Bhutan Deforestation And Wildlife Extinction

  • Sea Turtles Threatened with Extinctions

    first is that we need to find solutions to decrease global warming. The second is that we need to decrease the pollution due to human. Finally, protect the sea turtle of human and predators. Sea Turtles threatened with extinction A lot of species are endangered because of global warming and more specifically the Sea turtle, which is the oldest species known in the world (Velaquez-Manoff 2007); it lived during the dinosaurs. Now the change of the climate threatens these

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  • Bhutan

    to import coal and 68.9 MT of coal was imported in 2010-11. In this context, it is also important to note that harnessing of hydro power in the country is also very important and this is already getting supplemented from our neighboring country Bhutan which is providing us through export of hydro power around 5.61 billion units on yearly average. The reassessed hydro potential (by CEA) of the country is around 1,45,320 MW and we have already harnessed 38,748 MW. To sustain a GDP growth of about

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  • Artic National Wildlife Refuge

    The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a national wildlife refuge located in the northeastern part of Alaska. It consists of over 19 million acres in northeast Alaska. It is run and controlled by the Fish and Wildlife Service in the Department of the interior. Its 1.5 million acre coastal plain located on Beau Fort Sea is currently viewed as one of the biggest and most likely next US onshore oil and gas prospect. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge was created in 1960 to protect and maintaining

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  • Deforestation

    paramount progressive issues the world is facing in different ways. This tumultuous predicament had been as result of deforestation of forest trees and women and men who are environmentalist and eco-feminist had played many roles in fighting against the patriarchal capitalist from further destruction and advocating protection of the environment and forest reserves. Deforestation is cutting down of trees in the forest areas and within our surroundings which meets human natural needs and provides

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  • Deforestation and the Environment

    Deforestation and the Environment Mankind has been cutting down trees since we first appeared in this world, for kindling, shelter, weapons and in more modern times for paper, furniture and housing. Changing and adapting the environment to suit our needs. Thousands of acres of forest have been cut down to satisfy our insatiable demand for wood and land in a process known as deforestation. Deforestation is defined as the clearing of trees from an

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  • Bhutan

    bout [pic] [pic] Welcome to Bhutan – the Land of the Thunder Dragon one of the most sought after travel destinations today. The land of the thunder dragon kingdom is a trekker’s paradise and an environmentalist’s dream. With 72 percent of the country under forest cover, Bhutan’s pristine ecology is home to rare and endangered flora and fauna. This spiritual land is the last bastion of the Vajrayana school of Mahayana Buddhism which provides the essence of a unique identity

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  • Deforestation

    Causes of Deforestation: Agriculture - As demands on agricultural products rise more and more land is brought under cultivation for which forests are cleared, grass-lands ploughed, uneven grounds leveled, marshes drained and even land under water is reclaimed. Plantations and commercial agriculture - A major force behind deforestation is commercial agriculture: Wealthy companies clear large areas of forest to be converted into farmland. Commercial agriculture such as: Palm oil and acacia

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  • Dinosaur Extinction

    Dinosaur extinction is still a major mystery of earth history. In this review article, extinctions in the geological record will be briefly mentioned. Many of the imaginative theories for the extinction of the dinosaurs will also be presented. Within the uniformitarian paradigm, the meteorite impact theory, once considered ‘outrageous’, now is the dominant theory. However, the volcanic theory is still believed by a majority of paleontologists. Both theories have their strengths and weaknesses. The

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  • What Are the Effects of Deforestation on the Earth?

    Abstract Deforestation is occurring around the world at an unprecedented pace. Throughout the forests of virtually every continent, people are destroying valuable forests either for purposes of living or trade. International trade and the buildup of the industrial complex are causing rapid deforestation. With the recent discovery of the damage to the ozone layer, numerous worldwide organizations and governments have taken strides to reduce the actions of humans that damage, not only the ozone

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  • Deforestation

    UNIT I DEFORESTATION CHAPTER 1 What is deforestation? Deforestation is the removal or damage of vegetation in a forest to the extent that it no longer supports its natural flora and fauna. In other words, deforestation can be defined as the transformation of forest land to non-forest uses where forest land includes lands under agro-forestry and shifting cultivation, and not simply closed canopy primary forests (FAO/UNEP, 1982). However, this definition does not include “logging”. More inclusive

