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    the Japanese term “anime”, Japanese animation is gaining recognition as a medium that appeals to children and young people. Anime has had an undeniable effect on American popular culture. For example, many children’s cartoons, such as The Powerpuff Girls and Kim Possible have begun to use an anime copycat style, “anime looks [were] leaping from the screen” at last fall’s 2 fashion runways , and Hollywood blockbusters either use animated scenes directly (Kill Bill

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    Running Head: JAPANESE ANIMATION 1 LIBERAL ARTS JAPANESE ANIMATION 2 Probably all have ever seen or just heard about the anime. Everyone remembers the characters that differ colored hair and big round eyes. Works such as Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z, Gundam Wing, and of course Pokémon are a cult of its genre. I'm sure many have seen these cartoons, but never thought about what they are and who made them. I remember when I was a kid watching Pokémon after school

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  • How Anime and Manga Affect Teenagers

    HOW ANIME AND MANGA AFFECT THE LIVES OF TEENAGERS Presented by: Paula Carmela Pascua Cheska Andador Kimberly Lourdes Tina Amper Ace Estranero Sheena Ornopia Table of Contents Rationale -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page Problem --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page Significance of the Study ------------------------------------------------------- Page Related Literature and Theoretical Framework

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  • History Behind Music

    has powerful effects on its audience is undisputed. Careful examination of the reasons behind these effects, however, has been largely ignored. We tend to compare previously unassociated dramatic pieces we hear to film music - but what piece cannot be compared to film music nowadays? Every pre-composed piece or spontaneous melodic fragment is potential fodder for a cinematic soundtrack. The real questions lie in how and why people have been compelled to combine drama with music throughout history. This

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    Values and Expectations of work-personal life integration of young British and Southeast Asian students o An autobiography of health: a study of health and identity o Registered order to enhance their quality of life o An investigation of how therapists assess that change is occurring during therapeutic sessions with child clients within the field of mental health that rely on play as the primary form of communication o A study exploring emotionality and motivation of the sport spectator

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  • Behind the Scenes of the Garment Industry in Bangladesh.

    Behind the scenes of the garment industry in Bangladesh. And the challenge of making even a modest change In the fashion industry, a company selling a T-shirt in the UK for EUR 4.95 may spend only 95 cents on production in Bangladesh, yet it will still see to it that ‘corporate responsibility’ is written large in the headlines of its sustainability reports. How can this be? From a feminist perspective, it is curious how in order to perform idealised gender/class identities women and men must buy

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    Values and Expectations of work-personal life integration of young British and Southeast Asian students o An autobiography of health: a study of health and identity o Registered order to enhance their quality of life o An investigation of how therapists assess that change is occurring during therapeutic sessions with child clients within the field of mental health that rely on play as the primary form of communication o A study exploring emotionality and motivation of the sport spectator

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    Animation in Southeast Asia – John A. Lent - Newspaper and comic book cartoonist were responsible for early animation in the Philippines. In the 1980s and 1990s, studios came onto the scene in the Philippines. In recent years, Southeast Asia has become an important region in the international division of animation labour. Some Japanese, Americans and European studios transferred their businesses to the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. - Animations were designed

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  • Anime Addiction

    Anime addiction and Its Influence to the Lifestyle of High School students of St. Mary’s College of Tagum _________________________ A Research Presented to ______________________ In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in English IV By Acknowledgement This research paper would not be exist without the Help of our parents, who give us advice when we need them, Who inspires to work this research paper, they were a great source of support and encouragement.

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    CHAPTER 1 Problem and Its Background Introduction The word Anime was just an abbreviation of the word animation. Moreover, Animation refers to computerized simulation of processes using images to form synthetic motion picture, also known as Graphics. In Japan, the word is used to refer to all animation. Outside of Japan, it's become the catch-all term for animation from Japan. For decades, anime was produced by and for Japan a local product, with a distinct look-and-feel to not just the artwork

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  • 5w's Behind Healthcare Reform Initiatives and How They Affect Him Pro's.

