Bbde Health Center

  • Health Plan for World Trade Center Attacks (911)

    Health Plan for World Trade Center Attacks (911) Sandra Morgan June 21, 2011 Epidemiology and Risk Management Health Plan for World Trade Center Attacks (911) I. INTRODUCTION: On September 11, 2001, one of the worst man made disasters occurred in US history. “Terrorists crashed two hijacked planes into The World Trade Centers. In less than two hours, the towers collapsed and nearly 2,800 people died, including 343 firefighters, 23 police officers

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  • Community South Medical Center

    Marilyn Summers-Stephens HCA 340 Managing in Health & Human Services Instructor: Rhonda Travland June 25, 2012 I think the strategic mission should be revised. The Medical Center is in an older urban area with smaller shops and businesses. The community is trending towards a predominantly elder population. There has also been a decline in compliance with T.J.C. standards. Staffing supports new program development and the physician staff is in abundant supply. There are also major

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  • Feasibility of Building a Health Center-Formal Report

    Feasibility of Building a Health Retreat Center Memo To: Dr Wallace From: Hristo Hristov Date: April 27, 2012 Subject: Feasibility of Building a Health Retreat Center, 2012 This report is the result of an initiative triggered by the worrisome health-related statistics (2011) related to the declining physical and mental well-being of Bulgarian citizens. This is a private initiative that takes into account people’s natural inclination to improve their situation by resorting to

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  • Bbde Health Center

    THE BBDE HEALTH CENTER: A CASE STUDY OF BUSINESS ETHICS   EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: BBDE is a behavioral health service center founded by Rulan Wilson to serve the mental health needs in an urban western county. The center provides individual and group therapy, inpatient long-term care, psychiatric care and recreational therap. For 20 years, Rulan has been the director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the growing health center. The center currently employs 100 full time employees and generates

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  • Center

    components which are sourced from 375 suppliers. The finished goods go to a central warehouse; From the Central warehouse the finished goods go to regional statistical dispersion centers: 6 domestic and 4 international (outside the United States). In that respect are 10 in total. Each of these regional distribution centers then forward product to an average of twelve (12) local anesthetic distributors : (10x12 = 120 local distributors). Each local distributor in advance finished goods to an average

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  • Bridgestone Behavioral Health Center: Cost-Volume-Profit (Cvp) Analysis

    Bridgestone Behavioral Health Center: Cost-Volume-Profit (CVP) Analysis INTRODUCTION In June of the current year Dr. Thomas Russell, Executive Director, and Susan Smyth, Accountant, at the Bridgestone Behavioral Health Center were discussing the necessity of gaining a better understanding of how to monitor the Center’s operating and financial performance. Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Bridgestone provides prevention, intervention, and treatment services for individuals with substance abuse problems

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  • Fitness Center

    Introduction The name of my retail establishment is a fitness center called Basic Fitness. Basic Fitness plans to cater to 50-150 members. The purpose and mission of basic fitness is to provide fitness and exercise equipment to adults in the community to help them stay physically fit and healthy thereby enhancing a healthy lifestyle. Our gym will be smaller and less rowdy than some of the other gyms in the area. By so doing our target market which will be older working and retired adults can work

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  • Fitness Center

    Introduction The name of my retail establishment is a fitness center called Basic Fitness. Basic Fitness plans to cater to 50-150 members. The purpose and mission of basic fitness is to provide fitness and exercise equipment to adults in the community to help them stay physically fit and healthy thereby enhancing a healthy lifestyle. Our gym will be smaller and less rowdy than some of the other gyms in the area. By so doing our target market which will be older working and retired adults can work

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  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Weam Khadim PBHE501-American Public University May 21, 2013 Dr. Shalah Watkins-Bailey Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Center for Disease Control and Prevention is a national public health federal agency under Department of Health and Human Services headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. It is division of Department of Health and Human Services responsible for managing national programs for control and prevention of communicable diseases

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  • Center for Disease Control

    Center for Disease Control (CDC) Similarities When comparing the CDC to the HFAP and FEMA, there are some similarities. First, the CDC and HFAP work with hospitals and clinics to figure out the problems. Second, CDC and FEMA both have training classes to learn more about what each are working for. Third, the CDC and FEMA both work to protect our nation from any major disasters, such as an outbreak or even a flood. Differences The CDC is mostly concerned with outbreaks and ailments disturbing

