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  • Brand Equity

    range of products including furniture, accessories, bathrooms and kitchens at 186 retail stores in 30 countries across Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Australia. IKEA enjoyed high brand equity. | | In 2003, Manhattan US-based Interbrand, a marketing research and consultancy firm, valued the 'IKEA' brand at $6.92 billion and ranked IKEA 43rd on its list of the top 100 most valuable global brands, ahead of Nestle, Harley-Davidson, and Apple.3 | Analysts attributed IKEA's success

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  • Brand Management

    customer-bases brand equity (CBBE) in the Ralph Lauren brand and describing to what extent I think the Ralph Lauren brand has achieved resonance with its customers, moreover I will also be describing the Points of Parity (POP) and Points of Difference (POD) of the Ralph Lauren brand. I will also be recommending ways through which the brand can continue to be successful in the future. Polo Ralph Lauren created in 1967 by Mr Ralph Lauren is considered nowadays as one of the well-known brands throughout

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  • Best Retail Brands 2012 - Interbrand

    Best Retail Brands Founded in 1974, Interbrand is one of the world’s largest branding consultancies. With nearly 40 offices in 26 countries, Interbrand’s combination of rigorous strategy, analytics and world-class design enables it to assist clients in creating and managing brand value effectively across all touchpoints in all market dynamics. Interbrand is widely recognized for its Best Global Brands report, the definitive guide to the world’s most valuable brands, as well as its Best Global

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  • Brand Rankings

    Interbrand: Daniel Diez: (212) 798-7729 Porter Novelli for Interbrand: Alan Marcus: (212) 601-8443 INTERBRAND RELEASES 13TH ANNUAL BEST GLOBAL BRANDS REPORT Coca-Cola retains the #1 spot — Apple jumps to #2; Facebook enters Top 100 as Google overtakes Microsoft NEW YORK, New York, October 2, 2012 – Coca-Cola, Apple and IBM lead Interbrand’s 13th annual Best Global Brands report. While Coca-Cola retained its #1 position, Apple jumped to

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  • Best Buy Co Inc Swot Analysis

    Summary: Best Buy Co. Inc. (NYSE: BBY) was established in 1966 and since it inception has become one of the largest specialty retailers in the United States. Best Buy is a multinational electronics and appliance retailing company, specializing in consumer electronics, household appliances, software, and home-office products. Best Buy employs nearly 170,000 people with over 1,400 locations. Strengths • Physical Stores • No. 1 electronics retailer • Knowledgeable personnel • Smart acquisitions

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  • Retail

    “Impact of Multi Brand Foreign Direct Investment in Retail Sector in India (Before the approval)” 2. Author Name – Prof. Nikhil Polke 3. Theme – Retail 4. Institute Name & Address Tirpude Institute of Management Education 1, Balasaheb Tirpude Marg, Civil Lines, Sadar, NAGPUR – 440 001 5. Email – 6. Contact number - +91 99233 80707 Abstract India has been placed at first position in the category of countries with the best opportunity for investment

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  • Drapers 2012 Retail Forecast Report Summarised

    The UK Fashion Market: Present The Drapers 2012 Retail Forecast Sarah Curran, founder of etailer My-Wardrobe and Meg Lustman, managing director of womenswear chain Warehouse both state how consumers will become cautious in their purchasing habits therefore retailers must provide the right product. This is proven to be true, as consumers are looking to buy essential products that are long lasting with quality being the key incentive to purchase. Furthermore, they stated that providing exceptional

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  • Retail

    Importance of Supply Chain in Retail With this growth in retail, not only front end but the entire network of activities leading to a culmination of a successful retail transaction has undergone a significant development. Supply Chain is no different. In the course of this retail evolution in India, the supply chain has also seen significant activity. After all, Supply chain forms a major part of the sustenance of any retail venture. For the retail venture to flourish successfully, it should

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  • Retail Banking

    World retail Banking report 2012 Contents 3 4 7 Preface Key Findings Chapter 1: 8 12 21 Unlocking Pathways to Greater Customer Loyalty Customers Express Conflicting Sentiments toward Banks The Need for a Customer Experience Index The Growth of Mobile Banking 25 Chapter 2: At a Crossroads, Retail Banks Must Identify and Prioritize Core Strengths The Ground Beneath Banks Is Shifting Traditional Tactics Are Less Effective in the Current Environment The Way Forward: Extreme Measures

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  • Retail 2013

    2013 Introduction Welcome to our forecast for UK retail in 2013 UK retailing is set for another year of tough trading as the hoped for economic recovery is put back further and austerity continues to reign. This Verdict/SAS research shows those sectors and retail channels best placed to weather the storm, and those that will struggle and sets the scene for retail in 2013, highlighting the strategies, trends and innovations that will best ensure survival and aid growth. For more information

