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  • Big Data

    McKinsey Global Institute June 2011 Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity The McKinsey Global Institute The McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), established in 1990, is McKinsey & Company’s business and economics research arm. MGI’s mission is to help leaders in the commercial, public, and social sectors develop a deeper understanding of the evolution of the global economy and to provide a fact base that contributes to decision making on critical management

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  • Big Blunders from Big Business

    Big Blunders from Big Business     Mistakes in Multinational Marketing (Irwin series in marketing)   By David A. Ricks:     International marketing can be a tricky business. With the increase in global trade, international companies cannot afford to make costly advertising mistakes if they want to be competitive and profitable. Understanding the language and culture of target markets in foreign countries is one of the keys to successful international

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  • Big Mouth

      ‘He had a big mouth sometimes, but … how was that a crime? In the United States we have a Bill of Rights guaranteeing us freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Don’t we?’ This is what the American novelist Joyce Carol Oates writes the very end of her novel taking her point of departure in Matt Donaghy who goes to Rocky River High School. The above quote from the novel includes a discourse on the issues of being a big mouth and most importantly the freedom of speech which according to

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  • Big Data

    A New Era for Big Data COMP 440 1/12/13 Big Data Big Data is a type of new era that will help the competition of companies to capture and analyze huge volumes of data. Big data can come in many forms. For example, the data can be transactions for online stores. Online buying has been a big hit over the last few years, and people have begun to find it easier to buy their resources. When the tractions go through, the company is collecting logs of data to help the company increase their marketing

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  • Big Bang

    it is important to understand what Big Bang Theory (BBT) is and is not. Contrary to the common perception, it is not a theory about the origin of the universe. Rather, it describes the development of the universe over time. This process is often called "cosmic evolution". Over the last several decades the basic picture of cosmology given by BBT has been generally accepted by astronomers, physicists and the wider scientific community. However, no similar consensus has been reached on ideas about the

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  • Apna Bazaar

    APNA BAZAAR – THE PIONEER OF ORGANISED RETAILING IN INDIA Mr. Mandadi Krishna Reddy, founder Apna Bazaar, had just finished telling the MBA Retail Management students, at a well known business school, about his chain of retail stores. During the ceremonial interaction after his speech, Mr. Reddy was asked many questions about his business. In the course of this interaction, Mr. Reddy was asked by one student about his plans for Apna Bazaar in the future, especially if the Courts of Law ruled in

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  • A Study on Customer Percption About Wednesday Bazaar at Big Bazaar


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  • Big Bazaar Analysis

    Strategies of Big Bazaar Pricing strategies Big bazaar follows different pricing strategies to cater to different consumer segments. Value pricing, differentiated pricing, Instore experience Ambience Price Provide assistance Location Loyalty Customer’s profile: Organized retail is growing at a fast pace owing to increasing urbanization, changing lifestyles and higher disposable income levels of people. Due to lack of time spent for shopping, consumers in Tier-I and Tier-II cities prefer

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  • Big Mac. Big Mess

    Big Mac Meal, Big Mess Jordan Jasnoch, Devyn Kennedy, Ashley Hoffer, Cheyenne Hanson The large, glowing “M” in the distance beckons me forward as I head into McDonalds, a strange land of food that smells of oil, grease, sweat, and meat. The clambering of people all around me blurs into one indistinguishable chorus of noise. I ignore this as I sit down in a cold, leathery cushion to enjoy my meal. I start as always with the Big Mac, a dripping monster that is barely kept together by the buns that

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  • Big Bazar

    TITLE OF THE STUDY A study of customer relationship management at Big Bazaar. NEED FOR THE STUDY The study is undertaken for the partial fulfillment of degree of SCOPE OF THE STUDY The study of customer relation management gives us a clear idea about the relationship between Big Bazaar and its customers. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY * To study the relationship between Big Bazaar and its customers * To study its benefits in retaining customers * To study its usefulness in bringing new

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  • Big Bazaar

    experience of typical indian “bazaar” has been successful till now and Big Bazaar has also been successful with its policy of low price selling to consumers which is typically demanded by indian consumers. It also has its tag line to be “Isse sasta aura cha kahin nahi” . While big players like wal-mart are internationally renowned stores for their convenient stores with broader alleys , lesser waiting offering convenience to customers. They have larger stores than those big bazar and have a greater product