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  • Chadwick Center

    Chadwick Center Chadwick Center staff and client makeup consists of a means for the staff and client to recognize and give feedback. This will help determine the client’s overall satisfaction measurement which clients will benefit, based on the staff and client are both in agreement of the quality and service and the goals that are obtainable when meeting the essential needs of the client. The Chadwick center clients are a percentage of Latino/Hispanic Americans. Staffs that provide treatment

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  • Data Center

    Muñoz Assignment 1a – Google Data Center 1. What is PUE, and why is it an important place to start when considering how to reduce data center power consumption? What value of PUE should data center managers strive for? Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is a measure to determine the energy efficiency of a data center. It is the ratio between the energy of the system and the energy of the IT equipment in the data center. TOTAL FACILITY ENERGY

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  • Student Center

    Although it is close to noon but it is still freezing outside. Everyone would like to stay in room and spend the rest of day but we sit in front of the student center. Breeze is gentle but really makes people feel the sense of winter. Because of the last night snow, the grass is covered by white snow and the stone ground is firmly covered by slippery and hard ice. There are three tables and couple chairs placed on those ice ground which are made by iron. Probably because of the rust, when we sit

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  • Profit Center

    A profit center is a section of a company treated as a separate business. Thus profits or losses for a profit center are calculated separately A profit center manager is held accountable for both revenues, and costs (expenses), and therefore, profits. What this means in terms of managerial responsibilities is that the manager has to drive the sales revenue generating activities which leads to cash inflows and at the same time control the cost (cash outflows) causing activities. This makes the profit

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  • Measures of Center

    MA3110: Week 3 Measures of Center Exercise 3.1 Calculating Measures of Center Solve the following and include a show of steps for all calculations. 1. Consider a football team for whom the numbers on the active players’ jerseys are 29, 41, 50, 58, 79,…, 10 (listed in alphabetical order of the players’ names). Does it make sense to calculate the mean of those numbers? Why or why not? 2. The Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) credit rating scores obtained in a simple random sample are listed below:

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  • Bridgestone Behavioral Health Center: Cost-Volume-Profit (Cvp) Analysis for Planning and Control

    Bridgestone Health Center: Cost-Vume-Profit(CVP) Analysis for Planning and Control A business Case Presented to the Accountancy Department De La Salle University In partial fulfillment Of the course requirements In MODMGT1 Submitted to: Ms. Katherine Chua Submitted by: Ferrer, Jan Alyssa Dennise Madamba, Ann Tan, Baron Vergara, Maria FRancesca In the vast changing business environment, organizations have kept a single grip trying to cope up with the differing demands required from them. Stability

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  • Resource Centers

    22401" (540) 371-6119 ü ü Bragg Hill Family Life Center "400 Bragg Hill Road Fredericksburg, VA 22401" (540) 371-3662 ü ü ü Caregiver's Choice (877) 333-2464 ü Caroline County Department of Social Services "17202 Richmond Turnpike Bowling Green, VA 22427" (804) 633-5071 ü ü ü ü Caroline County Health Department "17202 Richmond Turnpike Milford, VA 22514" (804) 633-5465 ü ü http://www

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  • Assessment Centers

    Assessment Center Operations1 International Task Force on Assessment Center Guidelines2 This document is an update of several prior editions of guidelines and ethical considerations for assessment center operations dating back to 1975. Each set of guidelines was developed and endorsed by specialists in the research, development, and implementation of assessment centers. The guidelines are a statement of the considerations believed to be most important for all users of the assessment center method.

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  • Awareness, Access and Utilization of Aeta Mothers of the Health Services in the Barangay Health Center

    Summary The present study determines the awareness, access and utilization of the health services of the Barangay Health Center with 67 Aeta mothers of a certain Sitio of Indigenous people as respondents on December, 2010. A four-part content-validated interview schedule was used to elicit data. The interview schedule was validated by two professors who are master’s degree holders and one with Doctorate degree. The interview schedule was personally administered by the researchers to the respondents

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  • The Aiken Center

    Aiken Center SW 304 July 26, 2013 Mission/Vision The Aiken Center is a county-wide agency serving the citizen of Aiken and the surrounding areas. It’s an outpatient facility offering alcohol and drug abuse education, treatment, intervention, prevention and employee assistance program services to meet the needs of the community. The Aiken Center can provide treatment services to adults and young people. The center is committed to providing effective services in safe and pleasant surroundings