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  • Fdi in Retail

    in/2011/12/detailed-analysis-fdi-good-or-bad-for.html Detailed Analysis FDI Good or Bad for India Who will benefit in India if FDI is allowed in Multi Brand this is Kirana Business Few days back the Union Cabinet of India overcame years of indecision to allow up to 51% FDI in multi-brand retail. Government also increased the FDI limit in single-brand retail to 100% from 51% Government says it will benefit India. Traders fear the move. Opposition parties oppose the move as they know they will benefit

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  • Fdi in Retail

    2011-2012 PROJECT REPORT on “FDI in indian retail sector” Submitted By Mr. Sagar P. Mahalkar Mr.Sachin Shinde Mr. Shrikant Gaikwad Mr.Akshay Shisode Guided By Prof. Ramesh Sardar DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCE, UNIVERSITY CAMPUS, AURANGABAD. 2011-2012 “CERTIFICATE” This is to certify that the project

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  • Analysis for Best Buy Company

      1.0 Executive Summary 1 1.1 Section I. 2 1.2 A) Company History 2 1.3 Strategies and Tactics used by Best Buy 3 1.4 B) Mission Statement (implied).……….……………………...……………………………………...4 1.5 Analysis of the Mission 4 1.6 C) Objectives 5 1.7 Analysis of the Objectives 5 2.0 Section II …………………...……………………..…………………………………….……………6 2.1 Financial Analysis...………………………………………………………………….…..…………...6 2.2 A) Ratio Analysis………..…………………………………………………………………………...6 2.3 B) Evaluation of the Income and Balance

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  • 100 Top Global Brands

    Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands in 2013 Brand Value, Mission & Vision: APPLE Brand Value: Founders of Apple Steven Wozniak and Steven Jobs both dropouts of school Apple was incorporated in the state of California on January 3, 1977 Apple II debuted at a local computer trade show No. 20 on “Brand of the Year 2009” award The recession won’t take a bite out of this Apple Revenue of first quarter $15.68 billion in 2009 ($3.98 billion more than 2008). Apple has a

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  • Retail Brands

    list more than any other retailer, increasing its brand value by 62 percent to rank 40, up from 49 last year, according to Interbrand. The retailer’s decision nearly a decade ago to drop all of its regional department store nameplates  — from the Bon Marche in Florida to Marshall Field’s in Chicago – and convert them to the Macy’s brand has paid off, despite ample criticism at the time that the stores would lose their local flavor, Interbrand executives told, in an exclusive interview

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  • Retail Audit

    Retail Audit Part A Victoria Secret Group: Natalia Banateanu Jennifer Diep Jeffrey Ho Jim Nguyen Nathan Nguyen Work contribution: As a group, we agreed that everyone did the same amount of work. Our group divided the work by each category and thoroughly took time to research each individual retailing website. Everyone had two categories to work with. “Retail Site Preference” was completed as a group. Retailers for running shoe: Jim Comparison in shopping outline and local store experience

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  • Dixons Retail Case Study

    Dixons Retail PLC Planning for a Multichannel Future Dixons has grown from a one-man band into a fully orchestrated international retail and service operation, which attracts over 100 million shoppers to its stores and online businesses. How did the company get started and then develop into Europe’s leading specialist electrical retailers? This case explores the significance of adopting a market-orientated approach to planning in developing a family of successful international retail brands. Background:

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  • Retail

    as Seeds, Fertilizer, Motor, Crop care & Public Health, and Animal Health, whilst ACI Logistics has been established to devote itself to benefit the end users of all products. Introducing Shwapno Best Price with Quality and Value- this was the premise with which ACI launched its mega retail operations Shwapno. On 0ctober 2008, Shwapno embarked on its journey with a network of 40 outlets across Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet and till date it holds the position of the largest neighborhood supermarket

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  • Interbrand-Best-Global-Brands-2013-Report

    Best Global Brands 2013 Table of Contents JEZ Leadership is evolving. It must now be shared. CEOs, CMOs, and consumers all have the power to drive brand value. Brands are where business strategy meets reality. GINNI The New Rules of Brand Leadership 2 From Information to Intelligence 82 Best Global Brands 2013 Sector Leadership 86 BISH 10 Creative Leadership 70 Methodology 120 China’s New Brand Leaders 74 Contributors 126 Corporate Citizenship 2.0