    HT1000 Week 3 assignment 3/18/2014 The 5W’s behind recent healthcare reform initiatives and how they have, are or can impact the delivery of healthcare and HIM professionals. There have been many controversies over healthcare reform ideas and all the issues that may or may not arise affecting everything from the delivery and costs to the patients, HIM and surrounding professionals roles, and the politicians and the different ideas they stand behind. Examples of some of the most influential and

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    put out the volume nor quality that American films do. (I'm not saying Eastern movies aren't of good quality, I love tons of foreign films) However Japan did have something that was sparked by the creation of one of the most timeless characters in anime history. Astro Boy. In 1952, Osamu Tezuka created one of the most influential characters in animated history. As a young boy he was raised into a family that was rather well off. Luckily enough his family was well off enough that his mother would

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    Japanese anime, not so far, it will affect their lifestyle and it may also improve their mental and emotional skills. I. Introduction A. History B. Terminology 1. Word Usage 2. Synonyms II. Causes of Watching Anime A. Symptoms of Watching Anime B. Anime Replaces your Responsibilities III. Effects of Watching Anime A. Increased Social Interaction B. Potential for Behavioral Problems C. An Interest in Art IV. Benefits of Watching Anime

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  • Effect on Anime to the Fourth Year Students

    Effects of Anime to the Fourth Year High School Students of the Surigao Education Center S.Y. 2012-2013 A Research Paper Presented to The Faculty of the High School Department Surigao Education Center Surigao City _______________________________________________ In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in English IV _______________________________________________ By: Abucejo, Kenneth Alfe D. Famador, Mark Virgel L. Yaun, Mary Allyssa A. Canibel, Maila Jane C Calang

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  • Behind the Scenes: How Anime Is Produced

    Anime is one of the few areas left where "traditional animation" is done. Traditional animation is a technique where each frame is drawn by hand. This method makes anime emphasized on how artistically it is made and allows more individuality to be expressed. Also, it clearly differentiates anime from cartoons, especially Disney animation which has more emphasis on the characters' movements. Even though computer animation is widely used these days as technology rises, the industry prefers traditional

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  • The Scene

    The Scene: A Frozen Moment in Time “A photograph is not just the result of an encounter between an event and a photographer, picture-taking is an event in itself, and one with ever more peremptory rights – to interfere with, to invade, or to ignore whatever is going on” (Sontag, 11). Photography narrates the world. A simple photograph can freeze time, halt any moment you please. Photographers have a choice to choose between telling a narrative and expressing art. But when it comes down to it, no

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  • How to Handle a Hazardous Scene

    HOW TO HANDLE A HAZARDOUS SCENE The scenario is that a rain has been derailed right behind a hospital and charter house (senior residence) and the train is carrying 30,000 gallons of anhydrous ammonia. The chemical ruptures. The effects are irritation to the eyes and chemical burns to the skin, eyes, nasal passage and throat and lungs. Some of the chemical starts to burn which creates toxic gases and now we have a disaster that eventually causes mass casualties and mass fatalities. The winds

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    A Brief History of Anime Michael O'Connell Source: Otakon 1999 program book Early Days At the beginning of the 20th century, Japanese graphic artists began to feel the influence of two very powerful Western inventions: the newspaper comic strip and the motion picture. With its word balloons and linear story-line, the comic strip provided Japanese story-tellers with a structure that was readily accessible to the masses. Soon, popular cartoonists like Rakiten Kitazawa and Ippei Okamoto were producing

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  • How Does Shakespeare Show the Different Moods and Feelings of Beatrice and Benedick in Act 2 Scene 1 and Act 4 Scene 1?

    How does Shakespeare show the different moods and feelings of Beatrice and Benedick in act 2 Scene 1 and Act 4 scene 1? Shakespeare demonstrates Beatrice and Benedick's relationship as intricate and diverse so in this essay I'm going to delve into their relationship and different moods and emotions. The character of Beatrice is introduced as bright and having a Sharp-tongue in act two scene one. She is already shown sharp-witted and mocks Benedick’s uselessness as a soldier and friend. In this

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  • Anime World

    Anime are Japanese cartoon TV-series. More than 90% of this TV-series are based on manga (Japanese comic books) like Dragon Ball Z, Pokémon, and Naruto. A few percent is based on games, a good example will be the short 12 episode TV-series based on the game Devil May Cry. The smallest percent goes to TV-series based on something different from manga and games. For example, Supernatural: The animation which is based on the American TV-series of Supernatural. Anime native language is Japanese, the

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  • Anime Addiction

    to watch anime to needing to watch it. Our personal take on anime is we watch what we enjoy. And we truly like anime. But we keep thinking we should stop watching because it is childish. We purchase anime on rare occasions, and watch anime maybe once a week. Recently we have been watched a lot more anime than we should often since we found online site for anime. We’ve guess what we am saying is most of my friends and family "don't get the anime thing". Therefore, we end up watching anime on my own