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  • Big Freedia

    Alex Cecola Professor Carrick Writing 140 64595 Assignment #1 January 30, 2012 Bigger Than Life…Try Big Freedia Scientifically, humans have been defined as having opposable thumbs, higher thinking, having dominion over earth, etc. But what defines one human before another? What makes one human more interesting and marketable compared to the next? A human being can be “intersectionally” classified by race and class just based off gender. Race and class are not only verifications justified

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  • Big Skinny

    Sponsored Search Strategy We believe that Big Skinny should continue to advertise via sponsored search ads. Based upon the Cost per Click model presented to us in Exhibit 4 in the case study, the numbers show that they are able to generate a fair amount of revenue. If we evaluate the data within Big Skinny’s CPC model, we can determine the cost and revenue as follows - Cost = Impressions x CTR x CPC Cost = 42,986 x 4.8% x .54 Cost = $1,114.20 Revenue = Impressions x CTR x Conversion

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  • Management Information System on Big Bazaar

    “A STUDY OF MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM AT BIG BAZAAR” A Project Report Presented to the Faculty of the School of Management & Entrepreneurship AURO University Surat In Partial Fulfilment Of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Business Administration Submitted by: MRIDUL KHANNA- 012012029 Submitted to: Dr. ABHIJIT CHATTERJEE 1 May 2013 ACKNOWLEDGMENT I heartily wish to extend heartfelt appreciation and gratitude

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  • Big Data

    BUS211f(2) ANALYZING BIG DATA I1 Spring 2014—MW 8:00–9:20 am Location: Sachar 116 (International Hall) Prof. Bharatendra Rai 313-282-8309 (mobile) Office: Sachar 1C Hours: MW, 9:30 – 10:15 and by appointment TA: TBD This is a two credit module that examines the opportunities and industry disruption in an era of massive, high velocity, unstructured data and new developments in data analytic. We treat some strategic, ethical, and technical dimensions of big data. The technical foci

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  • Big Bazar

    ........... 7 BIG BAZAAR –The largest hypermarket store of India ................................................................ 8 Key Facts about the company ................................................................................................................. 8 SWOT Analysis of the Company .............................................................................................................. 9 V. VI. VII. VIII. A. B. C. D. IX. Declining Profits of Big Bazaar .............

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  • Big Bazaar

    SERVICE WITH REFERENCE TO BIG BAZAAR” In fulfillment of the requirements for Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM) (2009-2011) UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF: Prof. Dr. Seema Girdhar (Marketing Faculty) SUBMITTED TO: Prof. Dr. Seema Girdhar (Marketing Faculty) SUBMITTED BY: HARLEEN KAUR Roll no. - 6005 GURU NANAK INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Road no. 75, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi-110026 A PROJECT REPORT ON “CUSTOMER SERVICE WITH REFERENCE TO BIG BAZAAR” In fulfillment of

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  • Big Data

    examine the definition of big data. It also seeks to examine the components of a Unified Data Architecture and its ability to facilitate the analysis of big data. 2 WHAT IS BIG DATA Cuzzocrea, Song and Davis (2011) defined big data in part as being “enormous amounts of unstructured data produced by high-performance applications falling in a wide and heterogeneous family of application scenarios”. In recent years there has been an increasing interest and focus on big data. Many and varied definitions

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  • Big Bear

    Blakely Broom Connor Greco Spencer Craft Big Bear Power, a widely held public utility company, has agreed to a 10-year non-cancelable lease of a combustion turbine from Goliath Co. The lease was signed on December 15, 2010, and begins on January 1, 2011. The lease requires Big Bear to pay $1 million of legal fees incurred by Goliath, and third party legal fees as part of the lease. The lease also states that if a change in control event occurs, Big Bear must purchase the equipment leased from

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  • Big Brother Big Business

    | |Question 3: | |What do you believe you can do to protect or secure your personal information and limit big business from gaining access to it? The| |first thing that comes to mind is having a software on your computer to block hackers and software from tracking your activity | |online. I don’t think there is a way to stop tracking of your cell-phone;

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  • Big Lots

    Big Lots MGT/521   Big Lots is a name that is pretty big in the discount retail world with the potential to be the next discount giant in the world. Big Lots is an American based company that is trying to get out of the shadows of Wal-Mart and Target. The competition is ruthless and Big Lots has to making some changes to stay in the retail game. Two changes that Big Lots needs to focus on is the advertising the company does and the inventory the company keeps. These two things are

