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    McKinsey Global Institute June 2011 Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity The McKinsey Global Institute The McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), established in 1990, is McKinsey & Company’s business and economics research arm. MGI’s mission is to help leaders in the commercial, public, and social sectors develop a deeper understanding of the evolution of the global economy and to provide a fact base that contributes to decision making on critical management

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  • The Big Data Challenges

    The Big Data Challenges Markesha Peterson Dr. Lazzara Information Technology For Management October 28, 2012 Volvo Car Corporation is now capturing massive amounts of data from their vehicles. (Strader 2011) Rich Strader who sat in the CIO’s chair at Volvo for a twelve month stint is now convinced that, in this world today the consumers now value smart tech as much as automotive engineering. Strader feels manufacturers need to create vehicles

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    A New Era for Big Data COMP 440 1/12/13 Big Data Big Data is a type of new era that will help the competition of companies to capture and analyze huge volumes of data. Big data can come in many forms. For example, the data can be transactions for online stores. Online buying has been a big hit over the last few years, and people have begun to find it easier to buy their resources. When the tractions go through, the company is collecting logs of data to help the company increase their marketing

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  • Big Data Challenges

    ASSIGNMENT: BIG DATA CHALLENGES CASE STUDY TITLE: CONVERTING DATA INTO BUSINESS VALUE AT VOLVO STUDENT’s NAME: JOSEPH OSASUMWEN LECTURER’s NAME: PROF. HOSSEIN FIROUZI COURSE TITLE: CIS 500 DATE: JANUARY 28, 2013. ABSTRACT Big data has posed both challenges and opportunity in our present world of technology sciences. The challenges related to searching, analyzing, manipulating, and organizing are experienced when data explode, this challenges cannot be assign to one sector or field because

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  • The Big Data Challnges

    The Big Data Challenges Volvo Car Corporation takes pride in the quality, design, and safety of their cars as well as their environment friendly design that minimizes emissions and increases efficiency. The company is embracing new and evolving technology to increase manufacturing excellence, customer satisfaction and vehicle safety. Volvo’s integration of the cloud into its networks, the incorporation of the captured data into knowledge, and the importance of real-time information systems that

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    Big data analytics is projected to change the way companies manage and analyze large information set and how people produce massive amounts of data. A recent findings produced by few Internet and Online Business Degree looked at the future of this trend sweeping through the IT industry. This concept is up-growing one as the current data storage pattern utilized by the companies is not as productive as plotted.  It is refers to following type of data 1) Traditional Enterprise Data:- includes customer

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  • The Big Data Challenge

    capturing, storing, searching, and analyzing Big Data. Big Data is a term used to describe the voluminous amount of structured and semi-structured data generated by companies. This paper will focus on The Volvo Car Corporation and how they were able to face this problem due to its voluminous amounts of data being streamed for their vehicles. I will go over how Volvo was able to integrate Cloud infrastructure into its networks, explain how they transformed their data into knowledge, identify the real-time

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    The Big Data Challenges Professor CIS 500 January 27,2013 What is Big Data? Big Data is defined by “Webopedia”( 2013) as a massive volume of both structured and unstructured data that is so large that it's difficult to process using traditional database and software techniques. Some would define Big Data is information overload for technology or technology driven business. In relating Big Data and Volvo Car Company together one has to determine how to much date could be a bad thing for a

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    Big data spans four dimensions: Volume, Velocity, Variety, and Veracity. Volume: Enterprises are awash with ever-growing data of all types, easily amassing terabytes—even petabytes—of information. Turn 12 terabytes of Tweets created each day into improved product sentiment analysis Convert 350 billion annual meter readings to better predict power consumption Velocity: Sometimes 2 minutes is too late. For time-sensitive processes such as catching fraud, big data must be used as it streams