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  • Deforestation

    DEFORESTATION By: Madan Thapa Economics 2302 Tarrant County College Southeast Abstract This paper gives the definition of deforestation and also shows the effects of it in the environment. This paper talks about the programs that are implemented in three major parts of the world Brazil in South America, Congo Basin in Africa and Indonesia in Asia. A forest is a home of many animals, insects, and plants. Cutting down trees means making all of these creatures homeless and make them extinct

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  • Wildlife/Bio

    I learned that the bird had to be reintroduced into the Ohio wildlife. Hunting in general is an important part of my life and my family’s life. Since I was young, I was raised to hunt, fish, and love the outdoors. Without animal conservation it would not have been possible for me to enjoy this sport and provide this type of food for my family. I believe that this type of research and project should be funded by the state. The wildlife that we have in our states is something that represents our area

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  • Deforestation

    Jill Cottle Econ 2302 Professor Nervo July 30, 2013 Deforestation and its Effects Deforestation is a prosperous business. Land is cleared to make room for infrastructures and other transportation which links once inaccessible populations to valued marketplaces and vice-versa. The scope of the problem with deforestation has been seen world-wide from the Brazilian Amazon, Indonesia, Russia, and even in the United States. Deforestation has a big payoff in the beginning; as trees are cleared

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  • Borneo Deforestation

    We have heard about the act of deforestation to make room for more land, such as crops. This not only puts endangered species in harms way as the act alone kills them, but it leaves the living without a home. A Huffington Post article entitled, 'Pygmy Elephants' Protection Was Slated Through Forest Reserve Designation In Malasia, Says WWF' (Eileen Ng, 01/31/2013) focuses on an area of Borneo (Sabah) that is home to the Pygmy Elephant. With fewer than 1,200 left in Malaysia, the elephant today is

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  • Deforestation

    Deforestation Jason Hennessee Axia College of University of Phoenix Deforestation “Dad! Dad! It’s opening day! Can we please go to the forest to watch the boats race?” Junior, age 10, was very excited about the idea of watching the boats race from the relative quiet and shade of one of the forests to border the river. “Sissy already has the car packed for the trip, and I think she even remembered to grab the charcoal this time!” Dean opened one eye. Seven in the morning was a bit early

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  • Deforestation in Indonesia

    South-East Asia ran this industry based on its 141.4 million hectares tropical rainforest covering. However, serious deforestation has occurred due to the over-development of the paper and pulp industry. More and more rare species of animals and plants are becoming extinct, not to mention global warming, water loss and soil erosion. This report will discuss the said deforestation and its effects on Indonesian environment and its community, and also focus on analyzing the role of various sectors

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  • Deforestation

    DEFORESTATION 1. Introduction The year 2011 is ‘The International Year of Forests’. This designation has generated momentum bringing greater attention to the forests worldwide. Forests cover almost a third of the earth’s land surface providing many environmental benefits including a major role in the hydrologic cycle, soil conservation, prevention of climate change and preservation of biodiversity. Forest resources can provide long-term national economic benefits. For example, at least

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  • Deforestation of the Amazonian Rainforest

    Deforestation of the Amazonian Rainforest Tiffani Swank GE150 Survey of the Sciences Erica Price/Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. to 12:24 p.m. Earth’s natural resources are what we are extracting from the earth. Industries, which excavate the earth’s resources, include forestry, oil extraction, and mining. Present-day society is based upon a vast consumption of non-replaceable minerals and fuels such as coal, oil and natural gasses. Other materials such as cotton, wool timber and produce, if utilized

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  • Wildlife in Australia

    country of Australia offers a plethora of sites, culture, history, diverse environments, and wildlife. Some of Australia’s wildlife include reptiles, marsupials, mammals, and marine life. Additionally, some of that wildlife is endemic to Australia, which adds to the exhilaration and beauty of the country. The country of Australia consists of six states and two territories (Kalman 2008). Many of the wildlife species live in their respective habitats specific to each territory just as any other animals

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  • Deforestation

    Deforestation Environmental Science SCI-204 iLab 1 People relay on products from rainforest everyday and never realize it. Today, people around the world use woods that come from rainforest for products like desk, flooring, instruments, and many other products made from exotic woods. “Tropical forests yield some of the most beautiful and valuable woods in the world, such as teak, mahogany, rosewood, balsa, sandalwood and countless lesser-known species.” (Rainforest Alliance, 2014) Many medications

