoyin Ogunniyi Ms. Hamilton Composition I December 1st , 2011 Barbie Doll The piece of literature I chose to analyze was Barbie Dolls by Marge Piercy. This poem is about a young girl who goes through the normal stages of female bodily development. As the “girlchild” becomes a female she has an ugly nose and fat legs. She tries to be accepted by society but they deny her because of her looks. After a numerous attempts of trying to fit in she gives up. “Girlchild” has surgery

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  • Strategy Formulation

    Normative Policy: A Case Study on the Failure of the Barbie Doll in the Indian Market Priti Nemani* INTRODUCTION .......................................................................................... 97 I. GLOBALIZATION AND THE MULTINATIONAL ........................................ 99 A. Globalization Defined ................................................................ 99 1. The Key to the Kingdom: The Globalized Brand ............. 100 B. Barbie in the Global Economy ........................

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  • Divorce

    RE: Division of Property Date: November 18, 2011 Issue: What property do Barbie and Ken each get? Rule & Application * Barbie’s Dream House: Barbie purchased home for $250,000, during duration of marriage both made monthly payments including taxes and insurance and is presently valued at $2,500,000. Barbie The family residence may be awarded in fee to one spouse, so long as the other spouse is awarded an equalizing asset. Especially when the residence constitutes the bulk of the community

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  • Willendorf Doll

    the Venus de Willendorf Doll, we have Barbie Dolls. The problem with this is the fact that Barbie Dolls have created a lot of problems for children. Barbie Dolls infused in young girls unrealistic expectations for life; it made girls think they had to look, live, and act in a certain way which is acceptable to the society. Barbie Dolls were made to be teen fashion dolls but little did the manufacturers know that they would change the society forever. Barbie Dolls changed society in many ways. First

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  • Barbie, Spring Break

    “Barbie, Spring Break” – A Reflective Report Throughout this semester the analytical exploration of discourse, genre and multimodality has enabled us to engage with various academic works, which ultimately enhanced the overall understanding of this course. With this knowledge, we were given the task of creating our own radio projects, exemplifying through a specific radio genre, a particular discourse. This project was very fulfilling, specifically after the conclusion of our group’s experimental

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  • Paper

    “Barbie Doll” is a narrative poem written by Marge Piercy, it was first published in 1973, in To Be of Use. The elements that Marge Piercy uses are theme, imagery and symbolism. Piercy provides four short stanzas to inform readers of how society and culture puts pressure on young girls. In this poem, a young girl’s life flashes before her eyes as she tries to live up to society standards. The tone of this poem is depressing and sad. In this poem Marge Piercy uses a theme, symbols, and a plot to describe

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  • A Barbie World

    A Barbie World Are you a Barbie girl in a Barbie world, unlike the song I doubt you and everything around you is perfect. In my opinion girls today are trying to hard to be a life size Barbie. Sometimes girls might think everyone will like them if they were the skinny, acne free, perfect, Barbie. Believe me you wouldn’t want to be a Barbie in real life; you’re fixing to find out why. Some say it shouldn’t matter, “she’s just a toy”, or “she’s so pretty who cares if she doesn’t look real

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  • 9/11 Terrorists

    Vanessa Calderon English 102 April 16, 2011 Research paper Sandra Cisneros Sandra Cisneros a well known author has written two stories that are different in subject but reflect her life in some way. These two exceptional stories are “Barbie Q” and “Eleven”. Most of her writings are about the different events that she encounters throughout her life, some are about the Hispanic community and some about the role of women in society. Cisneros writes about how important is to love one. She

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  • Barbie in American Pop Culture

    closely, you will recognize the iconic name, Barbie, branded across a wide selection of dolls, houses, clothing, cars, and other accessories. Most likely, you will notice a news anchor and a computer engineer Barbie, representing the new Barbie careers of the 2010s. If you were shopping in any other decade since the late 1950s, you would see Barbie dolls with different costumes and careers. Since its inception in 1959, by creator Ruth Handler, the Barbie doll has taken on more than 100 different career