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  • Health Care Center for the Homeless: Changing with the Times

    Case Study Health Care center for the Homeless: Changing with the times Part I: Case Analysis A. size up the key problems/opportunities raised by the case Just as one bad apple can ruin the whole basket, an organization with one large problem can see the effects of that problem damage its entire organizational strategy.  In the case of Health Care for the Homeless (HCCH), the lack of a strong marketing direction is what hinders this organizations ability to meet their organizational goals

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  • Community Centers

    Community Health Centers, otherwise known as Federally Qualified Health Center is a non-profit clinic serving the uninsured, underinsured ,and underserved population. While they mainly focus on comprehensive primary care as well as education, translation and trasnportation(42 U.S.C. 254B (b) (1). Community Health Centers treat every patient within the community service area even if they don't have the ability to pay . They are also mandated to have a governing board of directors which is made up

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  • Bbde Health Center a Case Study of Business Ethics

    Ijoni Ogaga 500 university Ave. West. Dakota Hall, Apt. 407. Minot. ND. 58707. Cell: (513) 773-8364 Summary of Qualifications • More than 6years experience in business • Effective at budgeting and supervising • Excellent with follow-up and attention to detail ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Professional Experience Supervision and Training •

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  • The Greenby Mental Health Center

    Community Health Center By: Debbie H. Butcher May 20, 2011 University of Phoenix The Consultation and Education Department the Greenby Community Mental Health center is experiencing issues that can lead to the demise of the program. The demise of the program would have a profound effect on all of community mental health centers because

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  • Responsibility Center

    OF BANKING AND FINANCE Sta. Mesa, Manila Chapter 4 Responsibility Centers: Revenue and Expense Center Submitted by: Group 7 Bianes, Vanessa Jean Dela Cruz, Moriah C. Icaranom, Maricar F. Ocampo, Jahleel M. Sabinay, Alexa Submitted to: Prof. Gina Tomimbang SUMMARY Responsibility Center – is an organization unit in a business headed by a manager. 4 kinds of Responsibility Center * Expense Center – input measured in monetary terms but not the output. Ex: Manufacturing Unit of the

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  • Investment Centers

    | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Problem No:1 | | | | | | | | You are furnished with the following data relating to Arvind Ltd.. | | | Investment center | cash&bank | Inventories | Receivables | FA | Budgeted profit | | | | A | 10 | 20 | 30 | 90 | 30 | | | | B | 15 | 20 | 25 | 65 | 12.5 | | | | C | 5 | 10 | 20 | 50 | 8.5 | | | | | | | | | | | | | The corporate cost of capital relating to money invested

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  • Phoenix Center

    Running Head: THE PHOENIX CENTER The Phoenix Center Tanisha Haskins Mercer University On April 11, 2014, at 10:00am, I spoke with Lisa Wicker at Phoenix Center. She is the Coordinator of Developmental Disabilities. There are five people Ken Pritchard, Chairperson, Wayne Robinson, Vice Chairperson, Linda curry, Faye coulter, Harold Dickey. On the Board of Directors, Management team there are twelve Executive Management Team, James E. Singleton, Chief Executive Officer, Dan Ioanitescu, Medical

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  • The Bbde Health Center: a Case Study of Business Ethics

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: BBDE is a behavioral health service center founded by Rulan Wilson to serve the mental health needs in an urban western county. The center provides individual and group therapy, inpatient long-term care, psychiatric care and recreational therap. For 20 years, Rulan has been the director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the growing health center. The center currently employs 100 full time employees and generates approximately $11 million in annual revenue. Revenue comes

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  • Call Center

    A call center managers can use the statistical report to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of an employee in the areas of response time and service level, number of calls per employee, first call resolution, and transfer rate.  By using the statistical report, it will help show the relationship between their performance and the organization standards or goals and it is easier to visualize.  It can also be utilized by the managers to take necessary corrective actions if needed.