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  • Big Data Versus Big Dilemmas

    Big Data versus Big Dilemmas With the Relationship to Marketing Ethics MK 351 Abstract This paper reviews the relationship in current marketing strategies with data collections and their relationship to marketing ethics. By examining methods of data collections and uses of these practices it will show the allure to these marketing strategies. Advantages and disadvantages will be displayed in regards to the strategy of data collecting as part of a marketing process. This paper will additionally

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  • Research Project on Big Bazaar


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  • Big Five

    The Big Five Theory of Personality There are five components to the Big 5 Theory of Personality that play a part into his paper. It is often referred to as the OCEAN model of personality, because the acronym comes from the names of the five dimensions, which are: • Openness to Experience/Intellect • Conscientiousness • Extraversion • Agreeableness • Neuroticism. The Openness trait relates to characteristics that are high on imagination and insight, and have a variety of different interests

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  • Big Data

    The Big Data Challenges By Jamia Yant April 19th, 2012 Introduction When Volvo separated from Ford in 2010, it was breaking free from an IT infrastructure that consisted of a tangle of different systems and licenses. The need was there to develop a new stand alone IT infrastructure that could provide better Business Intelligence, boost communication capabilities and enrich collaborations. Volvo Car Corporation Integrates the Cloud into Its Networks The ability to collectively

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  • Big Bazar

    Introduction Big Bazaar is the biggest retail market in India which was founded by Kishore Biyani in 2001 and it headquarters is in Mumbai. Big Bazaar parent company is Pentaloon Retail India Ltd and punch line is “Is se sasta aur achha kahin nahi!. Big Bazaar has a chain of shopping stores across India around 100 stores in 150 cities. Big Bazaar offering wide range of merchandise which includes fashion and apparels, general merchandise, food products, electronics, furniture, fast food, books, entertainment

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  • Effectiveness of Mis I Big Bazaar

    Effectiveness of MIS at Big Bazaar Introduction Retail industry in India currently is at an all-time high. Over the last one decade, it has seen a steady growth in the market. From having a market size of $238 billion in 2004, it reached $518 billion in 2012 [IBEF, 2014]. With over 1.2 billion people in India, it has become one of the fast growing countries for retail markets to flourish in. Retailing has become one of the strong pillars of our economy as it accounts for 22 percent of India’s

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  • Diversity at Big Bazaar

    values, personality and work preferences. Big Bazaar attempts to achieve diversity in the employees by means of selective recruitment. Every store has a set of workers who know the local language and etiquettes. Incidentally, the number of languages known is an important parameter in the selection process, as Mr. X said (We’ll put any name and make it uniform throughout the text. He’s the second person we interviewed BTW). Moreover, the gender ratio in Big Bazaar is also almost equal, given the fact that

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  • Big Data

    INSY 5375 Management of Information Systems Introduction to Big data Every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of complex, every changing data are generated. (IBM) Data comes from social sites, digital images, transaction records, and countless unknown resources. The amount of data we generate daily is enormous, and the rate it is being generated is accelerating. As we head into a future where technology dominates the global market, this pace will only continue accelerate. Businesses and other entities

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  • Big Data

    O C T O B E R 2 0 11 m c k i n s e y g l o b a l i n s t i t u t e Are you ready for the era of ‘big data’? Brad Brown, Michael Chui, and James Manyika Radical customization, constant experimentation, and novel business models will be new hallmarks of competition as companies capture and analyze huge volumes of data. Here’s what you should know. The top marketing executive at a sizable US retailer recently found herself perplexed by the sales reports she was getting. A major competitor

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  • Big Bazaar

    [2015] [To understand the factors influencing the purchase intention of food private label (Golden Harvest) at Big Bazaar] Submitted By: Group 5 Name Swapnil Bartaria Vaibhav Prakash Vibhu Gaur Vivek Pandey Yogesh Saini Roll No. 140301021 140301022 140301023 140301024 140301025 Acknowledgement We would like to extend our sincere & heartfelt obligation to Dr. Bikramjit Rishi for guiding us during our Business research project work, Without Dr. Rishi Sir’s active guidance, help & cooperation;

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  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