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  • Bhutan Case

    Summary: The Bhutan country was an emerging market. They strived to instill innovative leaders who wanted to open up to foreign markets. The main industrial strive to increase its growing tourism business was in the form of Royal Bhutan Airlines. They experienced industry growth. This caused them to rethink their strategy of high value low volume. This was due to wanting to preserve the culture and geography of the small nation of under 700 thousand people. Royal Bhutan Airlines was contemplating

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  • Rain Forest Deforestation

    Rainforest Deforestation Tropical rainforests are an invaluable resource to wildlife and humanity. The level of biodiversity is unlike anywhere else in the world. A plethora of unknown species of plants and animals thrive in tropical rainforests, and many of them may offer medicinal benefits to humans; however, with the rapid deforestation of these areas, the Earth is losing some of the most precious resources. Logging, agriculture, and cattle-ranching are the main forces that drive deforestation and heavily

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  • Deforestation

    Amazon Deforestation | | Deforestation is the loss or destruction of naturally occurring forests. It is primarily due to human activities such as cutting trees for fuel, slash-and-burn agriculture, clearing land for livestock grazing, oil extraction, and many others. Deforestation is considered to be one of the contributing factors to global climate change. It can occur around the world, even though it’s more common in tropical rainforests. Countries with significant deforestation currently

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  • Wildlife Rehabilitation

    alerie Long & Susan Salcido Shannon Landrum BIO 140 16 November 2014 Wildlife Rehabilitation The environment is our world. What is going on in the environment should be a major concern to society but unfortunately is being taken for granite. People do not realize the consequences that the world will suffer if we continue to lose wildlife species. Humans are dependent on organisms for sustainability and organisms are dependent on other organisms for the biodiversity of our forests to remain

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  • Deforestation

    Research Essay Deforestation Leads to Serious Problems In the 21st century, the world is advancing to new heights in the field of technology. Human beings have made every facility for their better life. But human beings did not care about nature. Deforestation is the result of unawareness of human beings about nature. Deforestation has direct relationship with success of human beings. Thousand years ago, more than 80% of total land area was covered with forests. In present days

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  • Extinction of Mammoth

    Title: the extinction of Mammoth Introduction * Location and life of mammoth * Causes of extinction * Reasons for extinction Body Causes for extinction * activities as cause of mammoth extinction * Climate change in the extinction of mammoth(climate warming) * Loss of habitat * Radiation cause Reasons for extinction * Hunting and poaching * Protection from mega fauna animals. * Habitat loss due to vegetation and other factors * Use of skin for

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  • Protecting the Scenic Beauty of Wildlife

    Protecting the Scenic Beauty of Wildlife By Jeramy Buckman CM220 Unit 9 Final Project 7/17/12 I want everyone to close your eyes and picture yourself in the Rocky Mountains with your children hiking up a trail to your favorite camping site next to a hidden lake. While walking down the trail you are looking around looking for animals prints to show your children. You are excited to show your children some of the beautiful wildlife that you got to see when you where their age when your parents

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  • Deforestation

    Instructors’ name Unit Date. Deforestation. Deforestation involves permanent destruction of forests and the land used for non-forest uses such as urbanization and agriculture. Deforestation in the world results in loss of an estimated 18 million acres of forest each year. Deforestation is also the reason about half of the tropical forests in the world have been cleared, and forests cover only about 30% of the world’s land mass (Chakravarty 4). The effects of deforestation are far reaching where loss

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  • Marine Wildlife

    Alliance 2012). 2.0 The Growth of Marine and Wildlife tourism While many established resorts and destinations remain popular, holidays “off the beaten track”, or of special interest, are indeed capturing an increasing share of the market. Wildlife tourism, also referred to as ‘Nature tourism’ is thus increasing in popularity across the world with tourists seeking new experiences that will enable them to explore new ecosystems and their inhabitants. Wildlife tourism is generally referred to as “tourism

