Beyond Borders

  • Beyond Borders

    Lisa Eichholz Dr. Hilary Harris English 096-10 November 10, 2011 Beyond Borders Recently there has been a dramatic increase of refugees, estimating 11 million today which is up from the 3 million that was recorded in the mid-1970s ( Founded in 1919, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is now the largest humanitarian organization. In 1965 the IFRC proclaimed the Seven Fundamental Principles of Humanitarianism. The principle of humanity, the

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  • Beyond Benchmarks

    Beyond Benchmarks: Estimate Your Application Maintenance Costs Using Internal Data by Phil Murphy EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Applications professionals struggle to explain the cost of their applications' ongoing operations and maintenance to their business counterparts, who commonly perceive the costs as excessive. The business perceives these costs as excessive in part because of the way applications professionals deliver the information — as a large and indecipherable lump-sum budget item. Applications

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  • Cross Border Competitveness

    Crossing borders: MTC’s Journey through Africa 1) What are MTC’s key strengths and weaknesses? Some of MTC’s key strengths are its over 20 years of experience in the cellular business and the resulting strong brand recognition the company enjoys. MTC was the first mobile telecommunications company in the Middle East. The company quickly achieved expansion through the acquisition of several existing telecommunications companies in the region: MTC-Vodafone in Kuwait and Bahrain, Atheer in Iraq

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  • On the Border

    Batista Professor Black ENGL 102 06-06-2012 On the Border Is protecting our borders necessary? For the sake of argument, we can all agree some level of protection is necessary. A hasty generalization, perhaps, but let’s continue nonetheless. The real question becomes-- to what extent should we secure our borders? Here is where we reach a fork in the river. On one side, you have the conservative right-wing view, pushing to secure our borders at all costs. On the other side, is the liberal left-wing

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  • Amazon and Border

    Amazon & Border Books Risa Knight Professor Alethia R. Gardner Business 302: Management Concepts July 26, 2012 Amazon & Border Books The Defense Department created the Internet to keep its computer networks connected during an emergency due to national disasters or enemy attacks. Over the years academic researcher and the government adopted the internet and used it to exchange data and messages. Jeff Benzo’s realized that the internet usage was increasing by 2,300 percent a year

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  • The Future and Beyond

    The Future Beyond Utopia With the advent of future developments in science and technology, we will assign more and more decision making to machines. At present this is evident in military systems in which electronic sensors maintain the ideal flight characteristics in advanced aircraft. The capacities of computers today exceed five hundred trillion bits of information per second. The complexity of today's civilization is far too complex for human systems to manage without the assistance of

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  • Beyond Capitalism

    Michael Hargrove Soc 4010/5010 Instructor Montez de Oca 10/19/12 Beyond Capitalism America Beyond Capitalism: Reclaiming Our Wealth, Our Liberty, and Our Democracy, by Gar Alperovitz claim’s that our political/economic system can no longer sustain equality liberty, and democracy to the American working class. Alperovitz argues that a radical change to our political-economic system is needed. He also believes that it is at the lower or grassroots level that this change has to take place, but

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  • Border Patrol

    affects the United States border security by making some borders more accessible to cross and making them more feasible spots for illegal crossings while making other borders somewhat problematic to cross. For the United States, the East and West Coasts are sometimes challenging to access due to their geography. They face towards large oceans and are often quite distant from any foreign countries. The northern and southern borders are very long land borders. These borders go through very isolated

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  • Border Crossing

    take desperate measures in order to survive. He uses his experience with a border crossing simulation as a way to lure the reader into the article. Zaitchik then proceeds to use statistical evidence to enlighten the reader about Mexico’s economic dependency on migrant workers. Zaitchik travelled to Mexico to learn about and participate in the border crossing simulation. He effectively uses his experience with the border crossing simulation, its participants, the Otomi people and his knowledge of

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  • Border Citizens

    Border Citizens It is easy to characterize the history of the American West from 1865 to 1912 after reading Eric Meek’s “Border Citizens: The Making of Indians, Mexicans, and Anglos in Arizona.” In the first chapter, Meek mentions how ‘hundreds of Americans moved into the territory to improve their fortunes” (15). The United States changed dramatically from 1865 to 1912. The Southwest went through many changes as well during these times. Many changes occurred in industrialization, foreign