    Carly Seifrit Pamela Chambers Interrogation March 31, 2015 Big Brothers Big Sisters of America There are so many people in this country who do not grow up living “the American dream”. There are children that have to go through foster cares, child protective services and, unfortunately, then most of those children will end up wreaking havoc in their communities. Some fortunate ones to grow up with the white picket fence and the perfect childhood will grow up to be sponsors for some of the unfortunate

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  • Big Data

    Bridget Angles, and Thomas Flanagan DATE: Monday October 27, 2014 SUBJECT: “Big Data” Introduction The purpose of this report is to present the technology issue of big data. In this memo we shall discuss what exactly big data is, how it applys to the accounting field, why it’s an issue for concern, and our recommendations as to how best to respond to the issue. What is Big Data? A truly succinct definition of big data, encompassing the entirety of the issue and everyone can agree on is

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  • Big Skinny

    9 -9 1 1 -0 3 3 REV: FEBRUARY 8, 2012 BENJAMIN EDELMAN SCOTT DUKE KOMINERS Online Marketing at Big Skinny As Big Skinny CEO Kiril Alexandrov bicycled to work one sunny afternoon in August 2010, his mobile phone began to ring incessantly. His marketing director and wife, Catherine Alexandrov, was on the line with big news: “4,000 people just ordered wallets through our online store!” But there was a problem: because of a glitch in an online promotion, most of those wallets were being given

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  • Big Data

    Summary This article “Big Data” is talking about how data could improve the company’s performance and competition. That means we should measure the business with more data at first, and then involve the knowledge to improve our decision, which I do agree with. Big data gives traditional businesses chances to transform their old way to newer, profitable way, like on-line business, which is much more powerful than the past. And analyzing of big data will also change long-standing ideas about the value

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  • Big Bucks Big Harma

    Big Buck Big Pharma Case Study Big Bucks, Big Pharma pulls back the curtain on the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry to expose the insidious ways that illness is used, manipulated and in some instances created, for capital gain. Using excerpts from drug company advertisements as well as news reports on the pharmaceutical industry, the documentary raised important questions and presents options for the consumer empowerment. The film examines how direct-to-consumer advertising of medications

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  • Big Bazar

    Big Bazaar Promotion: The various promotion schemes used at Big Bazaar include: * “Saal ke sabse saste 3 din” * Hafte ka sabse sasta din “Wednesday bazaar” * Exchange Offers “Junk swap offer” * Future card(3% discount) * Advertisement (print ad, TV ad, radio) * Brand endorsement by M.S Dhoni and Asin  Advertisements about schemes and offers through local newspapers, radio in local languages, inspires customer more than the traditional ways. For Indians, shopping is

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  • Big Data

    The Situation of Big Data Technology Yu Liu International American University BUS 530: Management Information Systems Matthew Keogh 2015 Summer 2 - Section C Introduction In this paper, I will list the main technologies related to big data. According to the life cycle of the data processing, big data technology can be divided into data collection and pre-processing, data storage and management, data analysis and data mining, data visualization and data privacy and security, and so on.

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  • Big Bazaar

    BIG BAZAAR A DETAILED ANALYSIS OF THE COMPANY FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF ORGANIZATION THEORY GROUP D1PGP-1 SECTION -1 | NAME | ROLL NO. | Adesh D Nayak | 14F105 | Arjitha Sindhuri R | 14F114 | Gourish Y Bellad | 14F122 | Shilka Agarwal | 14F150 | Tony Joseph Fernandez | 14F160 | Table of Contents Serial No. | Topic | Page no. | 1. | Purpose of this paper | 3 | 2. | Brief Overview | 4 | 3. | Vision and Mission | 4 | 4. | Organizational Structure | 5 | 5. | Porter’s

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  • Big Data

    No one can deny the how important is big data to our business world right now .Big data is transforming the way individuals within organizations work together. It is turning to be a cultural mindset not just a technology tool in which business and IT decision makers must join forces to realize the maximum value from all data. Outcomes and Insights from big data can enable all corporation individuals to make better decisions—through real time data analytics which is deepening customer engagement by