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  • Barbie World

    Are you a Barbie girl in a Barbie world, unlike the song I doubt you and everything around you is perfect. In my opinion girls today are trying too hard to be a life size Barbie. Sometimes girls might think everyone will like them if they are super skinny, tall, and blonde. Believe me you wouldn’t want to be a Barbie in real life; you’re fixing to find out why. Some say it shouldn’t matter, “she’s just a toy”, or “she’s so pretty who cares if she doesn’t look real.” But to me it does matter. If

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  • Barbie World

    Are you a Barbie girl in a Barbie world, unlike the song I doubt you and everything around you is perfect. In my opinion girls today are trying too hard to be a life size Barbie. Sometimes girls might think everyone will like them if they are super skinny, tall, and blonde. Believe me you wouldn’t want to be a Barbie in real life; you’re fixing to find out why. Some say it shouldn’t matter, “she’s just a toy”, or “she’s so pretty who cares if she doesn’t look real.” But to me it does matter. If

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  • Barbie Isn't Real

    Barbie Isn’t Real Television, magazines, and movies all have the same requirement, are you attractive enough? For many years, the media has been indulging society with the images and videos of what everyone is supposed to be, by their norms. Although more and more teens are texting, and not only could that result in ignorance of English proficiency, but also the loss of lives due to texting and driving; the media is creating these images we are supposed to live up to and therefore influencing

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  • Mattel

    truly great toys, this company gives a lot to the community and environment as well as being the world's leading toy company. Mattel is the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of toy products. The company's major brands include Barbie, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Fisher-Price, and American Girl. With headquarters in El Segundo, California, Mattel has offices and facilities in 36 countries and sells its products in more than 150 nations throughout the world. In 1945, Ruth and Elliot

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  • Barbie Doll Issues

    officially released to the market, which called “Barbie” doll. This company becomes extremely successful in term of Internalization Process; however Matt had to face with a huge challenge in Chinese market because of lack of careful considering the social factor. In 2009, the company made a foray by establishing the world's largest "House of Barbie" valuing $30 millions in a prime Shanghai location, which built the six-story shop including collection of Barbie dolls and affiliated products such as restaurant

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  • Barbie Doll

    to a Barbie Doll Women were considered the subordinate gender that was expected to have this stay at home homemaker attitude. They were supposed to powder their noses and look pretty. Women are discriminated against in society. Women have stereotypical gender roles they are supposed to uphold. As suggested in the poem “Barbie Doll” by Marge Piercy the Barbie doll is the idealized image of a woman and is considered to have long legs, perfect skin, small waist and a slender figure. The Barbie doll

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  • Barbie Doll

    Guerline Donisvitch “Introduction to Literature” Ann Rasmussen April 23, 2009 Barbie Doll The poem begins in a fairy-tale vein, the archaic term “girl-child” being used to underscore the mythic quality of the story. The dolls, stove, iron and lipstick are all traditional play things for young girls, but they are also markers of an identity in the making, the things that young girls grow to identify with their own social roles. The doll presents an idealized image of the body, and stove

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  • Barbie vs. Bratz

    BADM 372: Advertising Case 2: Barbie vs. Bratz 1. Provide an analysis of the Mattel Barbie brand. What factors shape perceptions of the brand in the eyes of parents and young girls? Barbie was billed as “a shapely teenage fashion model,” and made her first appearance at the American Toy Fair in New York City and soon became a hit. ( Barbie was then and still is a popular doll for young girls. In the beginning she was popular because

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  • Fortune 500 Companies Nose-Dive in the Chinese Market

    dollar mega Barbie store received a poor reaction in Shanghai. Barbie, American icon, failed because yet again the American products failed to capture the Chinese consumer. This is primarily due to pushing of the American vision. Barbie sexy appeal is not appealing to consumers in China. “Suitable market research prior to establishing its superstore would have provided results that showed an inclination towards a more wholesome image across all age groups” such a Hello Kitty (“Barbie Fails Industry