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  • Extinction

    and Algeria. This bear was the only bear ever to be native to Africa. Most naturalist consider this shaggy giant to be a subspecies of the Brown Bear, while others argue that it deserves its own species name. The Atlas Bear was well on its way to extinction during early historical times; it was hunted intensively for sport, and captured for arena combat, by the Romans that conquered northern Africa in the first century A.D. Scattered populations of the Atlas Bear persisted until the late 19th century

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  • Toying with Indonesia's Deforestation

    Toying with Indonesia’s Deforestation Andrew Wirawan Introduction to Environmental Studies April 2014 Introduction Indonesia is one of the world’s most forested countries with a wide variety of forest types. These forests are rich in biodiversity and unsurprisingly are an important livelihood source for a great number of people. Somewhere between 6 million and 30 million Indonesians are estimated to be directly dependent on forests (Sunderlin et al. 2000). As Indonesia is a developing country

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  • Manas Indian Wildlife Sanctuary

    Manas Indian Wildlife Sanctuary By: Joanne Petrie SCI/230 Robert Griffin Axia College 7/15/11 Describing the diversity of life forms found in the foothills of the Himalayas, on a gentle slope where the wooded forests give way to streams, and grasslands the Manas wildlife sanctuary is a home place habitat to many of a variety of endangered species and wildlife. The Indian rhino and Indian elephant and the pygmy wild hog, and tiger are the main endangered wildlife species that

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  • Environmental Impacts of Deforestation in Third World Countries

    creature. In addition, pharmaceutical companies are realizing the importance of the discovery of anti-cancer drugs that are only found in plants in the rainforest. We are not thinking of the consequences that deforestation of the rainforest will have on the Earth. We need to stop the deforestation and the destruction of the rainforest before it is too late. It is said that Mother Earth has given many responsibilities to the trees. Without the trees in the rainforest, it could have global implications

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  • Deforestation

    Deforestation Identifying the Problem Deforestation is the removal of related ecosystems or rainforests into ecosystems that are less biodiverse such as croplands, pastures, or plantations. Also, more people need wood to make furniture, houses, and many more everyday things. An estimated 18 million acres of forest are lost each year. Believe it or not but in 100 years if the current rate of deforestation continues all forests will be gone. This will cause terrible effects on the global

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  • The Effects of Deforestation

    The Effects of Deforestation on the Environment Concise Paper Americans have not always been concerned about the environment until recent years, since the changes in weather have been severe and obvious. Environmental scientists have been analyzing ways in which we could keep Earth alive and well. Our dependency on natural resources is increasing; therefore, the planet we live on is beginning to deteriorate. In specific, attention has been brought upon issues such as: global warming, droughts

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  • Deforestation

    Lohmeyer 12/7/13 The Genocide of Forests Forests still cover approximately 30 percent of the earth’s surface, but every year areas the sizes of Panama are being decimated (Deforestation).  The clearing of large tracks of forests, which is thereafter converted to a non-forest use, is known as deforestation.  Deforestation has a multitude of devastating effects in the world we live in.  However with the cooperation of people worldwide this process can be drastically slowed down and even stopped

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  • Deforestation in Indonesia and Philippines

    Deforestation in Indonesia and Philippines Deforestation has been a major issue on the global agenda for over 20 years. This problem has effected people, government and business around the world. The purpose of this essay is to compare the deforestation in two Asian countries which are Indonesia and Philippines. It looks at the incidences of the deforestation, the main causes and some government policies in these two countries. Deforestation is a major issue in Indonesia

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  • Deforestation Rough Draft

    Axel Soto Enc1101 November 4, 2015 Deforestation Walt Kelly once said “We have met the enemy and he is us”, while this quote can be used for a variety of things, in this instance it will be used to describe the concept of deforestation. According to Merriam Webster deforestation is the act or result of cutting down or burning all the trees in an area. There are many causes that can lead to deforestation for instance, agriculture expansion, logging operations, land abuse, and accidental wildfires

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  • Switch on Bhutan

    John Gonzalez When I started reading this article of Bhutan I was amazed that it took the people of this country so long to get television. Mainly because the King of Bhutan finally welcomed the arrival of modern communications technology to his Buddhist kingdom in June 1999. They were the last country in the world to legalize television. The reason for that is their religion, they believe that don’t need technology. Bhutan is an interior country in South Asia at the eastern end of the Himalayas

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  • Problems and Solutions in the Land of Bhutan