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    Anime: A little more than a childish indulgence When one thinks of the word “Animation”, the first word that arises within their minds is surely to be cartoons, in which they will conclude that all animation is for children. However if one pries in deeper and manages to see through the eyes of an experienced animator, they would understand that animation is more broad then they originally have believed. Furthermore, the focus of Japanese Animation “Anime”, can be explored in depth to show

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    Effects on Watching Anime to the High School Students A Term Paper Presented To Ms. Inot Lourdes College In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements in English 2 By Justin L. Yu Bachelor of Science in business administration Feb. 25, 2014 Outline i. Introduction…………………………………………………………………………2 ii. Body…………………………………………………………………………………2 a. The effects of watching anime to the students b. The effects for the students who are watching anime iii. Significance

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  • How Does the Director of Great Expectations Use Filmic Techniques to Create an Atmosphere of Tension in the Scene Where Pip's Benefactor Is Revealed?

    How does the director of Great Expectations use filmic techniques to create an atmosphere of tension in the scene where Pip’s benefactor is revealed? This essay will be analysing the scene where Pip’s benefactor is revealed in David Lean's version of 'Great Expectations' focusing on how tension is brought to the screen. Great Expectations is a novel written by Charles Dickens in 1861 but set in 1812. The film version I will be analysing was produced in 1945. Firstly an interesting aspect of

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  • Anime Fanfiction

    Prologue-Fifteen years ago Resisting the temptation to look back at their beloved home burning up in flames, a couple ran as fast as they could, away from their pursuers behind them. With tears falling uncontrollably from her eyes, the woman clutch the screaming infant in her arms tighter against her chest, all the while whispering sweet nothings into the infant's ear, trying to calm her down. While at her side, her husband kept murmuring to himself, "We will get through this. We will pay them

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  • Mise En Scene: What It Is & How It's Used in "Cabin in the Woods"

    Mise en scene is a French term that is defined as the overall point of view of a movie or the "placing on stage". In other words, it refers to the combined experience of what the viewers hear, see and think of when they watch a movie. The mise en scene of a movie catches the attention of the viewers’ moods as much as lighting, props sounds, and smells do. It alerts their emotional response system to a real-life setting, which is conveyed in the movie. Mise en scene has two significant visual

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  • Why Is Anime an Art

    Why Anime? ‘Why anime?’ is the main concern of this paper. But before answering this question we should think about What is anime? First, anime is a phenomenon from the pop culture in Japan and has a very close link with the economy, just like the one in the USA at the time where Warhol reflected the movement of industrialization in his work of art. Anime is believed to follow the flow of popular taste and the demand of the market and attract a more diverse audience by its accessibility of cultural

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  • Why Do People Watch Anime?

    Why do people watch anime? Anime is a type of animation that has originated from Japan. Some animes first start out as a comic known as manga. Moving from Japan, anime as been making its way across the globe, jumping from continent to continent. Now it is slowly becoming popular in America. Yet there are those who still think anime is something that should not be shown in America due to it being from another country. Also they do not bother to find out what anime truly is. Anime represents a style

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    “Bawal na ba akong pumasok sa classroom nato?*sniff*” ayyy…O.a Lang…(scene effect ha.)natahimik namanang lahat at yong fans nya ditto parang mai-iyak na din. “Tell me!”sabi nya kay teacher..Infairness ang galling nyang umiyak kahit walang luha.hahahaha “Amm..Y-y-y-you know naman chris diba n-na…”bago pa makapasalita si teacher pinutol na nya ito ng.. “Na anu?!”wow! in..Wow.. “Na Excuse kayo dahil sa punishment nyo.”(scene effct break) napatayo ng tuwid si chri atsaka hindi na lukot ang

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    Summary of chapter 2 Paulo Freire has a problem with how education has been conducted since the 19th century. In his essay, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Freire compares two concepts of education that are present today, banking and problem-posing. In banking teachers assume students are passive, take all control, determine what will be learned, and “fill” students with pre-selected information. Problem-posing education allows people to develop their human natures fully because it depends on dialogue

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    Technology Studies from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, studied the effects of anime fandom on IT students. He found that one great benefit that anime has on students is increased social interaction. IT students, Eng notes, have generally been victims of a stereotype that casts them as antisocial and unapproachable. When IT students become anime fans, they're immediately accepted by all of the other students who like anime, as well as a community of fans on the Internet. This applies to any student