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  • Limelight and Beyond

    LIMELIGHT AND BEYOND When I think of the city Aurangabad, the things that come to my mind are the narrow lanes with roadside stalls, the brightly lit up local restaurants, the sound of meat sizzling on huge tawa stalls, the typical aroma of mughlai food. The Mughal influence is so dominant on this city that the very thought of this place paints a picture of the Muslim cult residing here, their culture and lifestyle. Every food journalist that comes to this city to explore its local cuisine is tempted

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  • To Infinity and Beyond

    To Infinity and Beyond until Across the Universe Have you ever wondered if there are any extraterrestrial life forms in the universe? An extraterrestrial is defined as life that does not originate from Earth. It is often also referred to as alien. “Alien” is a very familiar word even though many of us have never met or seen them. They are in TV or movies, and especially the Hollywood productions love to make movies about extraterrestrials. For example, ET (1982) is one of the famous SF movies

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  • Beyond Words

    Brandon realizes the challenge, went through obstacles, and later resolves the conflict. The acting, the setting and even the music all tie in together to make the story more effective because these elements make a great story. Because feelings go beyond words in this film it is critical for the acting, the setting, and the music to all work together in the right way. Trapped in a minor state of depression failure becomes expected and accepted but never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing

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  • Beyond the Bean

    Beyond the Bean - London, Ontario - Complete the marketing plan Background -gourmet coffee beverages and you can rent tables to play various games The Venture - No similar business in the area - 60 000 each in start -up capital - Near Richmond Row area of London - Revenue generation: snacks, drinks, and rental fees for the tables - Employees will have the knowledge to help understand game rules - No wi-fi - Games purchased second hand - Limited selection of alcoholic beverages

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  • Border Patrol

    BORDER PATROL ENFORCEMENT Border Patrol focus has been detection, apprehension and/or deterrence of terrorists and terrorist weapons (Working the Border Patrol, 2011). The duties and responsibilities of the Border Patrol is one of the most important jobs and it is to detect and prevent the entry of illegal immigrants, terrorists, and smugglers into the United States. Part of their duty is to maintain the surveillance that is in place from their covert position, follow up on leads, respond to

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  • Border War

    Border War A father and his son slowly makes their way over a ten-foot iron fence; propelling themselves upward by wedging their worn sneakers in between the large metal poles. They’re climbing the fence to go visit their family in America. They both have made this trip multiple times, and both know that if their caught the punishment will be a lecture and a free ride home. Maybe next time over they will carry some drugs to make some quick cash, this is my story and just like my dad and I were

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  • Without Border

    store, Pantaloons in Kolkata. Three Big Bazaar stores launched within a span of 22 days in Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Food Bazaar, the supermarket chain is launched. Central - India‟s first seamless mall is launched in Bangalore. Group moves beyond retail, acquires stakes in Galaxy Entertainment, Indus League Clothing and Planet Retail. Sets up India‟s first real estate investment fund Kshitij to build a chain of shopping malls. Future Capital Holdings, the company‟s financial is formed to manage

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  • Beyond Bikinis

    Assignment 2: Beyond Bikinis Trina Small Strayer University Marketing 100 Professor Zoppi March 15, 2014 Beyond Bikinis Description A long time ago, when girls and boys were playing and swimming together, plus size women sat and watched. Many plus size women use to hide their bodies in grandmother style swimsuits, or matching short sets. However, now all of that has changed with Beyond Bikinis. Beyond Bikinis is a small family business that makes sexy swimwear for women with curves

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  • Military on Border

    Should The United States Militarize Its' Borders What does the word territory mean to you? Could it mean simply an area of land that is ruled under the jurisdiction of a state or leader? Territory is one of the never ending battles humans of the Earth will face. We fought over it hundreds of thousands of years ago. And we are still fighting over it today. The battles we face today are different that in the past. Today the United States are fighting to keep the U.S. of America free and not overrun

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  • Customs and Border Protection

    United States Customs and Border Protection Mr. Angelo, Joseph CJ 355 Jonathan Mesngon July 20, 2014 Abstract This paper explores an overview of the mission and the overall organization of the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP). It will also discuss the roles and responsibilities of the organization, its history, and how they support the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This paper will provide you with facts, highlights, and challenges germane to CBP. You will understand