    The land of Bhutan Infrastructure The problem While Bhutan faces a unique challenge and opportunity in development ,the creation and maintenance of our physical infrastructure is one of the most essential objectives. Without a doubt our accessibility is one of the defining development issues in our country. Our transportation, both over land as aerial, is the key to access enterprises, markets, or services. Though fluent transportation is not a simple task. With the combination of our

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  • Deforestation

    Assignment 2 Deforestation Elaina Burns Science 200: Environmental Science Professor Tom Green December 6, 2015 Deforestation Deforestation is used to make the land available for housing, cattle ranches, oil, and fuel etc... The trees are used to make paper, pencils, furniture, houses, children’s toys, privacy fences etc…For many people especially third world countries trees are used to provide heat and a way to cook. Fires are used to detour wildlife from the villages/small communities

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  • Extinction of the Dinosaurs

    surrounds the extinction of the dinosaurs. According to one theory, dinosaurs were slowly driven to extinction by environmental changes linked to the creeping withdrawal of shallow seas from the continents at the end of the dinosaur era. Proponents of this theory propose that dinosaurs dwindled in number and variety over several million years. An opposing theory proposes that the impact of asteroid or comet caused catastrophic destruction of the environment, leading to the extinction of the dinosaurs

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  • Deforestation

    Deforestation Deforest is defined as the cutting down and removal of all or most of the trees in a forested area. ( The action of deforestation damages the quality of the land. The removal of trees without sufficient reforestation has resulted in damage to habitat, biodiversity loss and aridity. (Wikipedia) Deforestation affects the environment greatly and is one of the primary contributors to climate change. When deforestation occurs, carbon dioxide is released and remains in the

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  • Deforestation of Tropical Forests

    Deforestation of Tropical Rainforests Gabriel Corbeil ENV/GEO 120 March 20, 2015 Introduction: Tropical rainforests represent an important percentage of the globes biodiversity. This ecosystem is estimated to house 50% of all plant, insect and animal life. Covering less than 7% of Earth’s surface, it nonetheless is attributed with producing 20% of our oxygen supply. This unique biome arcs like a green arrow along the equatorial line. Its primary locations are South America, Central Africa and South-East

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  • Bio-Diversity and Wildlife Threatened

    natural ecosystems has contributed to wildlife habitat fragmentation which has been a serious threat to the survival of natural populations. Possible factors contributing to this decline include changes in food, loss of genetic variation, cover availability, evolution of predation, microclimatic effect, and lack of recolonization following extinctions. Habitat loss and fragmentation are processes that separate small populations, which have higher extinction rates that may lead to a reduction in

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  • Deforestation

    This paper will discuss deforestation across the globe and how it affects the world’s ecosystems. Everyday, a piece of Earth’s ecosystem is demolished by human hands for the conquest for timber, minerals, and other resources. Forests cover 2% of the Earth’s surface, 6% of the landmass, and yet they house half the animal and plant species while rainforests cover twice that area. Deforestation is occurring across the globe on a scale that if it were continue at its present rate the forests could disappear

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  • Waste Problems in Bhutan

    Waste problems in Bhutan Bhutan, a small Himalayan Kingdom, where “Gross National Happiness (GNH)” philosophy is the guiding spirit for the developmental progress, sustainable wastes management is inevitable, especially the municipal solid wastes (MSW). A nation, highly dependent on import, subsistence farming and tourism needs to be very careful with wastes generation and the management. As of now, the major population remains innocent about the consequences of the unmanaged wastes and waste management

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  • Wildlife Protection- Trade in Wildlife Articles


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  • Wildlife

    Wildlife Conservation Efforts in India Geography project [Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document. Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document.] 2012 Nishant Aishwarya Roll Number - 26 Introduction Wildlife includes all non-domesticated plants, animals and other organisms. Domesticating wild plant and animal species for human benefit has occurred many

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  • Bhutan and Gdp

    on things humanity seems to forget from time to time, like human well-being and the environment. Sandwiched in between China and India is a small country called Bhutan, a country that takes a different approach when looking at the well-being of its citizens. In 1972, 17 year-old Jigme Singye Wangchuck became the 4th Dragon Emperor of Bhutan, and implemented a new system that structures an economy around the happiness of its population. Gross National Happiness (GNH) is the sadly unorthodox alternative

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