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  • The Effect of Anime

    I. Background of the Study Anime is a type of cartoon but rather, it is complex, mature, broader, and even the animation drawing is on a higher level than that of a mere cartoon. Anime, which originated in Japan, is drawn by a “Mangaka” (artist) into manga (comic) drafts. These drafts are then rearranged, colored and synchronized by a hundred of staff. After the sequencing, a “Seiyuu” (Voice Actor) will give life to the character. One second of movement needs twenty-five to thirty-five drafts

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    Cultural consumer and copyright: A case study of anime fan subbing Carlo Valencia BSED 1st year Abstract This paper intends to discuss copyright infringement from consumers’ perspective through looking into anime ‘fan subbing’. Anime fan subbing refers to the participatory consumption in which avid fans copy anime (Japanese animation), translate Japanese to another language, subtitle and release subtitled version on the Internet to share it with other fans, without asking for

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    The Effects of Watching Anime to Its Viewers A Research Paper Presented to Mrs. Julie Ann A. Ilagan Sta. Teresa College In Partial Fulfilment Of the Requirement For Research By: Karla A. Lara Angelica Lhane P. Guia Ma. Jeanette Contreras Arleigh Trisha Daniel Macarandang IV – St. Matthew Chapter II This chapter includes reviewed literature and studies that would lead the researchers to better understand the proposition and gain knowledge and data needed in this study. A. Review of Related Literature

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  • In Act 4 Scene 1, How and to What Extent Does Shakespeare Create Comedy Through the Presentation of Dominance?

    words In Act 4 Scene 1, how and to what extent does Shakespeare create comedy through the presentation of dominance? In this scene Shakespeare creates comedy through dominance to a certain extent, Shakespeare shows two types of dominance, physical and mental dominance. Also, Shakespeare has made powers very clear in this scene. For instance, Petruchio is at the very top of the pecking order; as he controls everyone in the scene, Grumio is head servant, he comes second in the scene then the other

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  • Behind the Scenes in Sport

    Behind the Scenes in Sport Is sport really just about what is called just like in an exciting tournament or something deep? I believed the latter and to quote a saying I recently just discovered that, “to everything including the simplest of things there is something like a behind or, to be more understandable, more to it”. S-P-O-R-T. Just hearing and saying the word make our faces smile and hearts dance. Maybe because it not only offers us recreation and amusement but make our competitive minds

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  • The Rave Scene

    “If you kiddies didn’t rave in the 90s, you don’t even know what a real rave is. You raved in the 90s? Aren’t you a little old to still be in the scene now? EDM has no age limit guys, as long as you don’t listen to sellouts like Avicii. Avicii is really good. You only like him because you’re on massive amounts of drugs. Don’t judge someone who takes drugs. Yeah, judge the half naked girls instead. You only go to raves as an excuse to dress like a slut. Bros don’t belong here. Teenagers don’t belong

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  • Anime

    Anime is commonly defined as animation originating in Japan. (アニメ?, an abbreviated pronunciation in Japanese of "animation", pronounced [anime] ( listen) in Japanese, but typically /ˈænɨmeɪ/ ( listen) or /ˈɑnimeɪ/ in English.) The definition sometimes changes depending on the context.[1] In English-speaking countries, anime is also referred to as "Japanese animation".[2] While the earliest known Japanese animation dates to 1917,[3] and many original Japanese cartoons were produced in the ensuing

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  • Japanese Anime

    products, none were strongly impregnated with a 'Japanese bodily odor'-as even Japanese anime characters were modeled on Caucasian body types and were sited in fantasy lands quite different from 'Japan'. This odorlessness introduced the concept of Mukokuseki, which from a Japanese standpoint is intensely disconcerting. Mukokuseki is the idea of self-erasing features and characteristics (such as characters in anime) that are culturally and racially assimilated in order to become more acceptable on the

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  • Environmentalism in Manga and Anime

    Environmentalism in Manga and Anime  In Western news stories, Japan and the environment usually only come up together in one form: Japan is ruining the environment. Japan is hunting endangered whales; Japan is overfishing depleted fishing stocks; Japan has walled up the last of its wild rivers; Japan is building up all its wild areas.  All these accusations are, unfortunately, true to some large degree. Even in anime, all too often what we see are images that point to a continuation of the

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  • By Considering the Dramatic Effects Produced by Action and Language, Evaluate How Shakespeare Presents Lear and the Storm in Act 3 Scene 2.