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  • Project on Big Bazar

    WITH REFERENCE TO BIG BAZAAR” In fulfillment of the requirements for Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM) (2009-2011) UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF: Prof. Dr. Seema Girdhar (Marketing Faculty) SUBMITTED TO: SUBMITTED BY: Prof. Dr. Seema Girdhar HARLEEN KAUR (Marketing Faculty) Roll no. - 6005 GURU NANAK INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Road no. 75, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi-110026 A PROJECT REPORT ON “CUSTOMER SERVICE WITH REFERENCE TO BIG BAZAAR” In fulfillment

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  • Big Brother Big Business

    Big Brother Big Business Course Section Number: CGS1000 Question 1: What impact does technology have on your personal information, your daily life, and privacy? |  I personally use technology on a daily basis from doing school work, paying bills, and managing finances. It is extremely disturbing that people would want to profit from any persons’ private information. This report definitely has an impact on perception about businesses and the abilities to use technology for good and malevolence

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  • Big Data

    organizations have since devised better marketing and planning strategies by utilizing Big Data facilities and technologies whereby businesses are capable of deriving user requirements based on the searches potential users conduct on their mobile devices. From our initial report, we were able to highlight how Big Data is utilized in an organization and the accrued advantages against disadvantages of implementing Big Data technologies. We shall begin this report by first responding to the issues raised

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  • Customer Preference of Private Label Brands of Food Bazaar

    ensure the customer store loyalty. This can be accomplished as brand is available only in specific stores. The study aims to analyze the Consumer Perception towards Private Label Brands on Big Bazaar, Patia. This project report provides analysis and evaluation of customer perception towards store brands of Food Bazaar. The objective of the study is to understand the possibility of success when retailers introduce private brands. The research is aimed to explore if buying choices are made based on brand

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  • Big Data

    I. Big data emerging factor in IT area A. World’s notice for big data An appearance of tablet PC and social media was the hottest issue in IT market in last year. There are some successful global companies that go along the trends although it is not that long period since they appeared in the world, such as Apple, Google, Facebook, and Twitter. They have something in common. That is, they are based on ‘Big Data’ technology. As a result of using ‘big data’, the amount of stored data by their

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  • The Big Stage

    THE BIG STAGE! 1 THE BIG STAGE! By: Heather Vanwarmer CRJ320: Criminal Investigation Instructor: James Phyne March 18, 2016 THE BIG STAGE! 2 The final report is very important for the prosecution. The reason is that the prosecutors need to make sure that all the evidence presented is correct and make sure that all witnesses have been interviewed properly. The prosecutors will call the witnesses back to interview them to make sure that there was nothing

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  • Big as It Is

    Big as it is, Canepa Design is easy to miss. The discreet boxy building sits just off a busy street in the quiet northern California town of Scotts Valley, just up the winding highway from Santa Cruz. But for car lovers, this place beams like St. Peter’s, an inviting treasure chest stuffed with classic automobiles worthy of pilgrimage. Vintage racing Porsches rub sheetmetal shoulders with iconic ‘60s Ferraris, which sit mere wheel-wells away from the last Shelby Cobra to exit the factory gates

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  • Big Mac

    1. How is each of these ingredients digested and in what form do they finally reach your bloodstream? (two all-beef patties, onions, lettuce, pickles, cheese, and sesame seed bun) The Big Mac is composed of the following Food Item | Biomolecule/Nutrient(pre-digestion) | Absorbable form(post digestion) | Function | Two all-beef patties | Protein | Amino acids | Growth and repairAntibodies, hormones, enzymes | Special sauce | LipidsCarbohydrates | Fatty acids, glycerolMonosaccharide’s | Structure

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  • Global Bazaar Essay

    sell it. Even though these jobs seem small, the economic underground has provided jobs for more than 1.8 billion people with acceptable profits. The street market, being the most common, has transformed into big roadside businesses due to their sophisticated trading network in Lagos. Many big companies have acknowledge the power of street bending and have used it, for example mobile phone companies use it to sell recharge cards with which a seller gets from 34$ to 270 dollars much more than the minimum

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  • Big Bazaar

    reducing the tariffs. In this way, Modern retailer could offer variety of international products. General analysis of Big Bazzar Big Bazzar was an extremely successful modern retail example in India. Its parent company, Pantaloon Retail India Ltd (PRIL) grew rapidly from $42 in 2000 to about $250 in 2005. Big Bazaar‘s success was due to its “Indian-ness”. The owner of Big Bazzar, Kishoore Biyani, was very good at observing the needs and tastes of Indian consumer. As we mentioned above, most

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