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  • America Beyond Nation-State

    Abandoning this advantage and define America with Protestantism, Anglo descent or European tradition will increase hostility derived from the feeling of “others” towards America outside of the corresponding regions of these symbols.    Being a country beyond nation-state, America has been the most successful country and civilization in the past century or even longer time. With almost all the people claiming American their identity and their loyalty to America and billions of people dreaming of immigrating

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  • India and Beyond

    as shown in figure 1. In addition, most of the Agreements notified to WTO in 1970s and 1980s were those in the European Community3 enlargement notifications. The “new regionalism” of the 1990s differed from the first wave of regionalism as it went beyond the tariff preference exchanges in goods, as it covered the entire globe rather than just Western Europe, and had a growing interregional dimension as many of the RTAs were no longer between countries of the same region (Busse and Koopmann, 2002)

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  • Border Culture

    Midterm: Border Culture American society as a whole is comprised of many different cultures that have joined us together to make who we are as a country. Mexico being our close neighbor has been a major influence on how American culture is being shaped today. Canada on the other hand has not even the slightest noticeable impact on America in comparison to what Mexico has done with cultural mixing. There are many outcomes to having Mexico as a border land the United States. Mexico’s society

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  • Border Security

    Running head: Has Technology Improved Border Security Operations 1 Border Security Technology HAS TECHNOLOGY IMPROVED BORDER SECURITY OPERATIONS 2 Border Security Technology Border security is paramount to the security of the United States of America. There are 7,000 miles of land border with Canada and Mexico as well as numerous

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  • Beyond Objectification

    Genesis A. Jimenez Professor Abigail Manzella English 2830 18 November 2014 Beyond Objectification: Ann Darrow’s real role in King Kong One of the most intriguing aspects of King Kong is the power of her visual effects. The multiple exposures, processed "shots" and a variety of angles of camera aim to provide viewers of 1930’s an escape from the severe economic depression before World War II. However, in King Kong the representation of the female role as an object of pleasure is somewhat disappointing

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  • Borders Company Profile

    Borders Group Inc. Company Profile Strategic and Operational Planning Assignment 2 May 31, 2011 By: Ayesha Mujtaba Abstract The # 2 bookstore operator in the US (after Barnes & Noble), Borders Group runs about 400 Borders superstores in about 45 states and Puerto Rico, as well as roughly 175 small-format shops under the Waldenbooks, Borders Express, and Borders Outlet banners. Borders superstores offer up to 170,000 book, music, and movie titles, and most feature Seattle's Best Coffee

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  • Beyond Flextime

    Organizational Behavior Beyond Flextime: Trashing the Workweek J.A. Counter’s ROWE program includes influence tactics as well as a couple of power bases. The influence tactics prevalent in this case are soft tactics because they are worker friendly and not coercive at all. Inspirational appeals are present in this case because the decision to incorporate ROWE into the work environment at J.A. Counter is a direct approach to appealing to all employees. They are no longer bound by set days and

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  • A Border in a Blender

    Dylan Watts Dr. Todd FSTY 1311.11 04 November 2012 A Border in a Blender The United States and Mexico have shared cultures throughout history. Soccer and cuisine are the two that stand out to me. I grew up in Lubbock, Texas where generally there isn’t much soccer played and there are not many Mexicans in general. We had one Tex-Mex restaurant, and it wasn’t even good. It wasn’t until my college writing class took a field trip to a local Mexican food trailer, that I truly experienced the fusion

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  • Cross Border Valuation

    9-295-100 Rev. August 7, 1997 Cross-Border Valuation Cross-border investment has assumed a prominent place among the key decisions facing investors and corporate managers. In today’s increasingly global marketplace, many investment projects, corporate acquisitions and mergers have important international components. The importance of cross-border valuation methods have been underscored by trends toward the relaxation of capital controls, European economic integration, and, since the early

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  • Border Security of Texas and Mexico

    BORDER SECURITY OF TEXAS AND MEXICO FirstName LastName Class Name DD Month, YYYY bORDER sECURITY OF texas and mexico Border security is a subject that is at the forefront of the mind of most people today. When considering border security, the subject of illegal immigration is often the first consideration. When considering the impact and cost of illegal immigration, many people consider only the jobs illegal immigrants may take away from legal citizens. While the impact to the job market