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  • Global Brand

    Best Global Brands 2013 Table of Contents JEZ Leadership is evolving. It must now be shared. CEOs, CMOs, and consumers all have the power to drive brand value. Brands are where business strategy meets reality. GINNI The New Rules of Brand Leadership 2 From Information to Intelligence 82 Sector Leadership Best Global Brands 2013 10 86 BISH Methodology Creative Leadership 70 120 Contributors China’s New Brand Leaders 74 126 Corporate Citizenship 2.0 78 MARK

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  • Analyzing the Role of Concept Design and Development in Brand Identification of Uk Fashion and Retail Market

    ‘design’ and ‘brand’ by which they have to stand out their products amongst their peers. In other words, ‘design’ and ‘brand’ have become emotional satisfaction criterion and core components of companies in today’s competitive markets. That is why effective brand identification, which is expected to be established and preserved by the brand strategist, and it is a number of distinctive connections of ideas related to the brand, is essential for market triumph in the competitive retail markets (Kim

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  • Brand Report Card for Direct Energy

    Direct Energy -Brand Report Card Global Marketing 1: Marketing Fundamentals Veronica Cheong [Email] [Web address] Table of Contents I. Executive Summary ................................................................................................1 Brand Scorecard ................................................................................................................................................... 1 Top 3 Recommendations .............................................

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  • Retails

    The current issue and full text archive of this journal is available at IJLM 22,3 Retail supply chain management: key priorities and practices Wesley S. Randall Department of Marketing and Logistics, College of Business, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas, USA 390 Brian J. Gibson and C. Clifford Defee Department of Supply Chain Management, College of Business, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama, USA, and Brent D. Williams Department of

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  • Best Buy

    Paper #1 The revenue of Best Buy declined by 2.4% since 2011. The company lost $1.23 billion in 2011, or $3.36 per share. This report will conduct a situation analysis of Best Buy, explain internal issues and the external environment, and summarize key issues that can explain the poor performance. One of the potential internal causes of revenue decrease for Best Buy is the fact that they have high dependence on vendors for a supply of their products. Vendors that supply Best Buy are located domestically

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  • Retail

    improve HongKong Suning’s customer service 1. Introduction: Established in 1990, Suning is the top one appliance retail operator and E-commerce in China. It is the commercial leader in China. Among China’s top 3 privately-run enterprises. As the largest commercial retail enterprise in China, Suning Commerce ranks first among top 500 Chinese private enterprises with the brand value of 95.686 billion yuan. In July of 2004, Suning Commerce (Suning Appliance (002024)) was listed in Shenzhen Stock

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  • Retail March 2014

    7% Indian retail one of the fastest growing markets in the world due to economic growth 0.5 Retail market in India to reach USD1.3 trillion by 2020 from USD0.5 trillion in 2012 2020E 2012 Indian retail market size (USD trillion) Favourable government policies to boost investor confidence and thereby investments across modern retail formats CAGR: 30.0% 27 2012 220 2020E Modern retail market to expand to USD220 billion by 2020 from USD27 billion in 2012 Indian modern

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  • Brand Strategy

    Name Instructor Course Institution Date Brand Strategy BRAND NAME: Nivea Sun-Kissed Radiant Skin Lotion Dollar Tree Inc. is among the biggest dollar stores in America selling a wide variety of products (Plunkett's Retail Industry Almanac 2009, 50). The picture of the Nivea Sun-Kissed Radiant Skin Lotion product sold at the Dollar Tree Inc is shown below. [pic] Retrieved 26 August 2014 from: http://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic

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  • Retail

    Multi Brand Retail 1. Overview of the industry: Retailing in India is one of the pillars of its economy and accounts for 14 to 15 percent of its GDP. The Indian retail market is estimated to be US$ 500 billion and one of the top five retail markets in the world by economic value. Comprising of organized and unorganized sectors, Indian retail industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India. The organised retail trade accounts for merely 8-10% of the total retail. According to the 10th

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  • Fdi in Retail

    Contents Introduction 3 Literature review 4 Research methodology 9 Analysis 11 Case study: Tata’s Croma 16 Findings 20 FDI in Retail in India 21 Growth drivers in India for retail sector 22 Discussion 23 FDI in INDIA SECTOR WISE 23 Conclusion 25 Bibliography 27 Introduction Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is fund flow (inflow/outflow) between the countries wherein one gains benefit from their investment whereas another can exploit the opportunity to enhance the productivity

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  • Retail

    LRVM ASSIGNMENT PROJECT A REPORT ON THE SURVEY FOR CLOTHING BRANDS Demographics of the people surveyed- The survey has been carried out over 25 people keeping in mind that all aspects of demographics has to be covered. Precisely, 18 males and 7 females have been covered, amongst which 40% are married and 60% unmarried people. The survey has been covered keeping all age groups in mind and having atleast one representative from each. In the group