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    组源于统计数据和信 号处理的技术,从一 股 票市 场指数 的时 间 组连续的时间值代表 价 值或 每天特 定条 件 的数据点提取有用的 下治疗的患者数。 信息。 包括结构建模、分解 利用过去相同或其他 成一系列的趋势,季 预 测销 售规模 或传 染 系列的时间序列值来 节性和剩余组件,可 性病人就诊的数量。 预测未来的模型。 以用于识别数据的周 期性模式。 时间序列 分析 时间序列 预测模型 (二)专门用于处理大数据的关键技术 麦肯锡认为,可专门用于整合、处理、管理和分析大 数据的关键技术主要包括Big Table、商业智能、云计算、 Cassandra、数据仓库、数据集市、分布式系统、Dynamo、 GFS、Hadoop、HBase、MapReduce、Mashup、元数据、非 关系型数据库、关系型数据库、R语言、结构化数据、非 结构化数据、半结构化数据、SQL、流处理、可视化技术 等。 ‐ 11 ‐      (三)可视化技术 麦肯锡认为,可视化技术是大数据应用的重点之一, 目前主要包括标签云、Clustergram、历史流、空间信息 流等技术和应用。 第三章 大数据应用于各行业的关键发现

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    Networks Volvo utilized data mining in an effort to discover the unknown valuable relationships in the data collected and to assist in making early predictive information. It created a network of sensors and CPUs that were embedded throughout the cars and from which data was captured. Data was also captured from customer relationship systems (CRM), dealership systems, product development and design systems and from the production floors in their factories. The terabytes of data collected was streamed

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    Data Warehouse Design for E-Commerce Environment Il-Yeol Song and Kelly LeVan-Shultz College of Information Science and Technology Drexel University Philadelphia, PA 19104 (Song, sg963pfa) ABSTRACT Data warehousing and electronic-commerce are two of the most rapidly expanding fields in recent information technologies. In this paper, we discuss the design of data warehouses for e-commerce environment. We discuss requirement analysis, logical design, and physical design issues in e-commerce

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    Big Data Management: Possibilities and Challenges The term big data describes the volumes of data generated by an enterprise, including Web-browsing trails, point-of-sale data, ATM records, and other customer information generated within an organization (Levine, 2013). These data sets can be so large and complex that they become difficult to process using traditional database management tools and data processing applications. Big data creates numerous exciting possibilities for organizations,

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    BUS211f(2) ANALYZING BIG DATA I1 Spring 2014—MW 8:00–9:20 am Location: Sachar 116 (International Hall) Prof. Bharatendra Rai 313-282-8309 (mobile) Office: Sachar 1C Hours: MW, 9:30 – 10:15 and by appointment TA: TBD This is a two credit module that examines the opportunities and industry disruption in an era of massive, high velocity, unstructured data and new developments in data analytic. We treat some strategic, ethical, and technical dimensions of big data. The technical foci

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    BUS211f(2) ANALYZING BIG DATA I1 Spring 2014—MW 8:00–9:20 am Location: Sachar 116 (International Hall) Prof. Bharatendra Rai 313-282-8309 (mobile) Office: Sachar 1C Hours: MW, 9:30 – 10:15 and by appointment TA: TBD This is a two credit module that examines the opportunities and industry disruption in an era of massive, high velocity, unstructured data and new developments in data analytic. We treat some strategic, ethical, and technical dimensions of big data. The technical foci

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    household jargon with more people using it either in their personal life (storing multi-media contents or streaming music etc.) or in professional environments (cloud data centers in various corporate operations). This case study takes a brief look into how Volvo took advantage of this technology to create value. Also, related issues with how data and information is utilized in this company are discussed as well. Integrating cloud infrastructure Understanding cloud technology is important to understand

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    Article Summary - Data, data everywhere Data 2013.10.01 | Major Media Communication | Subject Understanding Digital Media | Student no 2010017713 | Professor Soochul Kim | Name Eunkang Kim | Double-side of a vast amount of information in accordance with development of technology is treated in this article. Even now, a lot of digital information beyond imagination is being accumulated all over the world. Not only the amount of information is increasing

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    examine the definition of big data. It also seeks to examine the components of a Unified Data Architecture and its ability to facilitate the analysis of big data. 2 WHAT IS BIG DATA Cuzzocrea, Song and Davis (2011) defined big data in part as being “enormous amounts of unstructured data produced by high-performance applications falling in a wide and heterogeneous family of application scenarios”. In recent years there has been an increasing interest and focus on big data. Many and varied definitions