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  • Borders

    James Baldwin High School Anselmo Anorve A Block April 29th, 2012 Borders Since 1790 to 2006, certain immigration policies have been put in place. Most which seem unfair to certain immigrants coming into the U.S., restricting them because of their race, lack of intelligence, or because they just didn’t have the right skills in order to work in the U.S. We will be focusing on 4 immigration policies

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  • Borders

    18 Appendix 19 Executive Summary Borders Bookstore is a major leader in the book retail industry, with a differentiated strategy focusing on customer experience and a category management system. New technological growth such as the “Title Sleuth” and e-commerce capabilities allow Borders to stay competitive. The book retail industry is affected by the recent decline of the USA economy, though Borders continues to make a profit. Globalization and technology are

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  • Beyond Borders

    Beyond Borders Directed by: Martin Campbell Written by: Caspian Tredwell-Owen I. Set the Stage It was all started in London (1984), people are having a dinner party in a charity event. From London, next is in Ethiopia, it is a place/country wherein people are dying because they are lack of food and medicine. Here in Ethiopia, the two main characters met again, they did missions for the Ethiopians. After Ethiopia, it backs to London (1989, Sarah came back here because of her work

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  • Crossing Borders

    CROSSING BORDERS IN THE NEW IMPERIALISM (published in Colin Leys and Leo Panitch (eds), Socialist Register, London: Merlin, 2004) Bob Sutcliffe In words which seem uncannily relevant today, two mid-nineteenth century fugitives (in today’s language asylum seekers) wrote that “the bourgeoisie has through its exploitation of the world-market given a cosmopolitan character to production and consumption in every country”[i]. This cosmopolitanization (or in today’s vocabulary globalization)

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  • Beyond Budgeting

    Beyond budgeting is a leadership philosophy that relates to an alternative approach to budgeting. Beyond budgeting supporters suggest that traditional annual budgeting should be eliminated rather than simply be improved as it is fundamentally flawed (Hope and Fraser, 2003). This approach has drawn worldwide attentions. In this essay, I will explain principles of the beyond budgeting and evaluate its usefulness in practice. In order to conduct beyond budgeting, five principles are proposed. Firstly

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  • To Internet and Beyond

    To Internet And Beyond A Study About The Effects Of The Internet On Children Santos, Divine Agnes DS. BS Business Management 8:30-10:00 am In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for English10 Prof. Cynthia Sanguyu University of the Philippines Diliman Extension Program in Pampanga ABSTRACT This study is all about how the Internet affects the children. The researcher focused on the effects of the Internet in the development of children physically, socially, cognitively, and emotionally

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  • Borders

    help in the next turn of successes. Borders Group, Inc. was one of those companies whom were not successful in the business world. First founded in 1971 in Ann Arbor, Michigan by Tom and Louis Borders felt that their look of books would be transfer to the many people of Ann Arbor. The former Chairman and CEO Mike Edwards and former President Scott Henry were optimistic as well of this retail bookstore to grow and make money. With the idea of growth, Borders grew to 511 superstores in the United

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  • Us Customs and Border Protection

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search U.S. Customs and Border Protection Common name U.S. Customs and Border Protection Abbreviation CBP U.S. Customs and Border Protection patch.png Patch of CBP U.S. Customs and Border Protection logo.png Logo of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection CBP Badge.jpg CBP officer badge Agency overview Formed March 1, 2003 Preceding agencies Some

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  • Beyond Budgeting

    Beyond Budgeting Beyond budgeting is a leadership philosophy that relates to an alternative approach to budgeting. Beyond budgeting supporters suggest that traditional annual budgeting should be eliminated rather than simply be improved as it is fundamentally flawed (Hope and Fraser, 2003). This approach has drawn worldwide attentions. In this essay, I will explain principles of the beyond budgeting and evaluate its usefulness in practice. In order to conduct beyond budgeting, five principles

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  • Beyond Consumerism

    Beyond Consumerism: New Historical Perspectives on Consumption Author(s): Frank Trentmann Source: Journal of Contemporary History, Vol. 39, No. 3 (Jul., 2004), pp. 373-401 Published by: Sage Publications, Ltd. Stable URL: . Accessed: 21/03/2011 08:15 Your use of the JSTOR archive indicates your acceptance of JSTOR's Terms and Conditions of Use, available at . JSTOR's Terms and Conditions of Use provides