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  • Cultural Center

    and to give awareness in saving its natural attractions? SPECIFIC PROBLEMS: 1. What will be the building technologies used for the project? 2. How can the overall plan be effective to fulfill the objective of the Cultural and recreational center as an environmental statement for the whole city? 3. What will be the design methods use to materialize the legends of the lakes? 4. How can the Project be able to adapt in its surrounding places? 5. How can the establishment helpful economically

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  • Fusion Centers

    Fusion Centers: A Step In The Right Direction The formation of fusion centers is a step in the right direction to countering terrorist threats. By working efficiently and appropriately, information leading to arrests can be shared across county lines, state lines, and all around the world in a timely manner. Fusion centers can make law enforcement agencies more competent and effective in stopping crimes (to include terrorist attacks) before they take place. As long as the centers follow the

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  • Recentering Centers

    Re-Centering Academic Centers Abstract This paper argues that we have lost the original intent and power of an institutional Center. Theoretically, Centers use centralized resources to support people and projects core to the mission of the institution. Many Centers now are located external to the campus, where isolated directors pursue specialized interests. Thus, Centers, which serve the entire community, become marginalized. This paper provides a model to re-center academic Centers toward their original

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  • Teamwork in Busy Health Care Call Center

    Teamwork in Busy Health Care Call Center Jessica Beasley HCS/325 June 15, 2015 University of Phoenix Instructor: Victor Kintz Proposal Title The call center for a busy health care organization has experienced a substantial increase in the volume of calls over the past year. When observing more closely, as the manager, I’ve noticed that the volume of calls has actually doubled over the past year. This poses an issue because there isn’t any room in the budget to hire additional staff. However

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  • The Getty Center

    The Getty Center and the Similarity with San Jose City Hall The architecture of the Getty Center by Richard Meier remarked a big achievement in his life. Richard Meier is a famous American architect, and he is well known on the refinements and variations on classic modernism: pure geometry, open space, and attracting light. After Meier graduated from the Cornell University in Ithaca, New York in 1957, he worked for Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill architectural firm for few years. He then

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  • Writing Center

    The Magnificent Writing Center As a college student, essays are inevitable. However, no matter how many times you’ve racked your brain in an attempt to illustrate a well written paper, the process can still prove to be arduous. This is the purpose behind the UCA Writing Center. The UCA Writing Center has been put in place in an attempt to make the essay writing process easier for students. The center is fully equipped with a staff of tutors available to help with any writing issue between the hours

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  • Cost Centers

    6 Cost Centers (Boot Division) A. Problem Statement We have been experiencing an issue with our boot division and it has caused the Company to allocate additional resources to this Division. The additional resources are costing the Company an excessive amount of money. The purpose of this meeting is to determine what is causing the need for these resources and will serve as an aid to resolving this need, thus saving the Company’s finances. We feel that with the right solutions in place

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  • Acceptability of a Low-Cost Medical Diagnostic Test System in Philippine Barangay Health Centers

    Recoletos de Bacolod Graduate PhD-Business Management University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos Bacolod City Business Research NAME: Evans B. Sansolis Acceptability of a Low-Cost Medical Diagnostic Test System in Philippine Barangay Health Centers CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Project Context The Philippines is a third world country wherein a large number of its citizens living in urban and rural areas subsist below the poverty line. Millions of people are unemployed, and countless citizens

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  • Health Body Wellness Center

    Health Body Wellness Center Information Security Management System (ISMS) File:FYT2_Task2 By Thomas A. Groshong Sr Page   Health Body Wellness Center (HBWC) promotes medical research, evaluation, and sharing of information between health care professionals . The HBWC’s Office of Grants Giveaway (OGG)  provides for the distribution of federally supported medical grants. OGG uses a Microsoft Access database program called Small Hospital Tracking System (SHGTS) to manage the medical grant distribution

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  • Case Study 28 - Suburban Health Center

    Case Study 28 – Suburban Health Center RE: After studying the case, prepare a written disciplinary memo to Wilson detailing the issues that were observed, the deviations from the standard policies, necessary steps for correction with timeframes, and consequences for non-compliance. Copy the instructor (your superior, Graham) on the memo. Also, as a supplement to the memo and written to your superior only, prepare a brief report (2-3 paragraphs) on which style of leadership you would like to employ

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  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers

    Ambulatory Surgery Centers Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) were developed in the health sector for providing instant surgical care, treatment and prevention of diseases. ASCs have improved the outpatient health care services in United States as compared to hospital based inpatient care programs (Becker & American Health Lawyers Association, 2006). The program has gained a good reputation due to high quality services and positive results experienced by patients. ASCs are subject to transparency