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  • It's a Barbie World

    It’s a Barbie World Abstract Barbie dolls have been around for many years and many young girls have gotten a Barbie as a gift at some time in their lives. Barbie is made out of plastic and has unrealistic features to her. Her body proportions are not possible and her look only relates to less than half of the human population. Barbie has the perfect, dream world where she has her dream car, house, an impeccable wardrobe, and of course the man of her dreams. Many girls grow up and admire Barbie

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  • Barbie Doll

    “Barbie” Society has placed immense pressure on girls and women of all ages. The definition of Beauty has been altered over the years and the expectation of what beauty looks like is now sickly represented by a materialistic object, a Barbie Doll. Although not every individual conforms to expecting this modern representation of beauty, society as a whole has placed pressure on girls and women to strive to look this way. The consequences of not having this appearance are often brutal. Girls are deemed

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  • Barbie Doll

    Barbie Doll Women have a wrong perspective about beauty. With media and social networking on the rise, the standard of beauty is skewed to what others portray it to be. Women who don’t have supportive people around them to reinforce the true concept of beauty often grow up to be self-destructive and seek validation from all the wrong places. There is too much importance and too much anxiety placed on women to surrender to the image of being or becoming a Barbie doll. In the poem “Barbie Doll,” written

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  • Humanities

    Image: Cultures Idolizing the Female Form A Comparison and Contrast of the Barbie Doll and Venus de Willendorf Image: Cultures Idolizing the Female Form A Comparison and Contrast of the Barbie Doll and Venus de Willendorf The fact that cultures have idolized the female form in our modern era is not a new concept. Beauty in modern times has been held to the highest standard, but where and why did we get our ideal of beauty? Culture plays a large in role in how beauty is defined, and this

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  • Human Barbie

    Human Barbie “I’m a Barbie girl, in a barbie world” The Barbie Girl song by the group Aqua became a catchy pop song during its released in May 1997. It was every woman’s song as they dream to experience Barbie’s life. And who would have thought that some women was so much dedicated to look like Barbie and some are just born with Barbie’s appearance. Here are some of the girls in different countries who really resemble the looks of Barbie 1. Valeria Lukyanova The most controversial and the

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  • Toys

    There are three of the popular toys in the 1990s, which are Tamagotchi, Barbie, and Lego. The first digital toy is the Tamagotchi Tamagotchi means a handheld digital device, which can be cared for as a digital pet including feeding, playing, and cleaning up after it. For example, the first Tamagotchi was created in Japan by Bandai in 1996. It went on to sell 76,000,000 units worldwide by 2010 (“Tamagotchi,” 2015). It was quite cheap with the price depending on the different versions available,

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  • Women and Media

    definitions are slowly deconstructed over time. Having made her first debut in the early 1960s, Barbie brought the message “Girls can be anything” to the age of a new generation of girls and women (Boomen, 2009). It is important to note that despite claims that she symbolizes the ‘cultural plastic’ phenomenon, Barbie has revolutionized girl’s doll playing (Boomen, 2009). Before the invention of Barbie, girls were still playing with baby dolls that aimed to foster domestic skills and to prepare them

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  • Barbie Case

    1.No, I don’t agree that diverse Barbie offered by Mattel will cause to watered down of brand and it will not be instantly not recognized, because Mattel have created Barbie with unique and separate brand which will never be affected by the changing image in Barbie as the parent company is stable and very much rooted and recognised . 2. No, not truly the drop in Barbie sales is due to the mismatch between the Barbie’s original image and that of real girl. The others factors which were responsible