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  • Big Data Landscape

    Publications, Volume 3, Issue 6, June 2013 ISSN 2250-3153 1 Big Data Landscape Shubham Sharma Banking Product Development Division, Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd. Bachelor of Technology Information Technology, Maharishi Markandeshwar Engineering College Abstract- “Big Data” has become a major source of innovation across enterprises of all sizes .Data is being produced at an ever increasing rate. This growth in data production is driven by increased use of media, fast developing

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  • The Big Data Challenge

    The Big Data Challenges CIS500: Information Systems Decision Making By LaTresha Collins April 24, 2014 Introduction When Volvo divided from Honda truly, it was breaking free from an IT facilities that contains a tangle of different techniques and permits. The need was there to develop a new stand- alone IT facilities that could offer better Organization Intellect, increase interaction capabilities and enhance partnerships. Judge how Volvo Car Corporation integrated the cloud

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  • Big Data Versus Big Dilemmas

    Big Data versus Big Dilemmas With the Relationship to Marketing Ethics MK 351 Abstract This paper reviews the relationship in current marketing strategies with data collections and their relationship to marketing ethics. By examining methods of data collections and uses of these practices it will show the allure to these marketing strategies. Advantages and disadvantages will be displayed in regards to the strategy of data collecting as part of a marketing process. This paper will additionally

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    Verizon Wireless, Cricket, AT&T Wireless, Metro PCS | Antivirus Software | AntiVirus Grisoft, Norton, McAfee, Microsoft, Kaspersky, Avast | eCommerce | eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, TigerDirect | Telecommunications | AT&T, Verizon, Sprint | Big Box | Walmart, Target, Costco, Sears | Streaming Media | Netflix, Blockbuster, Walmart (VUDU), Xbox | Search Engines | Google, Yahoo, Bing | Insurance Companies | Farmers Insurance Group, Monumental Life Insurance, Metropolitan Life Insurance

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    The Big Data Challenges By Jamia Yant April 19th, 2012 Introduction When Volvo separated from Ford in 2010, it was breaking free from an IT infrastructure that consisted of a tangle of different systems and licenses. The need was there to develop a new stand alone IT infrastructure that could provide better Business Intelligence, boost communication capabilities and enrich collaborations. Volvo Car Corporation Integrates the Cloud into Its Networks The ability to collectively

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    since the value of an attribute may be changed or corrected. . The three most basic CONSTRUCTORS are ATOM, STRUCT (or tuple), and COLLECTION. . One type constructor has been called the atom constructor. This includes the basic built-in data types of the object model, which are similar to the basic types in many programming languages: integers, strings, floating point numbers, enumerated types, Booleans, and so on. They are called single-valued or atomic types, since each value of the

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    Techniques Tools Applications Literature ◦ What is Big data? ◦ Why Big-Data? ◦ When Big-Data is really a problem?   ‘Big-data’ is similar to ‘Small-data’, but bigger …but having data bigger consequently requires different approaches: …to solve: ◦ techniques, tools & architectures ◦ New problems… ◦ …and old problems in a better way.  From “Understanding Big Data” by IBM Big-Data  Key enablers for the growth of “Big Data” are: ◦ Increase of storage capacities ◦ Increase

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    Introduction to Big data Every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of complex, every changing data are generated. (IBM) Data comes from social sites, digital images, transaction records, and countless unknown resources. The amount of data we generate daily is enormous, and the rate it is being generated is accelerating. As we head into a future where technology dominates the global market, this pace will only continue accelerate. Businesses and other entities are aware of this data and its power. In a

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    O C T O B E R 2 0 11 m c k i n s e y g l o b a l i n s t i t u t e Are you ready for the era of ‘big data’? Brad Brown, Michael Chui, and James Manyika Radical customization, constant experimentation, and novel business models will be new hallmarks of competition as companies capture and analyze huge volumes of data. Here’s what you should know. The top marketing executive at a sizable US retailer recently found herself perplexed by the sales reports she was getting. A major competitor

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    BIG DATA Summary: This article focuses on the power and effect big data has to drive and change the business performance of organizations. In this digital world there is a lot of data (1000 gigabytes, petabytes etc.) available in .organizations coming from multiple sources which can be used to make radical changes in the way the organization makes decisions, turning a million dollar business into a billion dollar one. This is potential this Big Data brings to the market. The fact that big data