    By considering the dramatic effects produced by action and language, evaluate how Shakespeare presents Lear and the storm in Act 3 Scene 2. Lear’s elder daughters have stripped him of his power and status, abandoning him to the dreadful storm. As his mind breaks down, he begins to see reality in a new light and to confront unpleasant truths. The style and structure of Lear’s speeches convey the king’s confused, violent state of mind. Shakespeare presents the audience with a man who is surrounded

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  • How to Succeed in Becoming a Crime Scene Investigatorr

    2011 How to Succeed in Becoming a Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) The career as a Crime Scene Investigator, better known as CSI, can be very rewarding. To help catch the “bad guys”, to me, can be very satisfying. My goal is by the end of this paper you will learn how to become a CSI, the first steps to take once you get to a crime scene, what to expect in the courtroom and hopefully how much fun a career as a CSI can be. Being a CSI is definitely not for the faint at heart, some crime scenes can

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  • Anime

    head: ANIME Teenagers today are so obsessed to Anime because it does not only entertain and communicates with them; it also reflects their own problems and struggles in life. Jimenez, Mariannel C. School of Languages, Humanities and Social Studies Mapua Institute of Technology December 04, 2015 Anime Research Paper: Teenagers today are so obsessed to Anime because it does not only entertain and communicates with them; it also reflects their own problems and struggles in life. Anime is a

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  • How the Angle of a Solar Cell Effects the Voltage Produced

    How the Angle of a Solar Cell effects the Voltage Produced Introduction: In this experiment, I will be experimenting the effect of adjusting the angle of a solar cell relative to the direction of light and the voltage produced based on the angle change. Factors: Some of the possible factors that could affect my experiment are * ------------------------------------------------- The angle of the solar cell. * ------------------------------------------------- The distance of the solar

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  • Anime Addiction

    Anime Addiction *   *   * Anime had widely spread in the whole world, its positive and negative effects are continuously being debated. 1.What is the history of Anime? 2.What are the reasons Anime Addiction? 3.What are the common positive effects of anime Addiction? 4.What are the common negative effects of anime Addiction? Intoduction A.Background information B.Importance of the paper C.Statement of the problem D.Definition of terms Anime addicton A.Reason of anime addiction

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  • The Effects of Anime Addiction to Students

    EFFECTS OF ANIME ADDICTION TO STUDENTS Thesis Statement: There are negative and positive effects that may result from Anime addiction. Introduction Anime is a style of animation in Japan which it can lead into addiction. Nowadays, anime addiction is very rampant especially among students. People with obsessive interest in anime are called otaku. I. Anime II. The negative effects of Anime Addiction to students A. Academic B. Health C. Behavior III. The positive effects of Anime Addiction

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  • Anime

    Abstract With growing popularity of online video games especially MOBA games, this study is to explore the impacts of these video games on people. Focusing more on the addiction, the psychological effects and how it effects on learning. This study will show the reasons of addiction to this game. How violent gaming can effect to the mental and emotional state of people. The effects of these games to learning, if it’s good or bad. If these games are changing the system of learning. To see if it enhances

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  • Anime

    are more discerning and seek value for money. These consumers are health conscious and are sensitive to price. This would suggest that an ability to recognise trends and react to them will help businesses develop and succeed. These trends influence how consumers act and purchase, therefore, operators need to tailor products and product positioning to meet the needs of these consumer trends. The focus should be on providing credible, healthy, authentic food. The primary research, identified a number

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  • Anime Affects Student's Study Habit

    “A study about the effects of watching Anime to the study habit of high school students.” A. Background of the Study Anime is a type of cartoon but rather, it is complex, mature, broader, and even the animation drawing is on a higher level than that of a mere cartoon. Anime, which originated in Japan, is drawn by a “Mangaka” (artist) into manga (comic) drafts. These drafts are then rearranged, colored and synchronized by a hundred of staff. After the sequencing, a “Seiyuu” (Voice Actor) will

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  • Study on Anime and Manga

    Introduction Anime refers to the animation style originated in Japan. It is characterized by distinctive characters and backgrounds, hand-drawn or computer-generated that visually and thematically set it apart from other forms of animation. Storylines may include a variety of fictional or historical characters, events, and settings. Anime is aimed at a broad range of audiences and consequently, a given series may have aspects of a range of genres. Anime is most frequently broadcasted on television

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