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  • Barbie Doll

    Barbie Doll. Perhaps the real mark of "Barbie Doll's" welcome has been the numerous times it has been reprinted and analysed. Appearing in 1973, at the heart of feminism's second wave, "Barbie Doll" embodied the rage many women felt at being sexually objectified and treated as second-class citizens. The poem remains popular in large parts because it continues to represent women's experience. When you read the title of this poem, automatically you get a sense of something that is not real, a typical

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  • Mattel Case Study

    manufacturers * They have little pricing power due to heavy reliance on Wal-Mart and Target * Keeping children’s interest when they are growing into the tween demographic. * Opportunities * Online and Video Game Market * Barbie retail store * Social Media * Create new alliances with other companies to help market products * Changing focus from traditional toys (Barbies/Hot Wheels) to electronic toys * Moving production from china back to the

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  • Barbie: the American Girl Does Global

    Case 2 Barbie: The American Girl Does Global International marketing is the performance of a company's product and services to consumers in more than one nation to produce profit. It is one of the most vital elements of marketing functions to trade their company's products or services internationally rather than locally. This brings more advantages and benefits the organization itself as well as the country. The case examines the evolution of the Barbie doll over the years from its launch in 1959

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  • Barbie Case

    toy. Yes, it can hardly be any other toy but Barbie. Nowadays, girls can be seen wearing Barbie clothing, using Barbie perfume, carrying Barbie backpacks, and sleeping in Barbie pajamas, not to mention cosmetics, sneakers etc. (Morgenson 1991, 66). Mattel, Inc., the mother company of Barbie, should feel proud of her. Because on average, an American girl has ten Barbie dolls, a British or Italian girl may own seven, while five is the number of Barbie that a German or French girl has. It was Mattel’s

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  • Mattel vs Hasbro

    MATTEL VS HASBRO/BARBIE VS BABY ALIVE Abstract: The two highest toy companies, Mattel and Hasbro have various dolls that every little dreams of having. In this paper, I will compare and contrast the “old school” Barbie to the “new reality” Baby Alive and how both companies address the 4 P’s of Marketing. Barbie, America’s top and favorite doll of dolls for years is continuing to grow strong as a play toy or as a collection item. Barbie was launched in 1959 and has since been the famous in

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  • Barbie Doll

    “Her good nature wore out/ like a fan belt./ So she cut off her nose and her legs/ and offered them up.” This quote from “Barbie Doll”, by Marge Piercy, refers to a young girl who wishes to change her character and her appearance in order to live up to society’s expectations. In fact, instead of being complimented or admired for whom she truly is, people would rather criticize and condemn her for whom she isn’t. As a result of endlessly trying to alter her portrait, the “girlchild” eventually “wore

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  • Better Barbie

    Better Barbie By Jesse K., Grand Ledge, MI I don’t have any alumni ties to Brown, though it’s possible I could be the long-lost granddaughter of James S. Miller. Never have I sailed the Pacific Ocean on the back of a humpback whale, nor can I wrap sushi with the skill of former Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto. I haven’t done much research regarding podiatry, and chances are I will never win the Michigan Mega-Millions lottery. I am, however, the proud owner of a Little Mermaid Edition Barbie.

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  • Meet Polly Pocket

    my favorite brand of toy, Barbie. Mattel sells its products to retailers, wholesalers and chain stores. They also market products directly as well as through its website. Target Audience Barbie is definitely targeting young girls, age 5-11, when they make their TV commercials. They use their marketing tactics to target these young girls in hopes that they will ask their parents to purchase these Barbie Dolls for them. The typical family segments that would purchase Barbie Dolls would be classified

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  • Barbie

    Barbie has recently had her 40th birthday. It all started in the 1950s when Ruth Handler saw her daughter, Barbara, and her friends playing with paper dolls. They liked to imagin the dolls beeing different persons who were working, swiming, playing with friends etc. Ruth, who owned the company Mattel with her husband, understood that pretending how the future would be was part of growing up for kids. She did some research and found that there was room on the market for a doll like Barbie. Mattel

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