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    Lecture on Big Data Guest Speaker Simon Trang Research Member at DFG RTG 1703 and Chair of Information Management Göttingen University, Germany 2014 The City City of Göttingen • Founded in the Middle Ages • True geographical center of Germany • 130,000 residents Chair of Information Management Lecture on Big Data at Macquarie University 2 2 The University Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (founded in 1737) • • • • One of nine Excellence Universities in Germany 13 faculties

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    Bridget Angles, and Thomas Flanagan DATE: Monday October 27, 2014 SUBJECT: “Big Data” Introduction The purpose of this report is to present the technology issue of big data. In this memo we shall discuss what exactly big data is, how it applys to the accounting field, why it’s an issue for concern, and our recommendations as to how best to respond to the issue. What is Big Data? A truly succinct definition of big data, encompassing the entirety of the issue and everyone can agree on is something

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    Ahmed Mansour Big Data and Analytics Developer at OMS Summary Working in Big Data & Analytics (2014 - Present). Working in Business Intelligence (IBM Cognos) (2013 - Present). Working in ERP & Data manipulation (Oracle & (2011 - 2013). Skills (Pivotal HD (Hadoop),Oracle, Sql Server, MongoDB,, JavaScript, Node.js, C#). Training (Pivotal HD Hadoop training). Master's Degree in Informatics at Nile University (2014-2016) Graduated from Faculty

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    required to make your case.  The project is due to begin on 01 September 2015.   Transaction processor * User Interface - Driver code to display individual transaction data, including item name and price to both the customer and the operator. Richard - 3 days * Peripheral Interface - Driver code to accept input data from the UPC scanner, scale and keyboard. Richard - 2 days * Price Look-up - Inter-process communication to send item identification to the database and retrieve price information

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    Summary This article “Big Data” is talking about how data could improve the company’s performance and competition. That means we should measure the business with more data at first, and then involve the knowledge to improve our decision, which I do agree with. Big data gives traditional businesses chances to transform their old way to newer, profitable way, like on-line business, which is much more powerful than the past. And analyzing of big data will also change long-standing ideas about the value

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    presents the balance sheets (in percentage form) and other selected financial data for 14 firms drawn from 14 different industries. While there are clear differences in the financial structures of different firms within a single industry, the firms selected have figures that are broadly typical of those in the industry. Try to match the 14 firms operating in the 14 industries named below with the 14 sets of financial data presented in Exhibit 1. Use any approach you find helpful. Airline Bookstore

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    The Situation of Big Data Technology Yu Liu International American University BUS 530: Management Information Systems Matthew Keogh 2015 Summer 2 - Section C Introduction In this paper, I will list the main technologies related to big data. According to the life cycle of the data processing, big data technology can be divided into data collection and pre-processing, data storage and management, data analysis and data mining, data visualization and data privacy and security, and so on.

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    Big Data Big Data and Business Strategy Businesses have come a long way in the way that information is being given to management, from comparing quarter sales all the way down to view how customers interact with the business. With so many new technology’s and new systems emerging, it has now become faster and easier to get any type of information, instead of using, for example, your sales processing system that might not get all the information that a manger might need. This is where big data

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    Assignment 1 – Data Visualization – Section 1 / Dorra Kammoun 1) The main argument of David McCandless was to show how data visualization could change our prospective. We have to combine what we see with what we think to get the whole picture hidden behind the numbers. It’s not only about enumerating numbers but creating a relation between them to get a living picture. 2) Visually have over 33000 examples of data visualizations. All of them are organized by topics

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    Big Data is Scaling BI and Analytics How the information surge is changing the way organizations use business intelligence and analytics Information Management Magazine, Sept/Oct 2011 Shawn Rogers Like what you see? Click here to sign up for Information Management's daily newsletter to get the latest news, trends, commentary and more. The explosive growth in the amount of data created in the world continues to accelerate and surprise us in terms of sheer volume, though experts could see