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  • The Medical Center

    The Medical Center at Bowling Green,, is a not-for-profit hospital that is under the operation of Commonwealth Health Corporation (CHC). It is one of six sister hospitals under the management of CHC, serving the southern KY areas. It is the largest hospital of that corporation. TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital,, is a for-profit hospital that’s a part of the TriStar Health organization, which serves southcentral Kentucky and middle Tennessee areas. Both facilities

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  • Call Center

    created call centers to provide their customer a faster response to their problems. Some organizations outsource their call center to lower cost, and others they centralized in one place. Cons In a call center environment, work can be monotonous through out the entire day. CSR confront with upset customer that can be rude and it makes CSR stress out. The work environment is usually loud, distracting, and it creates job hindrance. Call center are usually 24/7 that’s why call center has high turnover

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  • Comparison Paper Public Health Centers

    NUR/408 March 07, 2016 Kim Hall Comparison Paper This paper will examine public health resources provided by county, state and on national level. We will look at a brief history of public health resources and important events that led to its changes. The difference between public and community health will also be explained. On the national level public health can be traces to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services which began with hospitals and care for seamen and marines in 1798

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  • C.W Williams Healtj Center

    Case Study: C. W. Williams Health Center: A Community Asset Dr. Charles Warren “C. W.” Williams had a passion and a desire to be of medical service to “those less fortunate” (Swayne, p. 742) in the Charlotte/Mecklenburg, NC community. He enlisted the help of other medical professionals to assist with the creation of a health facility that would serve “the unserved and underserved population of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.” (Swayne, p. 742) Unfortunately, Dr. Williams died shortly after

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  • Responsibility Centers

    Responsibility Centers & Financial Controls Abstract Deer Valley Lodge in Park City Utah has requested an evaluation on the profitability of a new series of ski lifts for its world-class ski facility. Present-value, pre-tax and post-tax calculations all indicate that the addition of new ski lifts will do well to improve lodge revenues both in the sale of lift tickets as well as overall sales of resort stays, shopping and restaurants. Deer Valley Resort is an over 2,000 acre upscale ski

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  • Orangeburg Regional Medical Center

    Orangeburg Regional Medical Center HCS 235 January 16, 2012 Maria Cabanillas Orangeburg Regional Medical Center has been serving the residents in Orangeburg County over thirty years. Over the years they have added more square footage, open the doors for new wings and job opportunities. Not only that it provided close services for the patients, they no longer had to make a seventy mile drive to have a specific service done, it was now done locally. With a great staff and some state of the

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  • Executive Summary – American Rehabilitation Centers & South Beach Health Partners

    Executive Summary – American Rehabilitation Centers American Rehabilitation Centers (ARC) is a leading provider of outpatient rehabilitative services. Their strategic goal is to use noninvasive treatments to lower direct costs and reduce recovery time to each patient. The company is looking to expand into sports medicine as it is a rapidly growing field, this case study is to examine two business opportunities to see which would be the better option given their goal. Proposal A is for one single

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  • Center for Medicare

    Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, once called the Healthcare Financing Administration was signed into law on July 30, 1965 by President Johnson. The Medicare and Medicaid programs were created under the social security act to provide health insurance to people with disabilities, low income families, people 65 or older, or people with terminally ill disease. Medicare was once the responsibility of Social

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  • Hispanic Center

    Nancy Quero Dr. Longberg EN 102 June 14, 2011 Hispanic Center of Western Michigan Being a Hispanic and an immigrant woman in this country, I felt insecure and fearful to confront a new world of living in the United States. When I first got here, I had so many questions and doubts. I did not know the language, how to apply for a job or where to look for help and support to make my life easier. After a couple of years, I found a small but very important Hispanic organization that helped me to

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  • Rehabilitation Centers

    Rehabilitation Centers: An Integral Part of Patient Care Rehabilitation centers are designed to help “restore some or all of a patient’s physical, sensory and mental capabilities that were lost due to injury, illness or disease” (Farlex, 2012). Many doctors will prescribe rehabilitation services after a patient has suffered through an amputation, neurological issues, a variety of orthopedic injuries, spinal cord injuries, stroke or other traumatic brain injuries. Patients can be treated

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