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  • Best Buys

    Best Buy Corporation - S. Bensen, A. El Haddi, K. Fitzsimmons, A. Hussein, H. Marotske -- UST EMBA [1] “Best Buy Corporation: Strategic Management Analysis” S. Bensen, A. El Haddi, K. Fitzsimmons, A. Hussein, H. Marotske Strategic Management University of St Thomas, College of Business Executive MBA program, Cohort 62 Abstract Best Buy’s news coverage of the last few years has been consistently negative. The company’s performance and reputation suffered greatly. Its Earnings per Share fell

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  • Retail

    Sci. Vol. 1(1), 7-13, August (2012) Effect of Orgenised retail on Unorgenised retail in Indian retail market Gupta Himanshu1 Dubey Neetu2 and Patani Pawan3 2 1 Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, Indore, INDIA Institute of Management and research, IPS Academy, Indore, INDIA 3 Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, Indore, INDIA Available online at: Received 25th May 2012, revised 28th June 2012, accepted 30th June 2012 Abstract Retail is currently the flourishing

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  • Retail

    Course: Retail Management Program: International Exchange Program Part 1   1. When a consumer dines at an upscale restaurant, what factors determine whether the consumer feels that he or she got a fair value? How does the perception of value differ when that same consumer shops at a fast-food restaurant? Taking the example of an upscale restaurant the customers takes several aspects into consideration regarding a fair value. Firstly, it is more about the quality than the quantity of

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  • Best Buy

    Assignment one Best Buy Co. Inc : Sustainable Customer Centricity Model? Executive Summary Best Buy is a multinational retailer of consumer electronics. It operates as a retail store and online operations under several brand names in multiple countries, USA, Canada, Mexico, China and Europe. In Canada it operates under Future shop and Best buy names, offering in five revenue categories: Consumer electronics, Computing and Mobile phones, Entertainment, Services and other. Best buy’s mission

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  • Understanding of Retail .Tomaszewska J. Retail from the inside. Retail is the sale of goods to consumers, not for resale, but for use and consumption by the purchaser. The retail transaction is at the end of the supply chain. Manufacturers sell large quantities of products to retailers, and retailers attempt to sell those same quantities of products to consumers. Retailers can be categorizing by a type of products which

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  • Brand Promise

    Brand Promise Brand Promise Apple’s Promise to Customers Apple Inc. leads the market of computers and smartphones in today’s society. "Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and Internet offerings." This is the company’s promise to customers and mission that they stand by. Apple first took this promise public in a commercial during the 1984

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  • Mcdonald's Brand Analysis

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY McDonald’s is a quick service restaurant founded in 1955 by Ray Kroc. From its early days of serving burgers, McDonald’s has grown into a global household brand. McDonald’s now has restaurants in over 100 countries and has become the 9th most powerful global brand according to Interbrand. McDonald’s aims to be “customers’ favorite place and way to eat and drink.”  However, as the fast food industry has progressed, McDonald’s has lost its identity as that favorite place and is

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  • Retail Brands

    retailers’ own name, logo or trade mark throughout their own outlets. Most often private label brands were manufactured by retailer itself by putting any name or private log on that products. Retail products mostly reduce the cost of production because manufacturer or producers usually do not need to spend heavily amount on that products even private label brands were less advertised. Private or own-label brands enable the manufacturers to achieve the economies of scale in producing or distribution of

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  • Analysis of a Retail Brand

    returns and competitive advantage. For consumers, a brand is a promise and a sign of quality. Hence, many companies spend a lot of effort and resources to establish their brands, and also to strive for a long-term success. The purpose of this assignment is to analyze the brand development decisions, Marketing Mix and interpret the brand performance of UNIQLO, the No. 1 apparel retailer in Japan. About UNIQLO UNIQLO is a casual clothing brand which owned by Fast Retailing Co. Ltd and the first

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  • Retail

    HIGHLIGHTS ! During 2010-12, 55 mn.sq.ft. of retail space will be ready in 7 major cities ! Between 2010 and 2012, the organised retail real estate stock will more than double from the existing 41 mn.sq.ft. to 95 mn.sq.ft. ! About 20% or 8 mn.sq.ft. of mall space is vacant ! During 2009-12, the Organised Retail Market will grow at a rate of 31% p.a. ! Between 2010-12, a higher pace of real estate development in comparison to the pace of organised retail market growth, will create an oversupply

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  • Diversity in Workplace: a Study on Multinational Clothing Retail Brands