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    Big Data/Predictive Analytics First Last Name Name of the Institution Big Data/Predictive Analytics Introduction There has been a controversial debate about the big data and the predictive analytics. With the evolution of technology and innovation, one fact needs to be appreciated that, the concept of the big data and the predictive analytics is here to stay. So it is up to the users to learn to deal with it and manage it to offset any adverse effects that may result. The proponents of the big

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    Big Data and its Effects on Society Kayla Seifert MGT-311 November 23, 2015 Big Data is a concept that has existed for a while but only gained proper attention a couple of years ago. One can describe Big Data as extremely large data sets that have grown so big that it becomes almost impossible to manage and analyze with traditional data processing tools. Enterprises can use Big Data by building new applications, improving the effectiveness, lowering the costs of their applications

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    No one can deny the how important is big data to our business world right now .Big data is transforming the way individuals within organizations work together. It is turning to be a cultural mindset not just a technology tool in which business and IT decision makers must join forces to realize the maximum value from all data. Outcomes and Insights from big data can enable all corporation individuals to make better decisions—through real time data analytics which is deepening customer engagement by

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    1. In each of the examples cited above, what drove the need to collect and analyze data? Organization | Drivers for Data Collection and Analysis | | * To decide how to market to customers * To identify process problems in the supply chain * To train employees * To incentivize employees * Negotiate deals with suppliers * Track customer interests * To offer personalized marketing * To set benchmarks for fulfillment centers * To measure employee efficiency | Wal-Mart

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    Big Data and Data Analytics for Managers Q1. What is meant by Big Data? How is it characterized? Give examples of Big Data. Ans. Big data applies to information that can’t be processed or analysed using traditional processes or tools or software techniques. The data which is massive in volume and can be both structured or unstructured data. Though, it is a bit challenging for enterprises to handle such huge amount fast moving data or one which exceeds the current processing capacity, still there

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    Opportunities with Big Data A community white paper developed by leading researchers across the United States Executive Summary The promise of data-­‐driven decision-­‐making is now being recognized broadly, and there is growing enthusiasm for the notion of ``Big Data.’’ While

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    BIG DATA Big data is a buzzword, or catch-phrase, meaning a massive volume of both structured and unstructured data that is so large it is difficult to process using traditional database and software techniques. In most enterprise scenarios the volume of data is too big or it moves too fast or it exceeds current processing capacity. Despite these problems, big data has the potential to help companies improve operations and make faster, more intelligent decisions. This data, when captured, formatted

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    organizations have since devised better marketing and planning strategies by utilizing Big Data facilities and technologies whereby businesses are capable of deriving user requirements based on the searches potential users conduct on their mobile devices. From our initial report, we were able to highlight how Big Data is utilized in an organization and the accrued advantages against disadvantages of implementing Big Data technologies. We shall begin this report by first responding to the issues raised

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    I. Big data emerging factor in IT area A. World’s notice for big data An appearance of tablet PC and social media was the hottest issue in IT market in last year. There are some successful global companies that go along the trends although it is not that long period since they appeared in the world, such as Apple, Google, Facebook, and Twitter. They have something in common. That is, they are based on ‘Big Data’ technology. As a result of using ‘big data’, the amount of stored data by their

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  • Findings on Big Data for the Business

    Building An Analytical Roadmap : A Real Life Example Dr Ahmed Khamassi Chief Data Scientist & Principal Consultant 1 © 2014 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM | CONFIDENTIAL The Issue Environment: Outcomes Big data analytics is probably going to be remembered as a technological, if not, an industrial revolution Paralysis by analysis New technologies are rolling off the assembly line daily They keep revisiting the same issues over and over again New terminologies and approaches The delve into technological

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  • The Impact of Big Data

    The Impact of Big Data By Ijaaz Lagardien Group 3A 214167542 1|Page Contents Plagiarism Declaration ....................................................................................................................................... 3 Abstract ............................................................................................................................................................. 4 Keywords ....................................................................

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    Big Data is a massive volume of data. It's usually so massive that it becomes complicated to comprehend using tools such as on-hand database, and traditional data processing applications. Some problems that come up are storage, sharing, analysis, and search.Even though these problems do occur it still can be helpful in business operations, and better business decisions. This data can also help give companies informations which can increase profit, bring more customers, and overall increase the business's

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