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  • Beyond Budgeting

     many   scholars  to  openly  question  the  need  and  validity  of  this  stalwart  of  modern  day   management  accounting.  Hope  and  Fraser  (2003)  spearheaded  the  ‘Beyond  Budgeting’   approach,  challenging  the  conventional  format  of  budgets  and  arguing  that  they  should  be   abolished,  removing  the  rigid  shackles  imposed  on  businesses

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  • Border Contraband

    Contr BORDER CONTRABAND Name Course Date In Border Contraband, Díaz examines the reality of change in the smuggling contraband over the Texas-Mexico border. Díaz states that the innocence of smuggling could not relate to the violence witnessed and what was reported in the news, a difference which inspired him to write the book. For example, the news media indicated that any encounter between the Texas Rangers and the border smugglers would result in the border smugglers initiating violence

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  • Beyond Massa

    Beyond Massa: Book Report The book entitled “Beyond Massa - Sugar Management in the British Caribbean, 1770-1834” written by Dr. John F. Campbell seeks to examine the mechanism of the plantation life, both the enslaved and the European whites who were otherwise known as masters. It delves deeper into the reality about slavery and revisionism, as this book challenges many past events and judgments that were based on slavery, with supporting evidence. Dr. Campbell focused on the British Controlled

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  • Border Control

    Border Control The Mexican-United states border is the most frequently used border in the world. For most, crossing this border symbolizes new opportunity and a chance for a better life. Laws, regulations, and money have caused the journey from Mexico to The United States to be extremely difficult. This causes people to cross illegally. The United States needs to make crossing the border and becoming a legal citizen easier and more achievable. The U.S. border control was created in 1924 to stop

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  • Literature Goes Beyond Life

    Literature goes beyond life "Literature goes beyond life. It is art; it is an imaginative creation that can tell truths gracefully, subtly through narrative, poetry and the movement of characters on a stage. Any imaginative act suggests possibility, and this is another reason to continue studying literature" (Florence Dee Boodakian). Literature has been the most influential art in the history of man. It passes down information from one generation to the next and unites all people from different

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  • Border Crime

    4/13/11 Border Crime Background: The blanket topic of border crime has always held a great amount of interest for me. I have done a few other papers on the topics of immigration, and the Mexican drug cartels. Through those papers I have learned a great deal, however I have only ever researched the problems along the Mexican-American border. Through this paper I have started branching my research out to include criminal activities along the other border as the Canadian-American border and the

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  • Borders

    Characteristics of Business Management The purpose of this paper is to show a comparison of two successful businesses. Borders Books and are two companies that both sold books but used different methods in operating their businesses. Even though they both were successful businesses, both companies had different leadership styles, visions and goals. Out of the two businesses, only one remain successful and present today. In this paper, I will show how both businesses started, how the

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  • Beyond Flextime

    Michelle Artus Organizational Behavior Case Analysis – Beyond Flextime: Trashing the Workweek What influence tactics and power bases are evident in this case? Explain. Research initiated by David Kipnis and his colleagues in 1980, reveals how people influence each other in organizations. The Kipnis methodology involved asking employees how they managed to get their bosses, coworkers or subordinates to do what they wanted them to do. Statistical refinements and replications by other researchers

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  • Beyond

    Beyond Legalizing Marijuana for Medical Purpose Angel Padro Devry University Professor Natalie Reid English 112 February 23, 2011 In this time of day we still have people that are against legalizing marijuana, but now it brings up discussion about marijuana if United States should legalized marijuana for medical purpose. Now you have to ask yourself something, why is marijuana illegal in the first place? If the government wants to legalize it for medical purposes, why not completely legalize

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  • The Border Wall

    The Border Wall There are many advantages to having undocumented immigrants in the United States. They are doing many of the jobs that American citizens will not do, such as picking crops on farms, cleaning houses and offices, and taking care of people’s children. However, the damage that they are inflicting is out weighing the benefits. They are breaking the law in many different ways, ranging from their mere presence as illegal aliens to criminal activities, such as smuggling

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