    Diversity in Workplace: A study on Multinational Clothing Retail Brands Diversity in Workplace: A study on Multinational Clothing Retail Brands Course: BUS 520 Management & Organizational Behavior Section: 3 Prepared For: Dr. Muhammad Shariat Ullah North South University Prepared by: Sarah Binte Mohiuddin ID # 1512983660 Md. Farhan Khan ID # 1512984660

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  • Retail Plan

    competitors in the same market. The aim of this report is to find the best-suited strategies for Mulberry, which is struggling to stay and compete in the market. This report presents analyses used to evaluate the internal and external environment and positioning of the retailer in order to get the rationale behind the retailers’ selected strategies. Burberry Founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, Burberry is a British luxury fashion brand, which is known for its outerwear (“Company History”, n.d.). In

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  • Analyse and Evaluate the Factors Behind the Growth and Increasing Globalisation of the Ted Baker Retail Brand

    Ted Baker is a Global clothing retailer, which was established by Ray Kelvin in Glasgow, Scotland 1988. At the start, Ted Baker sold men’s shirts. In the subsequent years, Ted Baker established itself as a global lifestyle brand that continued to develop and attain significant growth and development. Ted Baker has operations in Europe, Middle East, North America, and Australasia. Ted Baker has managed to gain a high geographical cover even in depressing economic periods. In 2014, Ted Baker had expanded

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  • Organised Retail

    Business and Management (IOSR-JBM) ISSN: 2278-487X. Volume 6, Issue 1 (Nov. - Dec. 2012), PP 16-25 Organized Retail in the Rural Markets in India 1 Surajit Dey, 2Dr. Sameena Rafat, 3Puja Agarwal 1 (Research Scholar, Department of management, CMJ University, India) 2 (Asst. Professor, IIPM, Lucknow , India) 3 (Management Faculty, Wisdom School of Management, India Abstract: Retail is a buzz word in today’s changing business environment. Different industrial sectors

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  • Ch Brand. Repeat This Times. Averaer of Kernels Popped for Each Brand to Determine Which Brand Pops the Best. Variables: Dependent - Amount of Kernels Popped. Independent – the Product Brand/Manufacturer Will Vary with

    Experimental design: Pop 100 kernels from 3 different brands of popcorn one brand at a time. Count the number of popped kernels for each brand. Repeat this process for each brand 3 times. Average the number of kernels popped for each brand to determine which brand pops the best. Variables: Dependent - amount of kernels popped. Independent – the product brand/manufacturer will vary with each test group. Controlled – cooking method, time and temperature will be regulated for each test

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  • Brand Audit


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  • General Management - Is Mcdonald's Taking the Best Approach to Improving Its Employer Brand Why or Why Not If You Were in Charge of Developing the Mcdonald's Employer Brand

    industry in which Dow operates and the strategy of the firm? Why? 12. Discuss McDonald's current situation from a human resource planning perspective 13. Is McDonald's taking the best approach to improving its employer brand? Why or why not? If you were in charge of developing the McDonald's employer brand, what would you do differently? 14. Would “guerrilla” recruiting tactics help McDonald's attract more applicants? Why or why not? If so, what tactics might be effective? 15. What

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  • Retail

    Retail Marketing In today's CRM landscape the old analogy comparing the rifle and shotgun approaches to message and / or offer delivery is perhaps more appropriate than ever, as more retail organizations struggle to achieve one-to-one marketing-communications with customers and prospects. Targeting allows a retail enterprise to channel its marketing budget where there is the greatest (and fastest) possibility of Return On Investment (ROI). In terms of overall business strategy, your ability to

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  • The 882 4bh 1000 Best Songs of All Time Countdown (2012)

    The 882 4BH 1000 Best Songs Of All Time Countdown (2012) Website List Number 1000 999 998 997 996 995 994 993 992 991 990 989 988 987 986 985 984 983 982 981 980 979 978 977 976 975 974 973 972 971 970 969 968 967 966 Title Take A Letter Maria It's My Party I'll Never Fall In Love Again I Say A Little Prayer I Wanna Wake Up With You Nice To Be With You Pasadena If I Were A Carpenter Could You Ever Love Me Again Classic I Can Dream About You Different Drum It Never Rains In Southern California Moviestar

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  • Brand Extention

    GB530 Marketing Management: Brand Extension Marketing Plan John S. Gumbs Jr. 31st January, 2012 Brand Extension Marketing Plan 1.0 Executive Summary Apple Inc. is currently known for its renowned operating systems that provide outstanding computing and gaming for its users. The organization has a vast list of multimedia productivity products and hardware units. Some of the multimedia products include iTunes, iWorks, and iLife. In the coming months of 2012 Apple Inc. will be announcing

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